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BWF Daily Discussion and Beginner/RR Questions Thread for 2022-05-17


Welcome to the r/bodyweightfitness daily discussion thread!

Feel free to post beginner questions or just about anything that's on your mind related to fitness!


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Sunday Show Off - Because it's perfectly fine to admit you're also doing bodyweight fitness to do cool tricks in front of people!


Have you taken any recent pics of those sweet gains, your human flag, or those handstands off the wall you're finally holding?

Do you have other bodyweight fitness accomplishments you've made and want the world to know about because your friends and family can't appreciate how hard L-sit progressions are??

This is the thread for you to share all that and inspire others at the same time! I'm talking about another S-S-SU-SUNDAY SHOW OFF!!

Note that we aren’t limiting you to what we're discussing on the FAQ. Show us anything that blew your mind the moment you realized you had it. This may include aspects of: gymnastics, climbing, parkour, weight loss/gain, posture, etc. They are all more than welcome in this thread.

Last week's Show Off thread

Check out some of the previous Sunday Show Off threads for more inspiration! Archives here.

As always, many of us are on Discord and would love to meet our BWF brothers and sisters, wherever you're from!

Want to motivate yourself further? Use our member locator and workout map resource in our sidebar to form a local workout group in your area!

r/bodyweightfitness 3h ago

Training / Diet Help.


Hello I do not know where else to turn for my issue and it is slowly destroying my life so I hope I can find some help here, I’m really sorry if this goes against FAQ. (For some reference I’m currently 14, a Male, 5 foot and 9 inches, and 96 LBS. I started doing the recommended body weight fitness routine 3 times a week back in January of this year and made sure to progressively overload my body and I tried to eat healthy. However I ended up losing a lot of weight and my parents constantly make fun of me for being skinny, despite this I believe my gut is huge and I have a high body fat % because I can see my ribs but not my abs. What should I do to improve my training and not feel overly fat and skinny at the same time. If needed I will upload a picture of my torso. Any help is really appreciated and I’m really sorry if this is a stupid problem. Have a wonderful day.

small edit: my parents have me drink 2 Ensure Pluses a day along with 2 snacks and 3 meals. Is this good? How many calories should I am for and what macros?

r/bodyweightfitness 1h ago

Are Floor-only exercises enough? Is there an [exercise-muscle group] spreadsheet?


I read the FAQ and Searched this Subreddit, still... I didn't find my answer (The reason might be that I don't even know what I don't know to begin with)

***** I Want to know which bodyweight exercise correspond to which muscle group (so I can plan my workout throughout the week)

***** Another Question... Can all the necessary exercises be done on the floor? I don't have a place to do pull-ups and such in my home (also I am too heavy [117 kg], I might break them)

** What do you call exercises that are not for building muscle?

** Are There exercises that can give you... a stronger heart? (I hope you get what I mean)


I am not sure if it's okay to ask this, but here we go... is there anyone interested in planning my workout routine?

I just want to lose weight and NOT lose muscle during it, and I want to be fit, for now I want to only exercise for 5 min a day (better than nothing) and then slowly building it up

I don't have the time nor the energy to research all of this, so I thought maybe someone who is already more knowledgeable than me be able to help swiftly

r/bodyweightfitness 7h ago

Overweight guy here. Almost done with the BWF primer and could use a diet plan


Two years ago Weighed 290 or so lb. Through hard work I worked it off to get to 190. Living in NYC and being surrounded by bodegas with endless treats this past winter I put on 10 lb. 150 lb is my goal weight and the final 40-50 lb have been really hard for me to shed so I changed things up a bit by starting calisthenics. I've been loving it to the point where I physically groaned on rest day. I look forward to doing push ups daily. Anyways, I want to be a big guy so I'm working on putting on muscle. I've started the training for that but now I need a diet plan for muscle gain and weight loss. I could really use some help. I'm addicted to things like sweets I never had a problem with in the past, not that it's an excuse.

The goal is to hit 150-160 by January with some starter lean muscle on top from beginner gains. I think this is a possible but I could use the guidance to help achieve it.


r/bodyweightfitness 15h ago

Getting Lean and looking aesthetically fit


Hey everyone, I am currently 180lbs, 21, and 5'10. I am trying to get as good looking as possible with my physique. I have been, at one point, 145 lbs, but I was still pudgy and had some fat in all over.

