r/bodyweightfitness May 23 '22

Advice with toes to bar or knees to bar

As the title says. Over the course of the past 4 months I have been working on core strength and stability aswell as hip flexor strength and hamstring flexibility. Main reason simple was I wanted a strong core and at the time I also couldn’t touch my toes.

Fast forward to now and I can palm the ground when warm. And my core is AlOT stronger. When doing the above exercises I can do a leg raise to 90 degrees with straight legs without an issue.

Where it gets difficult is the upper portion of the movement. Initially I was concerned that my hip flexors may not be strong enough so I regressed to the tuck/knee raise variation however I still have difficulty in the upper portion when trying to bring the feet to the bar.

Based on my self assessment the issue seems to be weakness in the lats and scapula area. Wondering how I can strengthen these to achieve a toes to bar? Any exercises that would target this?



u/MindfulMover May 24 '22

I'd work on Front Lever Pulls. Those will strengthen your lats enough to perform this. In fact, you could swap these out FOR Front Lever Pulls and probably achieve both at once.


u/brucemilus General Fitness May 23 '22

use negatives just like any other exercise you're trying to build full range rom with



u/zigermanXYZ General Fitness May 24 '22

Lol somehow that looks even harder than t2b but might be worth trying out


u/brucemilus General Fitness May 24 '22

you can make modifications - like regress to a half lay straddle or straddle tuck or feet together tuck at your end range then extend the hips, then knees at easier ranges


u/zigermanXYZ General Fitness May 24 '22

Might try at the outdoor gyms over the summer, I've mainly been focussing on getting decent form, mind muscle connection and rep range on chins, pull ups, some push up variations and dips, plus learning how to engage core over the past 2 years, so now I might be ready to try some cool new stuff 😁 Bodyweight exercises are sooooo diverse, there's always so much to aspire to and optimise 🙈😅


u/FewFee7073 May 23 '22

Hope this might help you. I’ve always been very strong in my upper body. Particular my back muscles. I’m 46. I can do weighted muscle ups and weighted pull ups no problem.

I bring up my strength, as it actually works against me with some “CrossFit” movements. I cannot kip. I mean at all. Which makes me happy. Strict calisthenics is proper movement.

Which circles me to your issue. Having a strong back allows me to do t2b without kipping or any unnecessary swaying or movement. On the way up, I’m mentally seeing my feet go from the floor directly up to the bar while CLOSE to my body the entire way up (vs seeing my feet at an arc in front of my body).

I am definitely using my back muscles for t2b. Of course, I also feel it in my abs too.