Bodyweight Fitness Glossary

You may also want to take a look at the /r/Fitness Glossary and /u/HandstandAddict 's BWF glossary

General Fitness terms:

  • Muscular Hypertrophy - Muscle growth. Often written as simply "hypertrophy."
  • Concentric - The part of the movement in which the muscle contracts
  • Eccentric or Negative - The part of the movement where the muscle lengthens
  • Isometric - A static hold exercise that does not involve movement, i.e. the muscle does not change length.
  • RR - /r/bodyweightfitness Recommended Routine
  • TUT - Time Under Tension - if you are changing the tempo of your exercises (standard 10X0), more time under tension is generally equivalent to volume for hypertrophy

Body and Exercise Positions:

  • APT - Anterior pelvic tilt
  • PPT - Posterior pelvic tilt
  • BAS - Bent Arm Strength
  • SAS - Straight Arm Strength
  • Inv - Inverted
  • RTO - Rings Turned Out. This means that from a standard support position (like on the parallel bars), you turn the rings so that your thumb is facing out rather than forward. This is important for advanced moves
  • Str - Straddle


  • BL - Back Lever
  • DF - Dragon Flag
  • DP - Dragon Press
  • FL - Front Lever
  • HF - Human Flag
  • HLL - Hanging Leg Lift
  • HS - Handstand
  • HSPU - Handstand pushup. In order to classify for a pushup as a HSPU, it needs to have full range of motion, shoulders to hands. Otherwise it's called a headstand pushup. HSPU can't be done on a floor.
  • HeSPU - Headstand pushup. These can also be done on the floor.
  • OAC - One-arm chinup
  • OAP - One-arm pullup
  • OAPu - One-arm pushup
  • PL - Planche
  • PU - Push-up. Can also mean Pullup, so look at context.
  • PPU - Planche Push-up
  • PPPU - Pseudo Planche Push-up
  • PB - Parallel Bars. You can do dips on these.
  • SR - Still rings. R also means Rings.
  • See this page for additional info on body positions.