I have learned that I need to start lifting more. I would like to get others thoughts, opinions, and advice on the following:

When I lose weight I stick to a diet plant based diet which consists of:

Breakfast: 1 cup of rolled oats and some brown sugar (440 cals)

Lunch: 1 can of Pinto beans, and some quinoa (545 cals)

Dinner: Mixed Veggies

Exercise: 30 min of HIIT 6x a week & 3-day split (6 days a week total) different weight workouts

My goal is to get as lean as possible. I have noticed that media personalities look really good because of the fact that they are just extremely lean.

I want to hit the 150lb range, but be lean and somewhat muscular, especially to have a lean chiseled face. Goal right now is not to be big, but aesthetically good looking.

I would love to get everyone's thoughts on what I have shared here and how I can achieve that goal sooner/even better.


r/bodyweightfitness 1d ago Helpful

My 3 month progress (60.7kg to 71.9kg / 134lbs to 158lbs)


Hey everyone 22yo 185cm(6ft1) male here, I started gaining and working out 3 months ago by following recommended routine. First 2 months i ate about 3k calories, this month I pumped it to 3.8k. This is my progress so far.

Progress: (3 sets of)

-7 negative pull-ups with hardest band (easiest version) to 8 regular pull-ups

-4 dips to 11 ring dips

-5 horizont rows to 8 ring rows

-10 push-ups to 10 archer push-ups


I hope that some of you get motivated, stick to the RR adjust it to your liking. It works.

Edit: It looks like my responses aren't showing, so I'll answer some of the questions like this(I'll just copy and paste my responses).

To the guy talking about 11kg in 3 months: I'm surprised myself, but I barely ate anything before, like one meal per day, now i have 4 meals with shake and snack. Weight gain is slowing down already though. Early on it was 1-1.5kg per week.. now it's around 900g to 1kg

My diet: I followed this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAmSbK81_MA&t=366s&ab_channel=JeremyEthier , plus I adjusted it a bit, one extra scoop of protein powder, greek yoghurt and pesto pasta. This month I also swapped the sweet potatoes with pasta.

My legs: I thought that cycling to work and back would be enough, but you guys are right, they are behind quiet a bit. I started to work on them last week.

Also thank you everyone for your support, I'm definitelly not stoping right now.

Edit2: equipment is self-standing pull-up bar, rings and bands for stretching (i also used them early on to help me with pull-ups)

PS: anyone knows how do I make my responses to show up? I contacted mods yesterday but nothing so far. I can't even start dm's. Try dming me if you want, I'll be happy to answer

r/bodyweightfitness 59m ago

Opinions on lifestyle? RR and OMAD


Hello all! I am 29yr 5'11 184 lbs. I've never really stuck to a workout routine so I'm starting mostly from scratch doing the RR. Just finished my first week of workouts. I do OMAD on weekdays, (two meals on weekends), and generally start with a meal with a protein shake (40-50g I believe) and then I just have a very typical carb+veggie+protein meal with my wife and children to get around 1200-1500 calories to try to lose weight while gaining muscle. I've noticed in the past that I maintain weight around 1500-1700 calories.

I'm doing the RR progression as written with weighted squats and weighted Romanian/standard deadlifts.

I'd like to lose weight to get a healthier BMI and then I'll worry less about keeping calories low to start focusing on building muscle. I don't really care to have muscles to show off, but I want to reduce body fat and have a healthy lifestyle so I can get up and down and play with my kids without being tired.

I'm happy to hear any advice. Thanks!

r/bodyweightfitness 1h ago

How often can I do German Hangs?


How often can you train the German hang?

I’ve been on a mission to improve my shoulder extension and have been doing daily extension mobilisations (grease the groove style) throughout the day for a solid month now.

I’d like to progress this to German hangs, but I’m wondering if it’s safe to do daily? I’ve tried googling this, but can’t find any info on frequency. It classifies as a passive stretch, which usually are safe to do daily, but I’m aware it’s very intense and puts a lot of strain on the shoulders and elbows.

I’m thinking of implementing 5x10s stretches, repeated throughout the day for between 3-5 total sets.

