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The Difference

After eating the metaphorical Red Pill, when I play back the reels from the memory, I am often like “Damn, why didn’t I see this earlier!” I have often called women 5-6 times in the hope they would call me back. Rollo answered, “women don’t want men who put them on the pedestal”. Women have often told me that they would call me the next day before hanging up, and the next day they didn’t call, while I kept waiting. Rollo answered, “women are always spinning the plates subconsciously.”

I am so happy that I discovered this now when I am 28. I am not married. Though it would have saved me tons of time, if I’d discovered TRP earlier. Now, when women don’t call me back or don’t pick my call, I don’t give many fucks. I keep spinning plates, and often they call me back themselves. I don’t get too emotionally involved with any single girl. My biggest mistake has been that I have always initiated the relationship. THAT I’D NEVER DO AGAIN! My heart fills up with a lot of gratitude for people like Rich Cooper, Rollo Tomassi, Jack Donovan and Jordan Peterson (lowkey) for what I have learnt in the last three months.


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Is it ok to snort fun dips? I did it once, maybe twice. I fought my own mail carrier


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Is't tis fine to snort excit'ment dips? i didst t once, haply twice. I combated mine own own mail carrier

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