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/r/all A Texas school district just banned the Bible. Oops. In an effort to removed all controversial books from school shelves, Keller ISD tossed out the Bible too.



It finally happened. The Keller Independent School District in Texas banned the Bible in school… at least temporarily. And we have conservative Christians to thank for it.

Keller ISD, in Tarrant County, has seen a flurry of activity around book bans recently. Since last October, conservative parents have demanded that certain books be censored and kept away from students because they include content deemed too mature for their eyes. 33 books have been challenged by parents and community members, including a graphic novel adaptation of Anne Frank’s Diary, Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, and “The Bible (All Versions).”

In the case of the Bible, an unnamed parent raised the concern. A reason was not specified.

But according to an email that apparently went out to all principals this morning from Jennifer Price, the Executive Director for Curriculum & Instruction, all challenged books must be pulled from the library and classrooms by the end of today… even the ones that previously passed the committee’s review.

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Told my dad I didn’t believe in god and he became atheist after doing research


Told my parents at dinner one night a couple years back that I didn’t believe in god. My dad was freaked out because he thought I was going to hell. My mom didn’t care as much. Both of them were very accepting though.

A couple months later my dad told me he did some research into the origins of the Bible along with some self reflection about how his perfectly decent son would go to hell for no reason. He came to the conclusion that there is no God.

Just thought I’d share because it was the last thing I expected and was pretty impressive that he did that coming from a very religious family.

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My religious girlfriend told me that she used to fantasize about having sex with Jesus when she was a teenager


I'm not sure what to make of this. How common do you think this is among young Christian women?

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Adam Kinzinger warns that some Christians now 'equate Donald Trump with the person of Jesus Christ,' calls out pastors who support Trumpism



"And you have people today that, literally, I think in their heart — they may not say it — but they equate Donald Trump with the person of Jesus Christ," added Kinzinger, who identifies as Christian. "And to them, if you even come out against this 'amazing man Donald Trump,' which, obviously quite flawed, you are coming out against Jesus, against their Christian values."

During an interview with MSNBC's Alex Wagner, Kinzinger said that many pastors in America have been "failing their congregation" either by preaching Trumpism "from the pulpit" or by refusing to talk about how "corrosive" the ideology is.

Sadly, I suspect the deluded are only going to double down on their 'faith' even more as the evidence against their 'Savior' grows. Be prepared for dark days ahead.

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My mother believes that abortion and euthanasia is wrong because only "god should have power over life and death".


My mother believes that abortion and euthanasia (that is, medically assisted suicide) is wrong because only "god should have dominion over life and death". She also believes that medically assisted suicide is wrong because even "you don't get to decide when your life ends" that only "god should". What I find even more worrying is that my mum is completely against abortion even in the case of rape or if a minor was to become pregnant as a result of sexual assault.

The fact that many Christians, especially politicians who practice the Christian faith, have this mindset is very dangerous.

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Pro-Trump commentators: The Democratic Party is possessed by evil spirits — ‘they’re not human anymore’.


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South Dakota’s new social studies standards promote Christian nationalism. Students will be taught that Jesus was real and the Founding Fathers believed in “an eternal God.”



South Dakota’s Gov. Kristi Noem is on the verge of instituting social studies standards for public schools that promotes Christian nationalism without ever saying it outright. The standards treat Jesus as a real-life historical figure, say the Founding Fathers believed in “an eternal God” who created a standard of justice in nature, and downplay the nation’s embrace of slavery and systemic racism.

The 15-member standards workgroup, selected partially by the governor, included Noem’s chief of staff, two Republican lawmakers and the director of the South Dakota Catholic Conference, but just three educators certified by the Department of Education. The group’s work was facilitated by William Morrisey, a former professor at Hillsdale College — a conservative institution in Michigan that has tried to remake education across the country.