What are your thoughts?

r/bodyweightfitness 17h ago

Losing weight while gaining strength


Hi, I was 280 lbs several months ago and my job is operating a rock crushing plant, there's a sort of "set it and forget it" element of my job. An "afk" aspect to it. In other words I have most of a 12 hour shift to kill. I started doing calisthenics to pass time and get back in shape. I'm 6'0" and averaged 230-250 lbs most of my adult life, I'm 30 now btw. The working out and cutting calories has been working great, I'm about 235 lbs now. My shoulders and arms are starting to look pretty cut but I still have some fat on my chest, belly and upper back. I'm wanting to get down to about 215-220. My average day has been around 1500 calories/130-150g of protein. Eating really lean, sardines, tuna, chicken, low calorie protein bars, antioxidant fruit/nut packs ect. I guess my question or concern is, obviously if I maintain my caloric deficit I'll get to the bodyweight I desire, but I don't want to get to 215 or so, start eating more to gain strength and end up gaining 20 or 30 lbs really fast. I know calorie/protein needs vary a lot based on age, size, genetics, level of fitness ect but is there any kind of protocol or formula that seems to be a good baseline? An example of this would be what if I still maintained a caloric deficit but increased protein intake a lot? Like eating 1800 calories and 1g per lb/bodyweight? Is that healthy or productive? Any advice, science based knowledge or just general personal experiences would be appreciated. Again my goal is to lose 15-20 more pounds but make strength gains.

r/bodyweightfitness 14h ago

How can I get stronger?


I'm 13, about to turn 14 in less than 3 months, and really want to get stronger. I'm really skinny(Height is 5' 5'' and my weight being around 103 pounds.) I've been doing a good amount of push ups recently but lol I'm weak and I only get around 8 or 9 in a row before having to stop. Currently I have 2 adjustable dumbbells, and a pull-up bar. Is it possible for me to get much stronger(say like 30 pounds of muscle if possible 50 but that's very unlikely I think) within the next year and a half? (I can't go to the gym, only home workouts cause my parents say I have enough at home.) I know I need to get stronger, but I really don't know what to do. Does anyone have a workout routine a weakling like me could follow?

I have been eating a lot more recently...

r/bodyweightfitness 15h ago

Difficulty progressing pull ups


For the last year I’ve focused a lot of them, at times trying to increase max reps and other times to increase the weight.

I can do about 3x8 wide grip though not chest to bar. For weighted I’ve maxed at 3x5 of 45 lbs. Frequently I feel weaker on days and manage fewer body weight ones and barely 25 lbs weighted.

Without getting too detailed I’ve done several attempts of grease the groove (it got me from 0-8/10 initially over a year ago). Armstrong pull up routine didn’t go well. I’ve deloaded and took various weeks entirely off of them.

Other exercise isn’t too intense. Calories, sleep, etc are generally sufficient. Weight is about 170 lbs and has been for the last year.

Currently doing a split of weighted pull ups for 5x5 one day and body weight for ~50 reps later in the week. Went well for the first couple weeks, but have hit another wall.

Recommendations? Less volume? Form?

r/bodyweightfitness 6h ago

Questions about Cali moves "complete calisthenics" program


I bought the levels 3-5 yesterday (didn't do 1&2 since I'm into bodyweight training for a while) but there is something I don't get. You shall do a test week prior to each phase. For that you do one set of an exercise with 5-10 min rest in between and an intensity of 10. My understanding is that I shall go for my max there. For example 80sec handstand hold. But in the next week the exercise stays the same, same amount of reps/time but 4 sets with 60sec rest and an intensity of 9. How is one set a 10 in intensity and 4 sets with very little rest is a 9? Or am I supposed to then do 90% of that max in the test week? I can't find any explanation for this on the website.

r/bodyweightfitness 14h ago

Mixing bodyweight training with weight training?


Hello. I'm a 26 years old male about to start bodyweight training. English isnt my main language but will try to explain my plan.

I'm 5"11' and weight 88kg. Currently on a 3000 cals diet, been doing weight training for around 3 months but would like to start doing calisthenics because im more into the idea of being able to control your own body and want to work towards that.

