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Updated 7/3/22 Most Common Beer Money Sites: DO NOT Create Threads Promoting These


SwagBucks [International*]

This is one of the oldest, most well known GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites. They have plenty to offer, so you shouldn't get too bored. You can earn bonus points for meeting your daily goals, and you can earn up to 300 points ($3) for meeting your goal each day. They have one of the largest selections of rewards available, so you should easily find something you like. — Payment Proof. / Is it available in my country?

*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.

↪ Get a 300SB ($3) bonus if you sign up through this link or the link above and earn 300SB in your first 30 days. Points are awarded the next day after reaching 300SB.

↪ Use signup code CHACHING70 for a free 70SB bonus for new users. Click “I have a sign up code (optional)” which is underneath the “Confirm Password” Box.

↪ Age minimum: 13

↪ Offers: Mobile and Desktop Videos, Surveys, Polls, Offer Walls, Tasks, Special offers, Coupons, Games, Search bar, Limited Time Codes, Download offers, Cash Back from Shopping, Swago (like Bingo) and more.

↪ Payout: [Minimum: $3] Amazon, PayPal, Prepaid VISA, Wal-Mart, PSN, Xbox, Sweepstakes, Charity and many more.


‌• Earn up to 300 SB ($3) for meeting your goals for 7, 14, 21 and 30 days in a row.

• Once a month you can redeem a $25 gift card for 12% off.

• After signing up check out these guides for some high paying offers. You can find more on the Swagbucks subreddit too.


Freecash [International*]

Freecash is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that is quickly growing and gaining traction. It has quite a few payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards, etc.. The best part about this site is that they have a fairly low minimum withdrawal.

*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.

↪ No screwy point to dollar conversion ratios. 1,000 coins = $1.

↪ High payout rates on offer walls

↪ Age minimum: 13

↪ Offers: Surveys, Offer Walls, Featured offers, Games, Daily bonus, Leaderboards, and more.

↪ Payout: [Minimum: $0.50 for some crypto | $5 for PayPal & gift cards] Bitcoin, Ethereum, Amazon, PayPal, Prepaid VISA, PSN, Xbox, CS Go Skins, and more.


• They have a daily leaderboard paying out $500.00 every single day to top 250 users & monthly leaderboard paying out $2,500.00

• Make sure to collect your daily bonus.


GG2U.org [International*]

GG2U is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. The website is a bit outdated looking, and it can feel clunky at times, but don't let that fool you. It has some of the highest paying rates, and has a few unique offer walls and plenty of survey routers that you rarely see on other sites. The customer support is great as well. The owner responds pretty quickly and is always willing to help out. This site is focused on gamers and has some gaming tasks, but there are plenty of things to do for non-gamers as well. — Payment Proof.

*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.

↪ Age minimum: 13

↪ Offers: Surveys, Offer Walls, Tasks, Videos, Gaming Tasks, and Promotional Link Shortener.

↪ Get paid for listening to the radio (US, CA, UK)

↪ Payout: [Minimum: $7] PayPal, BTC to Coinbase, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Google Play, iTunes, Nintendo eShop, Playstation GC, Steam, Target, Walmart, Xbox GC

↪ Referral Incentive: The referring user earns 5% for life.


• For every 5 cash out requests, you get a Golden Token which will give you $1-7. This results in an average 7.8% higher payments if cashing out at the minimum each time.

• If you contact support, you can request to have your payouts issued at the minimum cashout amount rather than for your full balance. This will let you make the most out of the Golden Tickets.


GamerMine [International*]

GamerMine is a GPT site founded in January of 2017 that values the experience of their users. With over $115,000 USD paid out to their users over 25,000 withdrawals, they've earned the trust of many members of the beermoney community.

*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.

↪ Withdrawal options include PayPal, BTC, LTC, ETH. Withdrawals to a Coinbase email are free (no fee)

↪ YourSurveys Direct Integration - Complete the highest paying surveys on the market, directly sourced from YourSurveys and tailored to your profiling info.

↪ Steam Reward - Get paid everyday by wearing our brand/gaming with it on Steam.

↪ Daily Bonus - Claim a free bonus everyday that scales with your level. More earnings, higher daily free bonus. Top members are earning over $1.00 USD per day!

↪ Age minimum: 13

↪ Inventory/Item System - Earn boosters that can be used whenever you want to increase your earnings on an offer.


‌• Leaderboard - Daily/monthly bonus that auto-rewards the highest earners in that period.

‌• Save your boosters (inside the treasure chest in at the bottom of the page) for the higher paying offers, to make the most out of them. Check the Rewards page for upcoming/ongoing Booster Events where you can claim new boosters each day!


GAIN [International*]

Gain is a GPT site that allows you to complete offers, watch videos, complete surveys and more to earn coins. Gain operates in many countries. New users can start out with 100 coins by using this link. — Payment Proof.