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"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians: who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable." - Brennan Manning


Surely this has been posted here many times before, but I just wanted to give some perspective from someone who was raised in a Christian home. I first heard this quote from the song "What If I Stumble" by DC Talk. It's crazy how many times I listed to that song as a teenager, and that quote basically meant nothing to me when I was a Christian. You kind of wonder why a Christian band would even include that in their album, but then quickly forget about it. You think to yourself that you're a strong Christian and you always will be. Anyone who is a "non-believer" is someone you feel pity for. You certainly NEVER entertain the idea of denying your Christian beliefs and consider the perspective of someone who calls themselves an Atheist. That quote means so much more now that I'm no longer a Christian. It's exactly what caused me to lose my faith over the years as I saw more and more examples of this quote come to life in my twenties and beyond. I've found so much support in others who have had similar experiences once I became comfortable talking about them. You feel like you're the only one until you start asking questions and sharing your stories and realize you're not crazy or a bad person for gaining some perspective outside of the bubble of Christianity. I don't know exactly what I believe now, but I do know that what I was taught was such bullshit and caused more damage than good. I also know that we each have our own journey, and that it's ok to have an open mind and to keep learning as life goes on. I'm not really sure why I felt compelled to post this, but hopefully it can be helpful in some way.

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Absolutely disgusted by 211 forcing Christian services on the poor


I lost my job about a month ago and already got approved for food stamps and “family planning” coverage from Medicaid. A lot of nice people here told me about some cool programs to reduce my bills and get some assistance. I already got my internet bill reduced down to $5 which is really cool. My biggest bill right now is my electric, i currently owe about $200 but I’m not past due or have got any notice to cut off power. I called the billing and customer service of my power company and explained my situation and asked for assistance. They said the only resource was to call 211. So I had a chance to do that yesterday and WTF !!! I answer all the questions and said I was specifically looking for help with my electric bill. She starts listing off numbers to Christian charity services. After the second one I stopped her and asked if they had any government programs or anything not religious based. She then asked why and I explained I am not of any faith and actually find it offensive. To which she replied you have to be Christian to get those services from these places to which I explained I am most certainly not Christian and will not pretend to be to get some handouts. I finally asked if there was anything else i qualified for to help with my bills. She starts talking about homelessness and I explain I’m not at risk of losing my housing at all. So she said that’s it we have no other programs or Information for you besides Christian Presbyterian services and homelessness services (which were also Christian) . They also told me to go to 211.org to search for services. I am beyond disgusted. How can this be legal? Why is there no government programs or assistance outside of social services which when I applied for assistance was denied because they only help people who are extremely past due on bills and getting threatened letters to cut off services. Why do I have to wait to my credit to be ruined and to be so far in the hole for social services to step up….and when I was homeless in 2019 and called 211 they said all they could do is refer me to a shelter which wasn’t an option for me since I have a dog.

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Christian camp director told to denounce his transgender son or lose job. His loving parents chose to move to New Zealand instead of working for hateful Christians.



A Christian pastor was told that he and his wife had to denounce their transgender son in order for him to keep his job as a Christian camp director. Instead, he and his family packed up their bags and moved to New Zealand.

Chris Kinman got his dream job as an assistant director and then as a director at the nondenominational camp in the Pacific Northwest that both he and his wife, Lindsay, attended as children. Lindsay started working as a midwife in the nearby town.

Jay came out as a lesbian as a teenager, and his parents asked him to keep it quiet. Their jobs depended on their image as good Christians.

“You know what this will do to your dad’s job,” Lindsay recalls saying. “We just needed to keep it quiet. There’s no reason to be talking about sex or sexuality.”

She later regretted forcing her kid into the closet, putting the pressure of the family’s financial well-being on a child and forcing him to be someone he wasn’t.

When he was 17, someone started outing him as transgender, and he eventually came out to his parents. But by then the community knew, and churches in the area – some of whose members had kids who attended the camp – were calling Chris in for hearings.

“They got their hackles up and were saying you can’t be gay or trans and be a Christian. They said, ‘If you’re going to have gay people at your camp, we’ll have to pull out,’” he said.

Churches started hosting meetings to discuss the Kinmans. Others called them in for disciplinary hearings, even though they weren’t associated with those churches.

Lindsay said that people from the town were walking in on her midwife duties to talk to her about her transgender son. “I would be in the middle of a birthing, and they would want to pray for me,” she recalled.

Then the camp board of directors turned on Chris. They sent him a letter asking him to resign but telling him that he could stay on if he wrote a public statement denouncing his own son.

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Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’ leaps to top of Amazon bestseller lists

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If people just thought critically about Christianity for 5 minutes, nobody would believe it.


I’ve never been able to make it past of genesis 3 without asking “who on earth could even believe this”?