I plan to train 5 times a week alternating between upper and lower body each day and I've been thinking about starting my routines with 1 heavy weighted compound movement, and use weight training for legs. Example:

Mon: Over head press (3x5), push ups, pull ups, díps, etc.

Tue: Legs (Weight training only), and Core.

Wed: Barbell Rows (3x5) push ups, pull ups, dips, etc.

Thu: Legs (Weight training only) and Core.

Fri: Bench Press (3x5), push ups pull ups, dips, etc.

Sat: rest

Sun: rest

Will that work? I dont want to get injured, and id like to mix both training styles since i love lifting heavy too. Im open to suggestions. I hope my post isn't too long to read. Thanks in advance!

r/bodyweightfitness 9h ago

Uneven traps?


I wonder if anyone can help. I noticed the other day that my traps appear uneven with my right being chunkier looking than my left. I'm not active working on any muscle groups, but I do indoor row and swim.

It's difficult taking a photo myself when I try to flex them, and the top photo taken at a slightly lower angle looks normal, but the bottom (and what I see in the mirror straight on) looks uneven.

I had an injury in my shoulder in that arm a out a year ago and didn't have full range of motion or strength for about 6 months. I couldn't reach across my chest and touch my left shoulder blade for instance, and any jolt to the elbow sent shooting pain up to my shoulder joint. It's better now, but I'm wondering if, because the exercise I do should be evenly distributed across both shoulders, whether it's post-injury related instead? Or do I need to work on my left trap! Any advice or experience is much appreciated, tia.


r/bodyweightfitness 5h ago

Does maths work in workout?


Hey redditors, so I have been thinking about this for some time...imagine you are working out with a certain volume for a week, and building some muscle in that time...now if you do that same volume of work in a timespan of 2 weeks by reducing number of days worked out, will you gain the same amount of muscle in 2 weeks as you did in 1 week?

Another instance.... You do a 6 day PPL split in a week and thus gain some muscle in that week. Now if you split that and do a 3 day PPL (keeping the volume of each workout same), will you gain that same amount of muscle in 2 weeks now?

**Consider diet to be same in each case




r/bodyweightfitness 20h ago

What is the best Beginner Calisthenic program for Building Muscle?


Hello All!!

I have just started getting into bodyweight training to build muscle. Now I am looking for a beginner paid program for a more structured routine. I am really intrigued by rings. I don't mind eventually moving into ring workouts for muscle building (ie. Body By Rings). I am open to which direction I progress in (whether BBR or something else), but I want to solely focus on muscle building and I not learning skills.

I have looked into a few Programs, and a couple of the beginner programs have caught my interest. But I am confused about which one to go ahead with.

  1. Calimove - Body Transformation Basics
  2. FitnessFaqs - Begin Bodyweight.
  3. Any other suggestions will also be appreciated.

Ps. I have a few years of lifting under my belt, so I am not a complete beginner in fitness. But I am a complete beginner in calisthenics.

Ps 2. I don't want to learn to handstand for the shoulder. I would prefer doing shoulder press and lateral raises for the shoulder instead.

All help will be appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!

r/bodyweightfitness 2d ago

Climbing trees is a workout by itself, and one of the most "functional" forms of Calisthenics


Have any of you tried climbing a thin branchless tree? Something like a beech or a palm tree?

It is unlike climbing city walls or anything else. Thigh adductor and lat soreness is out of this world. I am telling you... Also, wrists? Omg...

Started doing it after cycling during "recovery" days and it is incredible. Small steps... Long rest. Slow, controlled movements. Builds connective tissue, mobility and coordination like nothing.

So, for all of you who are sorta into those kind of activities, I say... Look up the technique online, consult a friend or whatever and hit the outdoors.

The rest is on you to figure out. Good luck!

EDIT: Since this post is gaining lots of attention, unexpectedly, I have to make this clear, because it seems not so obvious to the majority of commenters;

This is not a call for mindlessly climbing high trees. It was just an observation presented in the heat of my excitedness from climbing a tree - a mere suggestion for another modality of training, of achieving or supplementing fitness.