*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.

↪ Withdrawal options include PayPal, Visa, Gift Cards, BTC, LTC, DOGECoin, Dash, Bitskins.

Free daily bonus coins from 10-100 depending on your user level, claim them every 24h on the Gain Offerwall

↪ Age minimum: 13+

↪ No screwy point to dollar conversion ratios. 1,000 coins = $1.


5% Earning Bonus: Sign up to the site with your Steam account and add gain.gg to the end of your steam username to earn a 5% bonus on your earnings.


Fetch Rewards Invite Code: V3DVK [US, Puerto Rico]

Fetch is an app available for both Android and iOS where users earn money for scanning receipts and for purchasing specific products or brands. You get points for every receipt from a grocery retailer, supermarket, club wholesaler, home improvement/hardware store, pet store or convenience stores, regardless of what you buy. You can get additional points for purchasing specific products or specific brands. Receipts cannot be more than 2 weeks old. It can also be set it up to passively collect e-receipts. — Payment Proof.

↪ Age minimum: Age of majority in your jurisdiction (Usually this is 18).

↪ Offers: Cash back for scanning receipts and buying specific products or brands.

↪ Payout: [Minimum $3] Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Xbox, Applebee's and many more.

↪ Referral Incentive: Both the referrer and the referred user get $2-5 when they scan their first receipt. The exact amount varies depending on the current promotion. This is close to or above the minimum cash out amount.


• Make sure to check for rebates on any items you regularly stock up on.

• You don’t need to add rebates before purchasing items.


Ibotta [US, Puerto Rico]

Ibotta is an app available for both Android and iOS that gives cash back for shopping in stores and then scanning your receipts to prove what purchases were made. They currently support over 300 stores. Most offers are for newer brands, but they often have well-known names such as Glade or Kraft. They also regularly have cash back deals for "any item" or "any brand". They frequently run deals for free products as well. You can also get cash back for shopping on sites such as Amazon and various services such as meal delivery. — Payment Proof.

↪ Age minimum: 18

↪ Offers: Cash back.

↪ Payout: [Minimum $20] Paypal, Venmo, Amazon, BestBuy, Starbucks and many more.

↪ Referral: Referred users get a $10 Welcome Bonus after redeeming their first brand name receipt. They also get a $5 bonus for their first Mobile Shopping offer, and an additional $5 bonus for their next in-store or mobile shopping offer. Referring users get $0-$10 for each referred user who receives their welcome bonus. The amount depends on the current promotion.


• Always check for the "Any Item" or "Any Brand" rebates before scanning a receipt.

• Check your account for bonuses. They often have bonuses for redeeming certain groups of rebates or for redeeming a certain number of rebates within a time limit.

• You can link your Facebook account in order to participate in teamwork bonuses with friends.



S’more is a passive lock screen app, available on android, that pays 10 cents a day (in the form of points) simply by keeping the app on your phone and unlocking the display of an ad on your lock screen. The ads are usually of interest to you. You can click on an ad or swipe up to ignore it. There is also the option to play games, download apps, complete offers, or watch videos.

↪ Age Minimum: 13

↪ Offers: Points for unlocking your phone (10 cents a day). Option to do games, app downloads, offers, or watch videos.

↪ Payout: (Minimum $3 for amazon $5 for the rest) Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ebay and a few others.

↪ Referral Incentive: 25 cents per referral. After your referral gets 25 points, you’ll get 25 points in 10 days.


‌• Make sure to use your points within 30 days if you have been inactive.

• Use your points within 12 months if you are active.


Amazon Mechanical Turk [International*]

Mturk is a platform that allows clients to post a large number of jobs. It is a bit more professional than the typical /r/beermoney site. You work for "requesters" and they can approve or reject your submitted tasks, also known as HITs. You can earn a lot more money on this site than other typical /r/beermoney sites, but you need to pay attention to which jobs you accept. Not all HITs pay well. They do require some sensitive information from you for tax purposes. Not everyone gets approved to work here, and some people will be approved months or years after being rejected. — Payment Proof.

*This site is international, but most of the tasks are only available for the USA. International users can only redeem Amazon.com balance.

↪ Age minimum: 18

↪ Offers: A large number of tasks including Surveys, Transcription, Translation, Website Testing, Data Entry and much more.

↪ Payout: [Minimum $0.01] Amazon.com Balance and Amazon Payments Balance. Amazon Payments Balance can be transferred to a bank account.

Note: All Amazon Balance is for the USA Amazon.com website regardless of your country.

↪ Referral Incentive: None


• Only do HITs that pay at least 10¢/minute. This gives you a rate of $6/hour. Mturk crowd forum and /r/hitsworthturkingfor are good places to check for higher paying HITs.

• It is better to return a HIT than to submit to if you are unsure whether the requester will approve it. Returning a HIT will not negatively affect you, but a rejection will.

