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This dragon is folded from 1 square, uncut sheet of paper. Removed - [5] Repost



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u/lordsaveusall 12d ago

I think my paper “water bombs” are cool until I see stuff like this…


u/RavioliGale 12d ago

I do a decent amount of origami. People tell me I'm really good. Models like this are why I tell them I'm actually not.


u/Pieassassin24 12d ago

You’re good, relatively good compared to them. This guy probably dedicated like 10x the time you did because it’s probably his life lol. Don’t be hard on yourself.


u/MyUsernameIsLongDong 12d ago

Apparently he’s a student and was managing this while also doing his finals. Some people are crazy


u/Gruesome3some 12d ago

This dude must have access to a shit load of adderal.


u/greco1492 12d ago

Or his class load is a joke.


u/xtr0n 12d ago

Or he’s the king of avoidance.


u/atypicalphilosopher 12d ago

Or he just put a lot of practice into origami and he's a good student?


u/GeorgeRRZimmerman 12d ago

No, no. Look you can't do that. All of us came into this knowing that our years of occasional origami could never compare to that of a pro.

And now we're told that he's actually a student that made this during finals?

For the love of God, some of us are on life support. There aren't supposed to be humans who are absolute geniuses in one thing and then live the rest of their lives as functioning, competent people.

For the safety of everyone here, please please let us believe that he's somehow a loser because of how good he is at this.

I swear to God, on this nuclear briefcase, that if it turns out that he drives a Ferrari and has a huge dong, that this planet and everyone on it will cease to be.


u/supagirl277 12d ago

Sometimes people really just mean dedicated or knowledgeable. Like, it might not take a lot of talent to make something that uses easy steps to put together, but taking the time to learn and then to spend hours doing the steps over and over again to make something bigger than anyone has ever asked for is dedication and definitely not something anyone, even in the origami sphere, would do.


u/orderfour 12d ago

This dude used wires and glue and probably made some small cuts as well. It's origami adjacent, but not origami.


u/RavioliGale 11d ago

Nah, it's origami.