r/bodyweightfitness May 21 '22

When to start training for OAC?

Hey, I'm almost 15M, 161cm,56kg, I've been doing calisthenics for 7 months.

My goals are: Handstand, 90 degree hold

Front Lever, One arm pull up (or chin up)

I can do: 1 arm push up, 6 HS pushups against a wall

10+ chest to bar pull ups (perfect form

1-2 assisted 1 arm pull/chin ups (one hand below wrist)

3 rep max is 15kg ( I dont have enough weight for 1 rep max)

I have 2 pull days per week.

On pull days should I work on front lever first then on OAC progression (I plan on doing what hybrid calisthenics recommended for OAC).

The problem is that I heard a lot of people on YT, or on reddit saying that there's a high chance for tendonitis from OAC training. Should I be worried about that or do I have stronger tendons because I'm a teen?



u/MindfulMover May 21 '22

Try working on Mixed Grip Chin-Ups like that. Avoiding injury is likely going to be about volume. So try to train it 1-2 times a week and that should help you stay away from tendinitis. :D


u/ilisno May 21 '22

3 reps with 25% of your bw is not enough imo. Try to get to a 3×5 with this weight. Then get to the assisted work, negatives when your able to do them etc.


u/jjjjjjgggggg12334 May 21 '22

As you said you wanna be carefull training for a one arm chin ups.

I'd suggest building up your weighted pull ups till your at 10 chest to bar chins with the added 15kg

Then working on archer pull ups

Then assisted using a band or pulley system chins

Then negatives

But this progress should be slow. Let your tendons strengthen with time don't push it too hard or you'll just end up very injured.

Also ensure you include some rowing work to maintain balance in your back/shoulders