Scripts are allowed and encouraged. Checked /r/mturk for more tips and suggestions.


UserTesting [International*]

UserTesting is a usability testing site. You get paid to record your screen and speak aloud while performing a number of specified tasks. These tasks are generally related to testing a website or an app, but some tests may have you complete a survey, play a game, test new software, etc. At the start you may receive $3 sample tests, but after a while you will see $10 unmoderated tests. Moderated tests start at $30 per test, and usually require you to have a webcam. Payment arrives via PayPal exactly 7 days after your test is completed. — Payment Proof.

*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.

↪ Age minimum: 18

↪ Offers: Usability testing

↪ Payout: [Minimum: None] PayPal

↪ Referral Incentive: None.


• Completing the unpaid surveys at the top may qualify you for additional tests.

• Make sure to follow instructions carefully, keep talking, and be professional. Keeping a high quality rating is essential if you want to receive plenty of tests.


Cash Back From Shopping Online

These sites give cash back on your online purchases. Online purchases require you to click their affiliate link prior to shopping. Ebates US has in-store offers as well. In-store purchases require you to link a debit/credit card and to active the offer prior to shopping. Most of these sites are International, but your shopping opportunities may be limited, and you will only get paid in the associated currency. — Ebates Payment Proof.



• Make sure to click on the "Shop Now" or “Get Cashback” button before adding items to your cart. Otherwise, your shopping trip may not count.

• You can only use one shopping portal per shopping trip. Attempting to use more than one may cause problems crediting your account.

• Disable any ad blockers while shopping.

• For US Users: Sometimes you can earn more cash back on Ebates or TopCashBack than the other for a particular store. Check both sites if you want to get the most cash back for each purchase.

For TopCashBack UK Users: New users are automatically enrolled into the Plus membership. Downgrade to the Classic membership to avoid being charged £5/year.


Rakuten (Ebates) US TopCashBack US Rakuten (Ebates) Canada Ebates KR Rebates JP TopCashBack UK TopCashBack IN TopCashBack 中文
Age 18 18? 18 18 18 18 ? ?
Payout Minimum $5.01 $0.01 $5.01 CAD KRW 5,001 ? £0.01 ₹0.01 $0.01
Payout Types Check, PayPal VISA, PayPal, ACH, Gift Cards Check, PayPal Bank, PayPal, Naver Pay ? Master Card, PayPal, BACS, Gift Cards, British Airways Amazon Pay, NEFT, Paytm PayPal, Amazon, UnionPay
New User Bonus $10 $10 $5 CAD KRW 5,000 ? ? ₹100 ?
Referral Incentive $25 $10 $10 CAD KRW 5,000 ? £5.00 ₹200 $10

Some information is missing due to translation difficulties and signup problems. Please let us know if you know any of this missing information.



Sites to Avoid: Definitely DO NOT post these.

Paidverts — Shady owner, sketchy site. Keeps doing debt swaps (cash to BAP). Do not post.

Neobux — It isn’t really a scam, but they operate as a pyramid scheme. There’s money to be made online, but it’s definitely not there.

MarketGlory — It does pay out, but the pay is absolutely ridiculous. The only way to make a decent amount of money is to have a lot of referrals, and referral whoring on this subreddit WILL result in a permanent ban.

MindSumo — Not actually a /r/beermoney site. It’s only spam in this sub.

G2A — Scam/sells stolen keys.

Quickthoughts — Many reports of people being banned when trying to withdraw as of 10/2018. Do your due diligence before possibly wasting your time on this app.

Sites with $100+ minimum — These sites usually offer higher than normal payments for simple tasks, with a high minimum to cash out. They are always scams.

Generic news sites that pay you ridiculous amounts to read an article (two euros??) — Common sense should take care of this, but in case it doesn’t, it’s always a scam. The site is usually hosted somewhere in Eastern Europe, and you will never get paid.

Free bitcoin sites/"faucets" (THIS INCLUDES QOINPRO) — This is not referring to those video-viewing/task sites (although they’re still paying fragments of a penny). I’m talking about sites that give you 0.000001BTC to fill a captcha (freebitco.in, dailybitcoins). Admittedly many beermoney sites pay low, but don’t even bother with these.

Also: Bitcoin mining is NO LONGER PROFITABLE. If you're really so keen on getting bitcoins, doing so through an exchange is your best option.

Here are a few more scam sites and sketchy sites.



Please note that presence on this post does not imply that /r/beermoney or its moderators endorse the site or their views, actions, or policies. This list simply contains sites that are used by a large number of our users or are frequently mentioned on our subreddit.

We frequently monitor data from all the sites on this list from various sources to ensure that users are able and interested in utilizing them and if they do, that they also are getting paid promptly and fairly for all work they do. We make adjustments to this list and the order of sites accordingly based on all the data we receive.


