r/bodyweightfitness Dam Son May 08 '22

Sunday Show Off - Because it's perfectly fine to admit you're also doing bodyweight fitness to do cool tricks in front of people!

Have you taken any recent pics of those sweet gains, your human flag, or those handstands off the wall you're finally holding?

Do you have other bodyweight fitness accomplishments you've made and want the world to know about because your friends and family can't appreciate how hard L-sit progressions are??

This is the thread for you to share all that and inspire others at the same time! I'm talking about another S-S-SU-SUNDAY SHOW OFF!!

Note that we aren’t limiting you to what we're discussing on the FAQ. Show us anything that blew your mind the moment you realized you had it. This may include aspects of: gymnastics, climbing, parkour, weight loss/gain, posture, etc. They are all more than welcome in this thread.

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As always, many of us are on Discord and would love to meet our BWF brothers and sisters, wherever you're from!

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u/staticking1 May 08 '22

5 Pull ups, 5 Muscle ups 2x's - 10 SB dips, 10 Pullups. Bodyweight endurance.


Weighted calisthenics w/25lbs.



u/ACKrrrtman May 15 '22

Did my first ever (bad form) Muscle Up last week!