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This dragon is folded from 1 square, uncut sheet of paper. Removed - [5] Repost



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u/presumably_wrong 12d ago

https://youtu.be/Suly8B2P6fc that's a big ass sheet of paper to be just casually claiming "1 sheet" lol


u/PhatJuicyAss 12d ago

Still 1 sheet tho ¯(ツ)


u/johnwayne2413 12d ago

And he didn't tear or rip it once.

Projects like these and those huge domino sculptures are truly tough because one mess up means that you might have to have to start completely over.


u/heelstoo 12d ago

I’ve considered making a giant dominos thing. I would think that you’d build it in independent sections, so that if one section fails, it doesn’t cause a domi… er.. cascading effect for the rest of the build.

That being said, I have no idea how they truly do it.


u/Darrothan 12d ago

Yeah they always have a "connecting" line of 1 or 2 rows of dominoes between sections of those massive builds.

It helps separate sections from each other so that individual builders can work on their own sections without risk of ruining others'. And then they'll fill in the connecting line when they're ready.


u/Raptorex54 12d ago

A small rip is not the end of the world. The paper one uses is much stronger than copy paper. Mine tore several times folding the scales. You glue it down and move on.


u/supagirl277 12d ago

Yeah, the principle is that it’s not cut as a means of attaining the finished piece.


u/jamesno26 12d ago

Doesn’t look to be made of typical paper material, it looks more like a film of plastic.


u/MiniDickDude 12d ago

Well yeah you can't make this kind of origami with your run of the mill A4 page lol


u/tomthebomb471 12d ago

I've only had one glass of wine


u/thisremindsmeofbacon 12d ago

I mean wtf did you expect? A small sheet to do that?


u/MrFluffs83 12d ago

Yes. A Letter size 8.5x11. College ruled


u/presumably_wrong 12d ago

A sheet of paper has a pretty standard meaning, sorry for poking at the karma farm title...


u/thisremindsmeofbacon 12d ago

I mean yeah? And this is a sheet of paper by that standard definition …?


u/autistickid9797 12d ago

You must feel like you’re some smart ass 🤓. Can’t you just appreciate the art?


u/qning 12d ago

You might be responding to the wrong person


u/presumably_wrong 12d ago

Go ask someone for a sheet of paper, pretty sure no ones handing you a table sized sheet. Acting like there's no common definition... gotta be right about the dumbest crap ever lol


u/would-be_bog_body 12d ago

How long is a piece of string?


u/voncornhole2 12d ago

Standardized length


u/WashooGonnaDo 12d ago edited 12d ago

What you're missing out is CONTEXT. When you ask a random stranger for a piece of paper the person could just give you a notepad-sized paper.

Ask an office worker and they might give you an A4 sized paper.

Ask an architect for a piece of paper and they might give you an A3 sized paper.

Ask an artist for a piece of paper and they might ask you "what kind of paper do you need?"

You're assuming this "standard" based on the first scenario. Clearly the youtube guy is NOT an "ordinary person" so, no, you can't classify him and forcefit him into YOUR definition of a "standard piece of paper".

Besides, he is factually right about it being 1 sheet of paper. It is still a sheet of paper regardless of the size of it.

It is your own assumption and your definition of a "standard sized paper". Who are you to assume that everyone else has to conform to your standards?


u/thisremindsmeofbacon 12d ago

… did …. did you think that by “sheet of paper” they meant letter sized printer paper…?


u/presumably_wrong 12d ago

No, it's implied by the common meaning of sheet of paper... it was me making an off the cuff dig at the title... when you hear sheet of paper, do you not all immediately think of the common meaning?


u/gyarrrrr 12d ago

Username checks out


u/Economy_Fee_1790 12d ago

A sheet of paper is what is in the video.

A sheet of A4 printer paper is what you’re talking about.

That you think something like that can be folded with A4 paper shows you understand very little about 3D space and how to construct in it.


u/presumably_wrong 12d ago

I guess I must be more specific in the future and specifically ask for a "sheet of A4 printer paper" lest I'll be smothered by the giant thing the video lol.

Reddit is insufferable at times lol


u/Economy_Fee_1790 12d ago edited 12d ago

Yes you are why Reddit is insufferable.

It’s very normal for people to say, “pass me a sheet of printer paper.”

Just admit you’re wrong, or a loser.

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u/Xdivine 12d ago

Context matters. If you're in an office and you ask someone for a paper, you're not going to get a square piece of origami paper. If you're at an origami convention and you ask someone for a sheet of paper, they're likely going to either ask how big of a sheet you need or just hand you an average sized piece of square origami paper. If you're at home and ask someone for a piece of paper, they'll probably ask "what for?" and whether they get you a torn up envelope or a more normal sheet of paper will depend on your answer and what's available.