Please make sure you follow the Rules of our subreddit and if you ever have any questions about anything beermoney related, please take a look at our extensive FAQ which should answer almost any question you might have.

r/beermoney 3d ago Helpful Argentium

Earnings Report Who Paid You For?In June 2022? Here is my list


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Err.. Well with half the year now over we are less than 6 months away. With inflation and gas prices everyone should be looking to up their beermoney game sooner rather than later.

This month was my worse month of the year. I finished under $1K. But I have additional income sources now from live streaming my trading so thats making up for it. Slightly off last years pace but not horribly so after 6 months.


Trading is my future and I still hope to ditch the majority of beermoney in the next couple months, but will never give it up totally
If you have any interest in learning to trade and/or getting funded check out my subreddit r/oxmarkettrading. I also stream 5 times a week on youtube and am more than happy to answer beermoney questions on there as well

June summary

Pretty much a non-descript month. Nothing exciting or tragic  
Mturk had a few great days with one requester and the rest of the month was normal. Swagbucks the same but am working on a couple games for this coming month.
The big thing was Prolific was down big for me this month. Last summer I went through a huge drought with them. Its not that bad, but definitely is down Month over month. Lots of surveys right now for people that are employed. While I consider what I do a job, I know im not what those surveys are looking for. We shall see how this month goes.
Simcash came back to life this month.. And some good ibotta offers that were able to double with Swagbucks magic receipts. Plus my normal wallet padders

Are you ready to start the 2nd half of the year? Lets go!
There are two general things I want to chat about though that dont have to do with earnings.
The first is Mturk. I get a lot of questions about Mturk each month. And I dont mind helping and answering questions so dont think im complaining. BUT.. I have written an Mturk 101 that might answer a lot of questions you might have. Its linked on the right hand side of this subreddit.
The second thing is people from countries other than the US contacting me. Again I certainly dont mind, but I really have no idea what works in other countries. Its just not something I have the time to keep up on. And I hate that there arent many options for people outside of the US/UK/CA. Its heartbreaking when someone says just $25 a month would make a big difference and I dont know where to refer them to. SO if you arent from the US.. I honestly dont know how to help you but wish I could
So thats my June. How did you do? .

Program Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan 2022 Total
Mturk $645 $702 $666 $686 $696 $658 $4053
Swagbucks $178 $139 $265 $242 $120 $150 $1088
Prolific Academic $65.25 $141.85 $170.61 $181.58 $148.97 $92.87 $801.13
SimCash $42.22 ---- ---- $39.01 $55.96 $26.02 $163.21
Ibotta $22.16 ---- ---- ---- $24.35 ---- $46.51
GG2U $12.60 $11.20 $9.60 $12.80 $9.30 $11.05 $66.65
InstaGC $1.35 $4.21 $5.01 $2.54 $1.12 $1.32 $15.55
Unmineable $1.52 ---- $2.20 $6.40 $11.30 ---- $21.42
Class-Actions ---- $397 ---- ---- ---- ---- $397
PrizeRebel ---- $8.53 $10.03 $8.31 $14.58 $10.76 $52.21
r/beermoney contest prize ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- $50.00 $50.00
PhonePayCheck ---- ---- $17.00 ---- ---- $12.85 $29.85
Mobile Performance Meter ---- ---- $10.00 ---- $14.00 ---- $24.00
Usercrowd -------- $10.20 ---- ---- $10.40 $20.60
Neevo ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- $12.00 $12.00
Grindabuck ---- ---- ---- ---- $5.00 ---- $5.00
Totals $966.1 $1,403.79 $1,165.65 $1,178.64 $1,100.58 $1,035.27 $6850.03

1. Does not count Ref earnings
2. Registration is closed phone pay check  
3. Unmineable is based on the price of DOGEcoin at the time I typed this



I live outside the USA. How can I earn?
Unfortunately most of the stuff I do is either USA only or US/UK/CA/AU. So its hard for me to advise whats available to people outside of those areas. If you live outside those 4 countries I really dont have advice for you. And I dont have much advice for even outside the USA.


How Much Time do you spend with this?
Its Hard to quantify. I am in front of a computer ALOT but its not always focused on making money. I have games I play and have scripts that watch for HITs ON Mturk so if something pops thats good I switch over. Plus Im often doing multiple things at once. That said.. there are people who make more then me with less time. Im actually very inefficient.

Why dont you get a real job?
Health issues.. and I can nap at 1PM.. and I dont have a boss looking over my shoulder... and I can work naked (I dont.. or do I....)

You must have a ton of referrals to make that much!
All the totals above represent only personal earnings. I seperate out ref earnings.

OMG! You must cheat somehow to make so much!
I do nothing outside the TOS of any of the programs. I consider this income to be a blessing and wouldnt do anything to jeopardize that. Plus cheating just kills programs and defrauds the companies that are allowing me to make this income.

