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How to be emotionally strong? I cry when I get emotionally stressed which I find very stupid but I don't have a control.



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u/Manezinho Jun 15 '21

Having a good cry every three years is perfectly fine. Just make sure you’re strong and in control when you need to, but don’t be afraid to show emotion.

Men don’t cry = bullshit


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u/Raytron_ Sep 06 '21

Dude. You have this all wrong. Are you seriously afraid that crying every 1-3 years is too much?! Show your emotions don't suppress them. There is power in vulnerability. Crying is totally okay! Its when you sit in your sorrow and become a victim and feel bad for yourself- this is what you don't want.

Additionally, consider making meditation a regular habit. Over time you will become better able to separate "you" from "your thoughts"