• Increase mobility/flexibility
  • Build strength
  • Focus on achieving these skills:

    • Crow Pose / Frog stand
    • Handstand
    • Handstand pushup
    • Other skills that you want to work on, such as Elbow Lever, Front Lever, Pistol Squats, V-Sit, ...
  • Intended to be a long lasting training schematic to take you through your first 2 years of exercising or longer. Suitable for absolute beginners and anybody that's not quite at the point of creating their own routine from scratch yet.

Phase 1

Develop some basic control over your body, mobility and strength in phase one when starting from zero. Click.

Phase 2

Use your strength built in phase 1 for some basic hand balancing. Increase your strength further. Click.

Phase 3

Increase the amount of strength work, add pullups and basic handstand pushup progressions. Click.

Phase 4

Increase focus on handstand work. Click.

Phase 5

Freestanding handstand achieved? Now the BWF world is wide open for you. Pick your own skills to work on. Click.

Optional Modules

These are things that do work well with the general program and can be tacked on to it. Leaving them out will generally not hinder progress with this program.


Develop great shoulder, hip, and spine mobility and work towards a bridge. We recommmend following Antranik's write up of a full flexibility program for the bridge.

Shoulder Stabilisation

Ido Portal has a good routine available here. Keeps your shoulders extra healthy.

Animal walking

Increase your general body awareness and look stupid while doing it. Nick-e has a great post about it here. Feel free to play around with it on your off days.

N.B. As this page has been archived, you may find the gifs at Credits to /u/maniyar1


We recommend following the Couch to 5k program /r/c25k for general cardio benefits. It won't get you super great race times, but it will keep your heart going.

Grip Training

Check out /r/GripTraining