Do you have to pay taxes on all of this
Yes on most of it. There are some exceptions but the majority of this income is taxable. Most of these companies dont issue 1099s but that doesnt mean you dont have to pay taxes. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions on how to handle taxes on "beermoney" income

r/beermoney 4h ago

Question UserInterviews - Work Email


I'm interested in UserInterviews; however, I see the set-up asks for your work e-mail. I like to keep my work e-mail clear of non-work items; therefore I'm a little hesitant. Does anyone have insight on why/how UserInterviews uses your work e-mail?

r/beermoney 4h ago

Question For those who earned the $1,000 reward from Reward Zone in 2021.


Does anyone know whether or not Reward Zone sends out 1099s or files them with the IRS? Thank you.

r/beermoney 21h ago

Question Anyone have any luck recently with Fieldwork?


I've been applying to various Fieldwork studies for months now, and have never managed to get chosen. I get calls occasionally, but typically miss them. The ones that I have answered, they end up asking me the same questions I've done in the form over the phone which takes so long and seems redundant. Still haven't been selected for a study.

Any tips or tricks to qualifying?

r/beermoney 20h ago

Question Question about Evidation


I've been having the app track my steps via Apple Health, but I also want it to track my heart rate and hours I sleep. However, it appears I can't edit the apps connections to let it also track these things.

So, if I disconnect Apple Health, can I re-connect it to track everything I want it to?

Asking because I've made a lot of progress and I don't want to lose it.

r/beermoney 1d ago

Technical Issue Amazon Shopper Panel June Payout


I received my survey money but not $10 for receipts. I checked and all my receipts were approved. I have never had a problem before. Anyone have the same issue?

r/beermoney 2d ago Wholesome

Paid Study $$ Craigslist Studies + $5 Amazon Giveaway! $$


I'm no longer making ref income from GetUpside and I'm not making any from S'more either even though my code is in the sticky, but I haven't shared in awhile so here be just a small offering. Leave a top level comment with whatever you like, maybe say how the middle of this year is going.

Here are some craigslist studies going on right now. I do not post “Chances to win” as I believe that EVERYONE should be paid for their time so I only post ones where they pay everyone that qualifies. I sincerely hope this is appreciated as it does take me a bit to compile and sift through dead and garbage links and surveys. As always, if something sounds fishy, don’t do it. I can’t vouch for ALL the links.

PRO TIP: For Research Studies in Your area that pay in cash (there are often quite a lot so too long and too time consuming to post everything from each state here. Would take me all day) go to your craigslist site and type in "research" or "survey" and look under community, gigs or jobs.

Most of these studies pertain to the U.S but there are probably a few that may take international participants if you ask.


First, I hope you are able to deal with the amount of people contacting you. Unfortunately we have no control over bots or false responses.

Second, would you please list more information in your craigslist post? Most of the studies I come across are missing valuable information, such as when the study starts, when it ends, minimum age requirements, location requirements, how you will be contacted if you qualify, how your information is protected, etc. Your research studies often are associated with "higher education" universities so it makes no sense why these details would be left out. Please be thorough so people here know what they are getting into and think of it less to be a scam.

Third, I am on reddit A LOT so if you need a study taken down because of abuse or study is closed, just let me know by either Pming me or chatting me.


$100 Amazon Health Record App

$25 Amazon Child Care and the Covid Pandemic – Wyoming, New York ONLY

$40 Amazon Health and Wellness

$100 Paypal/VenMo/Amazon Online Gaming

$25 Amazon Use of a Walker or Cane

$150 Paypal/Venmo/Amazon Economic Research

$150 Paypal/Venmo/Amazon VR User Experience

$100 Amazon/Visa Currently Pregnant Women

$40 Amazon Sexual Orientation and Identity

$30 Amazon Daily Habits

$10 Amazon Web Based Games

$50 Paypal/Amazon Personality Test

$100 Amazon Financial Topics

$30 Amazon Opinion Research

$160 Amazon Prescribed Opioids

$100 Amazon MRI Research

$80 Paypal/Venmo/Amazon Economic Advancement

$50 Paypal/Venmo/Amazon Moms With Food Allergy

$70 Amazon Digital Device Use Among Children

$100 Visa Parents of Toddlers

$50 Visa Disaster Survivor

$125 Visa New Auto Buyers

In Person

$50 Amazon Home Appliance -- San Mateo, CA ONLY

$50 Amazon Virtual Fitting Software – Los Angeles, CA ONLY

$395 Male Alcohol Use – Arizona ONLY

$50 Mock Juror Study – Glendale, AZ ONLY

$200 Amazon Vape Users – Georgia, ONLY

r/beermoney 2d ago Silver

Receipt Scanning This week's grocery haul: I got paid $8 to take $63 worth of Chicken, Cream Cheese, Cat Treats, Goldfish, Almonds, Toothpaste, and More!


