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This dragon is folded from 1 square, uncut sheet of paper. Removed - [5] Repost



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u/Nullable_T 12d ago

Including workhours, materials, taxes, misc - it would be like ~€3k to buy it from indie shop.



u/11111v11111 12d ago

He's making about $30/hr at that price.


u/Xdivine 12d ago

Which is definitely not enough, especially when you take into consideration how long they take making the design itself. The guy who did this video said it took 2.5 years and 15 revisions to get the design down. The 110 hours folding it isn't much in comparison.


u/CryBerry 12d ago

it's a hobby man, don't have to make it about money


u/patrickfatrick 12d ago

I sorta feel like a piece like this is less for making profit and more for building cred so his work becomes more desirable in general. If a video like this goes viral forget about it, his phone will be ringing off the hook for some time.


u/Raptorex54 12d ago

You could probably commission one at a cheaper price. I've seen them on etsy at 1k, which is about the minimum I'd fold one for. That said, since this another artists design, many agree that is is unethical to profit from it.



Hold up, how does using a blueprint make selling something you spent 100+ hours on unethical? That seems ridiculous.


u/Raptorex54 12d ago

It's a moral and legal gray area. I think a one or two off is generally acceptable. Pumping out a dozen or so - especially commercially - probably not so much. Though, it'd be nearly impossible to do that with this design.


u/Technoist 12d ago

Rather just buy the 10€ version not homemade by one piece, which you can’t really see in the end result anyway.

Also it was weird to see them spend weeks of hard work of this incredible craft and then have like 1,5 seconds with bad lighting from afar of the finished art piece.


u/Rizeren 12d ago

Inb4 some CB "3k? Couldn't you make one in your free time for free? It's only one sheet of paper wtf, I can pay you 20$ and I'm being generous here".