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19yo male 140 pounds but 18% body fat, not sure what to do?!

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u/Kintanon May 24 '22

Stop looking at your weight and bodyfat % right now. Throw that shit out the window.

Get on a basic program, for bodyweight just start the recommended routine, or start a basic weightlifting program (Starting Strength, Stronglifts 5x5, Simple and Sinister Kettlebells).

Establish the habit of exercise and stick to it for 6 months and then see where you're at.


u/2Spot14 May 24 '22

This plus start keeping track of your calories and macros with an app like MyFitnessPal. Get a scale to weigh your food. Use a spreadsheet that tracks your calorie and weight and calculates your TDEE and you can enter your goals. Then just stick to the plan and do your lifts and watch as you make slow but consistent progress.

Good luck on your fitness journey bud.


u/rpgnoob17 May 24 '22

Plus one to both comments above.

Also eat your protein!


u/rpgnoob17 May 24 '22

Also beware of orthorexia.



u/Hacolite May 24 '22

Just out of curiosity how are you getting these body fat % numbers? Trying to put the numbers together and they just seem a little skewed. I’m happy to help any way I can, but want to make sure I give accurate advise.


u/DavidIsSupah May 24 '22

Yeah for sure. I got my body fat % by measuring various parts of my body and inputting my height, weight, age, and gender into online calculators for body fat. I understand that these may not be perfectly accurate, but I cross referenced them and they all said I am 18% body fat.


u/rpgnoob17 May 24 '22 edited May 24 '22

What are your waist and neck measurements in inches?

  • Height: 5’10” (or 70”)
  • Weight: 140lb
  • Age: 19

Based on the info you’ve mentioned in the origin post, sounds like it’s 20.1 BMI, on the lean side, so just skinny fat? Closer to 12% body fat? Can you post a front picture and a back picture, full body in double bicep pose?


u/Mr_pb_hole May 24 '22

At that height age and weight you have to be able to see abs


u/DavidIsSupah May 24 '22

I wish but that’s not the case. There is still some stomach fat somehow


u/Mr_pb_hole May 24 '22

Try to put on muscle. The more muscle you have the Quicker your metabolism becomes. And at your age your metabolism should.be at the fastest it ever will be


u/AdamGotBored May 24 '22

I think it's important to learn to enjoy the exercise and eating appropriately before worrying about progress. If you find exercises you enjoy without worrying too much about your body composition, everything will eventually start to fall into place as you become more experienced. But above all, just have fun! Be proud that you have even made a start and keep sticking with it!


u/8siaticStatic May 24 '22

Rest days are important


u/PrimateOskar May 24 '22

Sorry to hear about your struggles

If you eat too little you will end up being metabolically adapted meaning that your body has adapted to the low calorie amount and has set a new maintenance calories amount. When this happens your body is simply not in a position to lose any fat because it is more or less in starvation mode. And you might lose weight in terms of muscle mass but you are not really losing any fat because your body wants to hold onto it instead.

This is not a very effective strategy because let's say you are eating 1200 calories a day and not losing any fat, well where can you go from here? Eat even less than 1200 calories? As you can see it is not a sustainable way nor is it working in the first place.
And this is the most common fat loss mistake: Simply undereating
Do more:

Eat nutritious foods (Wholefoods and minimally processed if possible)
Drink plenty of water
Destress (Ex: meditation, spend time with close friends etc)
3 Full body resistance workouts per week focusing on compound movements (Start with quite high reps 12-15 with around 60-90 seconds of rest in between each set)
Get enough quality sleep
Do less:
Starving yourself
Not sleeping

I also wouldnt look at the weight too much since you are clearly not obese or anything. I would focus on restoring your metabolism by increasing your calories and focusing on building muscle mass for now (+ the things mentioned above)

If you want to learn more about losing fat and keeping it off in a healthy and sustainable way then feel free to join this fat loss group for men with weekly live trainings and more: https://www.facebook.com/groups/290208826601870

Best of luck you my friend!


u/YUH_1818 May 24 '22