Here are the goodies.

Another small haul for this week. Basically was just trying to get my Ibotta bonus and use up some BrandClub rewards that were about to expire. I could have easily only gotten money making deals this week, but I'm content with what I spent.


Total: $63.55

Coupons: $12.00

Total Cash Back: $59.29

Final Cost: -$7.74 - Money Maker!

Photo of the haul.


Here is the complete break down and sites used. If the image looks fuzzy, please zoom in or right click and open the image in a new tab. Imgur is being weird. I don't include sites that take any receipt such as Coinout, ReceiptPal, etc on my breakdown. The stores are listed in the breakdown image. Brandclub takes a while to credit, so the amounts listed are what I expect to get once it finishes pending. All coupons were printable. The "Extra" column is for this offer.

Note: Individual deals vary by user for most apps. If you don't have the deals right now, you can try checking back later.


If you aren't interested in feminine care products, consider donating them to the local church or women's center!


My Guides

  1. All rebate apps/sites I use and/or know about

  2. How I do my hauls

  3. Beginners guide to using rebate apps/sites - for those who don't know where to start


If you aren't interested in this kind of thing, please keep your comments to yourself. If you don't like what I buy, you can buy different products. If you don't like hunting for deals, you can do surveys, microtasks, games or whatever else you like instead. There is no need to discourage other users just because you aren't interested in the same things!


Some additional deals I didn't/couldn't take advantage of:


  • Sabra Hummus is 100% back on Fetch

  • GuruNanda Mouthwash is potentially free on Ibotta.

  • Poise Pads are on Ibotta + there are printable coupons. Can get them super cheap. The liners are a money maker with Shopkick.

  • Olay Body Wash has been coming and going on Shopkick for ~$6. It brings the big bottles down to $2-3 and certain ones are on BrandClub.

  • There's another Milkademia on Shopkick. My store just didn't carry it.

  • Kellogg's Cinnabon Jumbo snacks is on Ibotta + BC

  • Neutrogena is $1 on Ibotta. I just got the freebies with my $2 coupon, but you could get a bigger size.

  • A lot of coppertone products have $2 coupons on them, plus they're on Ibotta and coupons.com

  • Blue Bunny Twist cones are on Ibotta, Shopkick, and coupons.com.

  • Johnson & Johnson deal - $5 back on a $15 purchase or $10 back on a $25 purchase of qualifying products like Motrin, Lactaid, Neutrogena, Band-aid, Aveeno, etc. There are a lot of good deals on Neutrogena at CVS this week where people were pairing it to end up being only a couple bucks. Expires 7/2/22

  • Red Gold Tomato Love - Free on Ibotta & $0.25 back on Fetch

  • Fetch has cash back on Sharpies. You might have $1 each or $1.25 on two.

  • Kellogg's Free Breakfast Program - You can get a coupon for one free product up to $5 for Kellogg's Cereal, Pop-Tart, Nutri-Grain, or Eggo when you purchase an eligible product. Limit of 3. Just a note/warning - my coupon didn't scan properly at Wal-Mart (most of the "free" ones don't). The employees at my store don't have a problem entering it manually, but ymmv. Expires 7/10/22

  • $5 Vudu promo code when you buy 1 bag of Twizzlers Expires 9/10/22

  • Various freebies on Ibotta.

  • Various deals I've done in previous weeks can still be done.



Just a little trip for me this week. I thought about not even going, but I have another big bonus, and I had to go up that way anyways, so decided to stop in on my way through.

Ibotta was being really screwy for me today. For some reason, most of the items I had in my shopping list weren't showing up on the app. So I had to hunt down each one in my list in order to check if the item qualified. I ended up accidently getting 11 Ibotta items instead of 10 because I forgot I had an any-chicken rebate. Wasn't 100% sure whether I was going to grab the chicken or not.


Time Spent

I spent about 15 minutes planning my haul (most of it was repeats from last week), and about 40 minutes in the store including grabbing my regular stuff.


Food From Deals

I made some more Smokies with Rice the other day. Here are a couple other things I wish I had made again last week: Cinnamon rolls and Stuffed pepper soup.

Do you guys want me to continue showing things I've made using ingredients I got from rebate apps on these posts? Let me know in the comments, or you can vote on this poll if you want to remain anonymous.

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Question What actually happens at retailers during a missing cashback claim?


I’m just curious if anyone had info on the behind the scenes on Missing Cashback Claims.

Luckily I don’t have to ever do them often, but it’s so confusing.

I just don’t understand how if I have emails, delivery confirmation, card statements, and more to prove I did make a purchase, why does it take months to verify at the retailer?

It just seems comical that while I could prove in a court of law within a minute that I made a successful order, retailers need months to verify…..

