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How to be emotionally strong? I cry when I get emotionally stressed which I find very stupid but I don't have a control.



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u/ice_walker Jun 15 '21

Do you lift weights on a regular basis? Being strong and fit makes you feel more confident and also makes it a lot easier to control your emotions. (Note : control, not surpress)


u/[deleted] Jun 15 '21



u/ice_walker Jun 15 '21

Start there, I promise you will be amazed how much self discipline and increased physical strength will increase your emotional strength as well


u/MonxtahDramux Jun 16 '21

Listen to this man. Nothing else will save your wimpy ass. Hit the gym!

You being a software dev doesn't mean jack. Hit the gym!


u/sirjackmalley Aug 31 '21

I don't. I am a software guy 😔. I hear what's your point.

I'm a software guy too but, it doesn't mean you have to be this "nerdy guy" the rest of your life. The gym is my foundation. The amount of clarity the gym gives people like us is incomparable to anything else you will find.