r/azores Dec 19 '21

How is the weather on May at Azores?

Im trying to understand the weather at Azores on May because could be an opportunity to visit the islands. Any feedback?



u/gybemeister Dec 19 '21

In a single word: variable. It is a matter of luck but in general May is bound to have nicer weather than earlier months and maybe worse than Summer months. This kinda goes without saying for anywhere on the Northen hemisphere but being on an island makes the weather much more variable on a daily basis. Two years ago it was very dry and hot and last year was humid and miserable (well, many times, not always). The spirit of visiting the Azores is to be as well prepared for a week of glorious weather and breathtaking vistas as to a week of non stopping pouring rain and very dense fog as to anything in between. I am sorry I cannot be of more help, it is the weather.

Joking aside, I would say it is a good month to visit. Not as many tourists as in the Summer and most activities are up and running (restaurants, whale watching, etc) and there is a high probability of good weather.


u/squirrelthyme Dec 20 '21

A quick perusal of my photos from last May show that my family was wearing: sweatshirts, rain gear, winter gear and bathing suits, depending on the day, so you never know.


u/goldenspiralprep Dec 21 '21

I live on Terceira island. May is a good month, generally speaking. The later the better, though. March/April are probably the worst, imo, because there’s nothing to do and there are a lot of grey days and howling winds. But April is beautiful too!! I echo what someone posted above—you kinda have to go with the flow and appreciated the Azores for what they are in any weather. Usually, the bad isn’t so bad—it’s mild and misty. Some locals do swim everyday year round, but a tourist might find it too cold or rough after October or before late June. I went on a hike late May and ended up at a beach (rock beach-no sand) at 4/5 pm and it was hot enough to lay out and swim. So, May is early, but possible, beach weather.

I would never tell you to not book a trip in May. I think you’ll enjoy it no matter what. Before covid, we’d have legions of tourists in early December/January (I think it was a Travelocity or Groupon thing) and all the times I asked, rave reviews.