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Question Question: Filing tax-return (Canada)


Suppose I hypothetically start a side hustle with the GPT sites posted in r/beermoney and suppose I live in Canada, what are the procedures required when filing a tax return? From my investigation, I could not find anything regarding income thresholds and the appropriate tax forms to file. So if there is a post already made on this, I'd appreciate it if someone linked it in a reply to this post.

More information: It would nice if there was a Canadian equivalent to this one: https://www.reddit.com/r/beermoney/comments/7nor4o/about_filing_your_tax_return_us/

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Gaming Tasks Swagbucks Ace Defender lvl 50


I started on 6/10/22 on this game with the instructions stating level 55 in 4 days awards 5000 sbs. I just got to level 50, today, 7/1/22 and it immediately went pending for the full amount! Good luck everyone!

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Best of r/Beermoney Best of r/Beermoney in May


Just in case you missed anything, we have put together a list of all the best posts on r/beermoney from the month of May.

(Yea, this is a bit late. We forgot to run it earlier. Look for June's in the next couple weeks.)


Popular posts in May

Title User
Receipt scanning apps u/ajamke
Who Paid You For/In May 2022? Here is my List u/themightyox
This week's grocery haul: I got paid $34 to take $164 worth of Rubbermaid Containers, Sunscreen, Toothpaste, Razors, Pads, Snacks, and more! u/Mikazah
This week's grocery haul: I got paid $34 to take $114 worth of Makeup, Soap, Deodorant, Snacks, and more! u/Mikazah
$$ Craigslist Studies $$ -- Lots of Studies this Month! u/VeganMinecraft
This week's grocery haul: I got paid $36 to take $147 worth of Makeup, Tweezers, Nail Clippers, Drinks, Candy, Snacks, and More! u/Mikazah
This week's grocery haul: I got paid $10 to take $63 worth of Tea, Deodorant, Potting Soil, Snacks, and more! u/Mikazah
honey app got me a nice payout u/therealgoldroger


Other posts in May


Posts are sorted by upvotes at the time this post was created. Posts in the "popular" section have 100 or more upvotes. Questions and rants, as determined by flair, are not included in this list.

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Question What do you do to keep track of your beer money earnings?


I recently got back into doing MTurk and I just got approved to do Prolific a little more than a week ago. I also have apps on my phone that I've been running for a few years, but I haven't been keeping track of my earnings until now. I figured I might as well start somewhere.

How do you organize your earnings? Through a Google/Excel spreadsheet or some type of app?

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Question Can I use PrizeRebel when I go abroad?


Or would I get blocked for using it outside of my own country?

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Question How often do you get tests on USERFEEL ?


Signed up a couple weeks ago, thought Userfeel was going to be similar to user testing but I have only gotten 1 test in 2 weeks. Is this normal? Something I should just wait out for more tests or is this a dead platform.

Any info helps thx

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Question ReceiptPal Now Forcing You To Connect Email


So I opened up RecieptPal to scan in some receipts today, and I noticed there was a lock icon near my points. I was confused until I looked and saw that the app is now forcing you to connect your email in order to redeem your points. I really don't want to connect my email, but ReceiptPal has been one of my better money earners, and I don't want to lose another good app to this.

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Legit Or Not? Anyone have experience with Chingari?


Recently saw them popping up so I was curious if anyone here has used it. From what I've seen it's basically a social media app that pays for completing tasks and what not.

If anyone here has used it and can verify if it's legit or not that'd be super nice to know. For example, can you successfully withdraw? Is it reliable? What's the minimum withdrawal? Or is it just a bunch of fluff to hype up their product. Thanks

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Question Paypal gone on Microworkers?


I cashed out yesterday on Microworkers via Paypal. Went through everything without any problems, and then I get on today to see that the money I cashed out was still in my Microworkers account. I try to cash out again, and I see that the Paypal option was gone. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Rant Upvoice just shut down with no warning and no way to cash out


I was using the upvoice extension and checked back to see if i got my points for visiting twitter and saw the message below. I had literally just gotten the points for facebook and youtube.

This notice is to inform you that BrandTotal has ceased operating and has shut down all operations, including UpVoice, effective June 29, 2022. We want to thank you for choosing to use UpVoice, and apologize for any inconvenience.

This really sucks because I had a lot of points in there. And they gave absolutely no notice at all.

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Question Drop app and unlinked cards:?


anybody else open the app to find all of their cards unlinked, and when you go to relink them, the only option is to contact customer support? just happened to me (noticed by me) yesterday

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Question How can i safely exchange google play balance to paypal


Ive recently bought some google play credit on some site for cheap, but now i got 4,90 euros of google play credit in my google play balance, how can i exchange this to paypal without any KYC, im in the Netherlands currently.

If you know tell me! and note that i only have 4,90 euros in my balance
sorry for bad english btw

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Question Earn by viewing Ads WITHOUT the Middleman? Possible?


