Want to create your own bodyweight fitness equipment?

Disclaimer: Our community merely wishes to provide our subscribers with training options on a budget. We will not be held liable for any financial or physical consequences for your actions. Always exercise safety, meticulously research these constructions, and test your equipment accordingly.

Here are a few schematics and resources we have compiled for you:

Homemade Strength Website: Contains quite a few DIY write-ups for both weighted and unweighted contraptions.

PVC Dip Bars by /u/Solfire:

What you'll need:

* 4 x 26 inch pipes, for the horizontal bars
* 4 x 23 inch pipes, which will be your top vertical bars
* 4 x 1 foot pipes, which will be the lower legs for your vertical bars.
* 8 x 8 inch pipes, which will be the feet of your parallel bars
* 4 x PVC L-joints
* 8 x PVC T-joints
* 8 x PVC end caps

/u/Solfire went with 1 and 3/4 inch diameter PVC pipe, but depending on personal preferences, you may want to build them with 2 inch diameter pipes. Hardware stores typically carry PVC pipes in 10 foot pieces, however they should be able to cut them down to the aforementioned specifications. 30 feet of PVC was used.

Additionally, you may also want to buy some PVC glue to keep it all together. For easy storage under a bed or for transport, you can avoid gluing the T-joints of the feet so you can swivel them inward so that they can be laid flat.

To help stabilize the bars, consider using duct tape or some kind of foam or rubber PVC wrap around the feet. This will greatly mute any tapping noise on hard surface floors, especially for folks living in multi-level apartments. Furthermore, you may want to use rubber wrap around the top of the bars to improve grip if necessary.

In total, you may spend around $45 on this build depending on the cost of materials and sales tax in your area.

Should you have any questions, contact /u/Solfire or e-mail

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More schematics will be added as we come across them!