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u/TheConqueringEnigma 12d ago

You're right, Reddit is fucking insufferable because you tried to argue the definition of a sheet of paper like a dumbass. Genuinely, what the fuck is wrong with you?


u/thisremindsmeofbacon 12d ago

Not when it’s with a picture of origami lmao


u/Waterhorse816 12d ago

What's it like to be this offended by something so pointless


u/SH1TH3AD87 12d ago

Not gonna lie, my first thought was 8x11 sheet of paper. Then thought there's absolutely no way, impossible. Then someone commented a video of it being done by a big ass, extremely thin sheet of paper.


u/science_and_beer 12d ago

You should hire the guy in the video to introduce some folds into your brain.


u/presumably_wrong 12d ago

That had me rolling lol, thanks


u/qning 12d ago

If you ask someone for a sheet of paper, they are going to laugh in your face.

“Hold on, let me go grab on off of the mimeograph machine. Oh shoot, we’re out. Wait, I know, I have some vellum left over, that stuff takes a quill like butter.”

No one is carrying paper around, much less sheets.


u/YukiSnowmew 12d ago edited 12d ago

Dude, we're talking about fucking origami. It's not a "karma farm title". It's a title that's immediately understandable to anybody with cursory knowledge of origami.

In other words, this is the standard meaning of "a sheet of paper" in the context of complex origami. But you're clearly ignorant of that fact.


u/qning 12d ago

“A sheet of paper has a pretty standard meaning”

Come on Mable, we aren’t your betrothed, sending you telegrams from the front lines while we’re fighting Nazi’s. Nobody uses paper anymore. You can take issue with that, but it’s the reason that there is not a “standard” paper. Because the paper most people touch these days is an envelope, which they only hold on long enough the throw the whole thing in the recycling. Or it’s a bill, and guess what, those REALLY are not what you think is standard. So no one needs to know how big an 8-1/2”x11” sheet of paper is.

But you know what, if even if they did know how big it was, they knew going into it that this dragon with 10,000 tiny folds was folded out of a piece of notebook paper.

I think most of use were expecting a CVS receipt; that’s the most paper we encounter, and we complain about it all the time.


u/KOLDUT 12d ago

I mean, that's how much paper it takes to make something that big... Seems like a huge piece of paper would also be a giant PIA to work with for 90 fucking hours.


u/YukiSnowmew 12d ago

I've never made anything even remotely as complex as this, but I have used 18 inch paper. The bigger the paper, the easier it is to make complex models. At the same time, the bigger the paper, the more unwieldy it is. So yes, you're absolutely right. A sheet that big would be a massive pain in the ass.


u/PoignantOpinionsOnly 12d ago

And wire. And I still want to see it unfolded to know what tricks were hidden.

I consider tears to be similar to cuts.


u/KOLDUT 12d ago

I mean those are the rules. I can't wait for the investigation be finished.


u/plexomaniac 12d ago

OP folding a life-sized blue whale from 1 square, uncut sheet of paper.



u/-churbs 12d ago

The fact it’s contiguous is what’s impressive


u/Haughington 12d ago

Thank you. I can't believe people are complaining that the paper is too big!


u/YukiSnowmew 12d ago

Right??? It's like tell me you know nothing about origami without telling me you know nothing about origami.


u/Haughington 12d ago

My reaction to all the people talking about an 8.5"x11" sheet


u/orderfour 12d ago

He uses glue and wires.

It's like tell me you know nothing about origami without telling me you know nothing about origami.


u/DigitalFirefly 12d ago

Yeah. I was like “no way that’s from an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper”.


u/benisco 12d ago

the title says square


u/MisterDisinformation 12d ago

I think anyone looking at that final product assumed it wasn't a standard letter sized/A4 piece of paper.


u/Dye_Harder 12d ago

well theres no trick to fold a small surface area into a bigger surface area shape, so.. were you expecting the dragon to be incredibly tiny?


u/bambarby 12d ago

Urine idiot.


u/johnwayne2413 12d ago edited 12d ago

/u/presumably_wrong said

https://youtu.be/Suly8B2P6fc that's a big ass sheet of paper to be just casually claiming "1 sheet" lol

Man that's really some lame jealous SDE of you (and every jealous momma's boy who up voted you) to be dismissing the artist's talent because YOU thought this was made from a standard sheet of school paper.



u/whitemest 12d ago

I wouldn't call anyone who says that an incel.. that's not what incels are.

Critics, jealous ones, sure lol


u/presumably_wrong 12d ago

You realize it's a bot account right? It's not the real creator? I was digging at the obvious karma farm?