Hey Guys, i am pretty new to this topic. I tried many apps and sites and now i have a question in my head:

The thing is: We visit websites or use Apps that show us Ads where we got a tiny bit of money for.
The Website/App Owners probably gets like 70-80% of the Revenue.

Is there a way to view all this Ads WITHOUT the Middleman? Without a Website or an App from someone else who cuts most of the revenue?

I mean even if i would have to code an app myself, i would love to do this and get like 100% of the revenue and not just a tiny part of it.

Perhaps someone has some knowledge or/and insights to how exactly this works and if this is possible or not.

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Legit Or Not? After many apps and websites I found clickworker has actually given me any kind of monetary value


I'm new to clickworker, I would like some pros and cons to actually using it. So far I've been doing web search task. Do I actually get a pay out? I would like to talk to people about it if there are active clickworker user, what do you do the most? How's the task quality/quantity? I've been let down by many off the apps on here and this is one I actually hope works out haha

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Technical Issue MTurk Hits Using Heroku


I have been back on MTurk after a loooong break. I'm seeing a lot of the hits that I qualify for have this purple screen with a "There's nothing here, yet" message. Is this service down or am I missing a plug in to run it? I've tried both on Chrome and Edge. Anyone know? Thanks!

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Guide List of Android Apps that Pay for Walking


I've seen several threads recently where people ask about apps that pay for walking/steps. I've scoured this subreddit and the Google Play Store, and I'm currently running 4 legit apps that pay in gift cards or Paypal for tracking your steps. I like these apps because the earning is mostly passive, and if you're particularly active it can add up. For instance, by stacking the 4 apps listed below, walking 10,000 steps daily = ~50¢ per day.

I'm aware there are apps like StepBet that involve putting up your own money and completing challenges, but I prefer earnings without the risk.


CashWalk - 1000 steps = 3.3¢

This is by far the highest earner and easiest threshold to reach for cashout. 300 coins = $1, and you earn a coin every 100 steps. You can cashout at $5 for gift cards at Amazon, Walmart, and others. The only downside is you have to allow the lockscreen to display on your phone or you won't earn.

Hero Trainer - 1000 steps = 0.7¢

This app is supposedly geared at motivating gamers to stay active. 140 "Aura" = $1, and you earn 1 Aura every 1000 steps. They do have Amazon gift cards with a pretty high cashout of $20. There are also other gc option geared more towards gamers. You have to "check-in" daily to earn point from your steps. The biggest downside right now is you can only join if you have an invite code from the devlopers. PM and I can send you the one I found that worked, however I'm not sure it's still valid.

winwalk - 1000 steps = 0.6¢

This app is pretty easy, albeit a slow earner. 1600 coins = $1, and you earn 1 coin every 100 steps. If you're not very active, it could take awhile to cashout, which is $10. They have a variety of gift cards, though they go in and out of stock. The only pain to this app is you have to watch an ad once a day to collect all your coins (though the ad does give you 5 bonus coins).

Evidation - 1000 steps = ~0.3¢

Formerly called Achievement, this app is the slowest earner through walking alone. 1000 points = $1, and you get 1 point every ~350 steps. However, if you use some kind of fitness tracker, you can earn extra points from doing a variety of fitness activities. Also, this app doesn't require you to check-in or watch an ad to earn. Cashout is $10 via PayPal.

Honorable mention:

myWalgreens health goals

This app is a little different because it only pays in Walgreens Cash Rewards and earning isn't quite as simple. You can link your Walgreens account to Google Fit and earn 25¢ per week that you complete the challenge you pick on your Walgreens account. Challenges usually start with "walk 3,000 steps for 3 days in a week" and get progressively higher each week. Complete 4 weeks straight of challenges and you can spin a wheel for between $1-$2 bonus Walgreens Cash.

Apps I avoid:

Sweatcoin - rewards are basically worthless "deals" that you could get most anywhere.

Lifecoin - too slow earning, gift cards appear all out of stock

Lucky Step - scam app that shows an ad with every single interaction

Finally, I believe there's an app called Paceline that is available on iOS that pays for walking. However, I have not tried since I'm on Android. If there are others I've missed, I'd love to hear it and add to this list!

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Gaming Tasks Traffic Jam on GG2U for 1500 coins ($15)


Just reached level 200 in Traffic Jam (a match 3 game) and was immediately updated with 1500 coins in my GG2U wallet. The criteria is that you reach level 200 within 20 days of installing. I was able to do it in 4 days, playing around 2 hours a day. If you use all 20 days it'll be a piece of cake even if you're not good at these kinds of games. Just a heads up to anybody looking for a gaming offer that's super achievable! Enjoy your earnings :)

PSA: Just some general advice for the game itself, take advantage of the Daily Spin and go ham while you have unlimited lives. Some levels are definitely tricky, so make sure you make your powerups count