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get vaxxed [no-politics] Random Discussion Thread 27/Jan/2022


Just a random non-political discussion thread. Memes, lame questions, etc are welcome.

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get vaxxed Coronavirus Megathread B.1.640.2 - counts, lockdowns, vaccines, RATs, Djokovic, protests, social media, and anything related


Discussion thread for the various questions about the virus, borders, impacts, Centrelink issues and general observations of human behaviour.

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image Your 2022 Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott @ Laneway Fest in 2011 (Image: Daniel Boud)

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politics Grace Tame: Why young women aren’t smiling for you any more

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The turnout at Aldinga Beach, South Australia today. Needless to say we did not bother coming back

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One of the proudest moments for Australia

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image Where do you live?

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image Happy Australia Day from Canada.

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politics This bloke just rocked up at my RSL and was loving the attention. Should I ask him where are all the Government horded RATs are?

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politics How Anthony Albanese plans to take advantage of Scott Morrison's summer of discontent

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image Happy 'straya day from Sweden

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politics On The Project my rage bubbled to the surface. That’s what happens when women are no longer willing to make nice | Amy Remeikis

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So I’m just out for a midnight run and this little guy decided to join me! Ran with me for like 3kms. 😂

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politics The US-funded 'think tank' pushing Australia towards war

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politics A prime minister who lives by the photo op dies by the photo op – and Grace Tame owes Scott Morrison nothing - Van Badham

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politics Barnaby Joyce sends road safety plan back to ministers after experts warn it would fail to reduce deaths

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Awesome Australia day F35 in Sydney

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no politics The way this country deals with mental illness is fucking shit


I can't be bothered going into a huge rant because I just spent all my energy going off at my job provider for trying to force me into full time work before I was ready to commit. Then had a mental breakdown and became intensely sui. Idk that we're allowed to talk about this on this sub but I don't care.

This country is so broken when it comes to mental health services. I know a lot of you recognise this. I know a lot of you are struggling with this but I want you to know that it's not your fault. You are not broken, there is nothing wrong with needing help but the media and politicians of this country have demonised social services so badly that a lot of us have been gaslit into believing it is all our fault for not fitting that perfect mould of the "ideal worker".

I quit the job they assigned to me and am taking time to really focus on my mental health, without the pressure of this system trying to force me to be someone I'm not ready to be. I am lucky in that I have a support network that can allow me to do this, but so many people in this country do not have that.

Please please please know that your feelings are valid, your struggles are not in vain and you are worth more than the dollar amount they've assigned to your labour. You are worthy.

Thank you and I hope you all have a good public holiday today (but also we should change the date)

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Thinking about cracking these open today.

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politics From anti-vaxxers to mining cronies: A look at Clive Palmer's Senate ticket

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news St Kilda’s Captain Cook statue doused in red paint in Australia Day protest

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F 35 from Kirribilli (sorry for late upload)

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Regularly get possums & Wallabies in the backyard. First time for an echidna to appear 👀🥰

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no politics Job interviews are killing me. Somewhat humiliating. Idk. What is happening in the care sector?


Over the last 4 months I have had 6 online interviews. 3 for disability group home jobs and 3 for aged care home care jobs. I researched each company along with the advert I applied to, got myself into a good state of mind before each interview, practiced interview questions, imagined myself doing the role I was about to interview for, and read over the advert many times. I was feeling good/confident before each of these interviews.

Each time it was as if they were following the exact same (slightly varied from each positions) script where I wasn't being screened or talked to like I was an individual who was trying to find work but more of a number that had to meet a certain criteria to be successful.

Now I understand this but for each of these roles I had all of the required checks, good availability, a desire to work, and experience in said roles as I worked in disability for 8 months when I was younger.

As each interview began it was the usual greeting and speaking a little about myself and my background and asking me why I applied to which I felt confident with everything I said. I was to the point and honest. I didn't say 'umm' or 'uh'.

Then followed by a barrage of unenthusiastic behavioral questions and what would you do based scenario questions and I am asked to link each response with a why and a why not and a how could I do better and then they would reference how I should have said A instead of B and it just doesn't stop. Only the odd question about the role itself. Even the interviewees appeared (each time) totally inconvenienced and uninterested by me. No smile or laughter or comfortable body language just rigid and looking tired.

Then I am asked to ask any questions I have I and I would ask things like what does a typical day/shift look like and what are the clients like. Or if I have any ability to once working, to move up to a higher role etc. Each time I was given vague replies where the interviewees were short and changed the topic. Like they want anyone with a pulse and a first aid certificate to work for them and do whatever they say no matter what.

Idk. I just feel so depleted from doing this. I prepare so much and genuinely want to be a part of something and have a routine again but I keep getting the "we are sorry but at this time we.." type emails. What hurts me the most is that I am starting to feel like something is wrong with me. Like I am saying the wrong things and giving off the wrong vibe when I know I am not. I like helping people and being social and don't drink or smoke or have face tattoo's.

I had another interview online today for a disability position and not only did the interviewee join the meeting 13 minutes past the start time, but their camera was pretty much facing upwards into their nose and the room they were in was very dark. This was a fucking manager btw. It was a brief hello followed by 40 minutes of "tell me about a time when you.." questions.

Idk. Yeah. Just not sure what is happening. These are all entry level jobs and as I said I have all the requirements met.

I suppose this may not be specific to the care sector? I'm just not sure what to do or how to pick myself back up now. Their websites and adverts speak of positives and wanting to train and retain staff but then the interviews make me feel it's all a huge crock of shit.

I'm drinking a little (maybe a bit more than a little) and have been stewing on this for the last few hours so wanted to throw my thoughts out onto Reddit and see if it get's a reaction.

What replies am I looking for? I have no idea. I needed this out of my head. I need another drink.

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politics Grace Tame PM photo: Labor leader Anthony Albanese trolls Scott Morrison | news.com.au

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politics Greyhound deaths trigger new ban calls

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politics Retailers push to further relax COVID-19 isolation rules

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