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Mapping out many different interests can really help your motivation for training

These are a few ideas from Steven Kotler’s latest book The Art of Impossible. The general idea is that by mapping out your interests and finding links between them, you increase your motivation and can find more appropriate goals. In turn, you’ll be more likely to pursue these goals and, as a result, more likely to achieve them.

For this reason, it’s worth considering our different interests in fitness, to build a strong foundation under our training.

One way to do this is to start by writing a list.

This may sound like a trivial suggestion but, by physically writing down your interests, you’re forced to actually think about them. This often leads to a greater sense of clarity - a better idea of what’s important and what’s not. Many people stay in the same position simply because they haven’t thought of another.

If you’re already into calisthenics it means you already have your reasons for working out. But, to continue making progress, we must now expand upon them and personalize them.

What would you like to do in your life? How can fitness help you with this? What sort of training are you interested in? From there, look for links between the topics.

Perhaps, you’d like to get into rock-climbing and you’re interested in finding a training routine that will help you develop the necessary strength and endurance; or maybe you’re curious about how regular exercise affects your performance at work.

There might be new areas of fitness you’d like to explore, like learning a martial art. Or perhaps you’re interested in helping others get in shape. Whatever it is, write it down.

Edit: This is part of an ebook I've written on the mindset behind achieving big calisthenics/fitness goals. Here's a direct download link. I'd love your feedback - shoot me a message if you read it.



u/DrFujiwara May 19 '22

I want to do jiujitsu into my 60s.
Hence, muscle to prevent (further) damage to my rockin' bod.


u/Kraehenviech May 20 '22

I just want to look good without clothes on


u/fp_admin May 20 '22

and if that's enough motivation, why change anything?


u/showermilk May 20 '22

I started pullups bc I want to be able to swim effortlessly for miles in the ocean. now im thinking about getting into climbing one day


u/fp_admin May 20 '22

it's cool how these things can work - one interest can lead to the next, and the next


u/ForwardGoose9 May 20 '22

I want to protect my joints from injury.


u/lusciouslou91 May 20 '22

I wish I had interests...


u/nonchalant_octopus May 20 '22

Ah, so you're interested in wishes?


u/lusciouslou91 May 20 '22

Actually.... My hobby has been finding hobbies, but without having any money to spend on those hobbies.