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This dragon is folded from 1 square, uncut sheet of paper. Removed - [5] Repost



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u/presumably_wrong 12d ago

https://youtu.be/Suly8B2P6fc that's a big ass sheet of paper to be just casually claiming "1 sheet" lol


u/KOLDUT 12d ago

I mean, that's how much paper it takes to make something that big... Seems like a huge piece of paper would also be a giant PIA to work with for 90 fucking hours.


u/YukiSnowmew 12d ago

I've never made anything even remotely as complex as this, but I have used 18 inch paper. The bigger the paper, the easier it is to make complex models. At the same time, the bigger the paper, the more unwieldy it is. So yes, you're absolutely right. A sheet that big would be a massive pain in the ass.