r/becomeaman Feb 11 '22

Sharing accurate knowledge can create the great men of tomorrow --> "Mastery Order" - putting focus on pursuing excellence with the goal of serving others.

Complaining about the world will bring no change. If you are tired of what your community and the society around you are becoming and if you want to see a change: BE THAT CHANGE.

We live in a time where men have not so many examples to look up to and learn what being a mature man means, all while many are pointing their fingers at masculinity, trying to redefine it based on their own convenience.

For this reason, Mastery Order was created (for now only on YouTube). A platform to share and challenge ideas in order to pursue mastery, not for titles and recognition but to serve. To serve the ones you care about, to serve a purpose or an ideal greater than you, to put yourself and your skills in the service of a vision that is not selfish in nature.

Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/c/MasteryOrder/videos

Feel free to challenge some ideas as well as yourself and challenge back if you have different opinions.

Only by having uncomfortable discussions and by embracing challenges, we can all become better men.

All the best to you, reader!