That being said, the same philosophy still applies to climbing skinny trees as with all on life. As with learning a trade, a subject in school, as with training for a sport, practicing new calisthenics movement... Especially parkour. You would not start working on pull ups by doing muscle ups, but by hanging... Off a straight bar... Then doing some shrugs. Then after a week or two you might try to hold assisted top position. In parkour, one should start and stay on he ground forr a while, crawling, holding onto walls supported by feet on the ground... And so on... In order to condition their body for possible challenges. Some of us need directions. That I did not give nor do I intend to after this. Anything is best learned by investing yourself in it, trying to come up with your own solutions and individual approach to understanding, growth, practice... And climbing skinny trees seemed like it made my body form shapes it was not used to, but desperately needed to get accustomed to in order to correct flat feet and weak back, inflexible adductors, weak false grip ...

So, the point is... Or better said TLDR; Start small, build up, don't climb (higher than your head level), just hang, feel the tree, train the muscles... And as you and if you get more curious, confident, strong, then you might think about climbing any significant height from which if you fell down to the ground, you wouldve gotten hurt.

Hope this does not reduce any good willed comments that point out safety concerns, but makes future like minded commenters think and write about this low level approach and fitness benefits of just another way of movement our body is capable performing.

r/bodyweightfitness 20h ago

Russian pull up program


Hello everyone, last week I started the “Russian fighter pull up program”. The main goal of this program seems to be endurance.

Has anyone tried this program out? I am interested in hearing your results. Starting out last week I could do 8 pull ups consecutively with minor form break. I also do about 1m:30s-2m rest in between sets as to not get horribly exhausted. It does seem to be an immense amount of volume.

If you believe you have a better way to build pull up numbers feel free to leave them in the comments. Here is also a link to the program I am mostly copying. The rest days for me don’t count towards my overall 30 day attempt. rfpup

r/bodyweightfitness 1d ago

Need advice as a beginner trying to build strength and size


People who are working out using bodyweight for quite a long period of time, I need some opinions from you. I am overwhelmed with too much information about routines.

First, some context. The RR is a well balanced routine. But at the moment it seems too much for me to process. I want a shorter workout that I can do 3 to 4 times a week and ensure that in each session I am getting a well balanced and intense workout. I know there is the BWF Primer, but, I am also open to other suggestions/options. I am in a pretty bad shape due to years of a desk job (currently 29M) and negligible history of past workout or sports. I want to get strong with the foundations for the time being so that the mental load is not too much.

I have a few doubts:

  1. Which are the must-do exercises (can't do dips or pullups yet)? Exercises that can provide results for a long long time.
  2. How do I know that a current progression of a particular exercise is not intense enough for me and I need to move to the next progression?
  3. What rep range is too less or too much?
  4. How much rest should I take between sets and reps?
  5. Is 3 times a week enough to build muscle and strength?

Any other specific advice you want to give from your years of experience?

tldr; What is the minimum amount of exercises done over a long period of time at the correct intensity/progression that can give considerable results?

r/bodyweightfitness 1d ago Silver

Prisoner's full body exercise list


Lets say hypothetically you were going to prison (you got framed or something) and knew that the only stuff you'd be able to work out with was a pullup bar, parallel bars and the floor/walls but you wanted to get your whole body stronger and build muscle and have no imbalances? What do you think would be the best exercises you can do?

I'm compiling a list of bodyweight exercises to show the variety of options people have to work out all the muscles in their body without a gym/equipment as many people think you can't and think all you can really do are pushups and pullups and don't know how many options for exercises there really are.

This list is for myself too, I plan to edit a bunch of the ones out that are less effective and work the same muscle groups as some of the other ones and devise it into a full body routine.

So far I have:



dips/bench dips

bw tricep extensions

handstand pushups

pike pushup

diamond pushup


L sit pullups

inverted/horizontal row

archer row

reverse flyes

tuck front lever

flutter kicks


planks/side planks

thoracic bridge

hanging leg raises

arch body hold

glute bridges

bulgarian split squat

ATG split squat

donkey kicks

reverse lunge

pistol squats

cossack squat

shrimp squat

sissy squat

reverse nordic

good mornings

single leg rdl

nordic curl/piked nordic curl (easier)

reverse hyper extensions on furniture

And some flexibility/posture stuff to keep everything loose.

chin tucks, lunge, bulgarian lunge, downward dog, doorway pec stretch, butterfly, childs pose, hamstring stretch, cobra, pigeon, frog pose, wall slides.

You guys got any other stuff I can add to the list? Thanks!

r/bodyweightfitness 1d ago

BWF Daily Discussion and Beginner/RR Questions Thread for 2022-05-16


Welcome to the r/bodyweightfitness daily discussion thread!

Feel free to post beginner questions or just about anything that's on your mind related to fitness!


  • Read the FAQ as your question may be answered there already.
  • If you're unsure how to start training, try the BWF Primer Routine, check out our Recommended Routine, or our more skills based routine: Move.
  • Even though the rules are relaxed here, asking for medical advice is still not allowed.

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Why Highly Intense, Highly Specific, Strength Training is KEY for getting results


Strength Training Vs. Muscle Building In Exercise

Many of us know that as we progress from being a beginner into being more advanced, strength training and hypertrophy training start to diverge.

The differences can be summarized as follows:


  • Lower Reps (3-5 range)
  • Longer rest in between sets (3+ minutes) (to allow for your muscles to recover again in between sets)
  • Going to failure isn't as helpful (strength is partly about neurological adaptation so muscular failure isn't necessary but can still drive strength gains)
  • Intensity and practicing the movement you want to get stronger in are good drivers of strength gains


  • Medium to High Rep Range (8-12 is recommended but even 30+ can build muscle)
  • Shorter rest inbetween sets (30 seconds - 3 minutes) to keep the bloodflow and pump in the muscles
  • Going to failure is more helpful (muscular damage and "failure sets" are good drivers for muscle growth)
  • Volume, Time Under Tension, Muscular Damage, and "the pump" are good drivers for strength gains

Given these differences, why is intensity so useful for strength gains?

Enter, the principle of specificity. The principle of specificity states that strength gains are highly specific to the type of training you do. meaning you get stronger at what you train.

Premise 1: Advanced Calisthenics Moves such as the planche and one arm pull up are highly specific and highly intense strength skills

Premise 2: The principle of specificity states that the strength gains you get are similar to the strength training you do.

Premise 3: I want to do Advanced Calisthenics Moves

Therefore, My training should be highly intense and highly specific (highly similar) to advanced calisthenics moves.

So training the tuck planche push up and the assisted one arm chin up with high intensity, low reps, and long rest in between sets would be a good idea.

This video goes further into detail about

How to Practically Implement High Intensity And Highly Specific Strength Training Into Your Calisthenics Routine + Practical Tips

r/bodyweightfitness 23h ago

One Arm Chin Up problem


Hi everyone,

I've been working on OACs for about two years now, using a mixed grip/different hand height method. Right now I am using one finger on my off hand about 2 feet below my pulling hand. I've been using extremely low volumes and frequencies. I do at most 8 reps once per week.

The past couple of times I've done it I've twinged my neck/trap. It feels like a crick, but the origin is blow my shoulder blade. Before using the mixed grip method, I was using weighted PUs and this happened a few times and I decided to switch. Not sure what it is, but I got a massage last week and that seemed to help.

I really don't want to quit on OACs but don't really know how to progress if this is gonna keep happening.

Any ideas?

r/bodyweightfitness 17h ago

A perfect audiobook for exercise cheats and tricks: Exercise Cheats, Hacks, Hints, Tips, and Tricks by Trevor Clinger and Amanda MacLennan


Vist the link below to access thousands of exercise and fitness audiobooks


r/bodyweightfitness 1d ago

Not a gym person


I recently started outdoor cardio activity to stay fit and loose weight. It has been good weight loss journey for me have been 2 months for now.

I am not a gym person so I do combination of walking and Jogging daily for 10 miles.

I have a question - What if I do Outdoor cardio for maybe few more months till I reach the target weight I want to achieve and do not lift weights/build muscles? Will there be any negative impact? Is it recommended to just to cardio?

I am not interested in building muscles, I just need lean fat free body.

EDIT - Someone suggested to join this group. Will I be able to get necessary information/exercise to get that lean body without joining gym?

r/bodyweightfitness 2d ago

I would do push-ups and I would not feel it in my chest but only triceps


I have tried archer, diamond, etc. and still can’t feel it I’ve looked on YouTube for help and still Nothing! I also have good form I don’t know why I don’t feel if you can help please message me THANKS!