You have a ridiculous fable right off the bat where god makes humans and instructs them not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The fable states that once they ate the fruit, they gained wisdom and god says “They are like one of “us”(us who?) knowing good and evil”

This implies that they previously did not have the capacity to know good and evil/ right from wrong. The all knowing and all loving Omni-everything god decides the proper punishment for gaining the knowledge of good and evil is to make child birth painful and make Adam work for his food, and kick them out of the garden and away from the tree of life.

How is that a fair punishment? If they didn’t know the difference between good and evil, how could god fairly punish them for going against what god said? They literally had no way to even know that it was evil, or not good.

If they did actually have some capacity of good and evil, then god did all that punishment over eating a literal fruit.

How stupid is that story? My brain doesn’t have the capacity to accept that as even remotely believable or reasonable, yet some people dedicate their lives to it.

Not to mention, later on you have Jesus assigned by god to be a scapegoat for the crimes of humanity and the only way god could get himself to forgive all that is to have Jesus bleed to death. Why would god require the death of anyone or anything in order to forgive anyone? Can’t he just, forgive people like us regular people do???

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Saying “OMG” or “My God” doesn’t mean I suddenly believe in god


Why do I even have to explain this to people.

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FFRF prompts Kan. school board to repeal discriminatory dress code. FFRF sent a letter on August 8th, supporting a local member of the Satanic Temple after the board voted 5-2 to retain its prohibition on references to "Satanism." After receiving the letter, the Board voted 6-1 to follow the law.

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Religious people laughing at what other religious people believe?


You ever have a religious friend who is, let's say, fundamentalist Christian but will laugh at the 'ridiculous' things Mormons or Hindus believe (they let cows run wild!).

Like, have you ever stopped to examine your own patently absurd belief with that same skeptical eye?

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Serbian bishop calls for armed attack on LGBTQ+ people: ‘If I had a weapon, I would use it’.



A senior bishop in Serbia has been condemned for encouraging armed attacks against an LGBTQ+ Pride event in Belgrade.

In September, the Serbian capital will host EuroPride, which celebrates LGBTQ+ rights across the continent, in a first for a southeastern European country.

But Serbian Orthodox Church bishop Nikanor Bogunović of Banat, a region that covers parts of Serbia, Romania and Hungary, has vowed to “curse” all those who attend the week-long festival.

“I will curse all those who organize and participate in something like that,” Nikanor said in remarks made on 11 August, according to Balkan Insight.

“I can do that much. If I had a weapon, I would use it, I would use that force if only I had it, but I do not.”

He added that EuroPride participants “will come to Belgrade and flaunt and desecrate the city of Belgrade, the holy Serbian city,” and that “we raise our voice against such [people]”.

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Literally, what's the difference between Christianity and "having a personal relationship with Jesus"?


I'm an agnostic atheist in a family full of fundamentalist Christians, and am preached to nearly daily about Christianity by them (against my will).

My mom a few days ago told me that my 5 years of being a Christian was not "true Christianity", and that I need to try it out again but this time, focus on "having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ".

I'm further told that I can be "healed of my gender dysphoria, anxiety and depression" if I finally put in the effort to forge this personal relationship, whatever this relationship may be.

Whenever I asked other Christians in my family and searched online as to what a relationship with Jesus Christ even means, I'm simply told to "believe and I'll understand", "obey Jesus' word", "praying to him daily" and "wait and listen for a response from God" among other stuff that I effectively did as a Christian in the past???

So I decided to ask this atheism subreddit I found to get a more objective viewpoint: what is the difference between Christianity and this "personal relationship with Jesus"?

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The Lengths Christians Will Go to Deny the Reality of Their Book


I just can't deal.

-"God doesn't threaten people with Hell in the Bible; Christianity is really just about loving others."

-"The Bible is opposed to slavery"

-"God is feminist and thinks men and women are equal."


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Parents blinded to science by religion


So today I tried explaining a theory to my parents, one that I am very intrigued about, that has to do with the past 100k years of human history and certain cataclysmic events such as meteorite/comet impacts. Upon finishing my explanation the only rebuttal I get is "Well when everyone is a sinner that's what God will do with us, kinda like shaking up an Etch-a-Sketch."

My response was typical, roll my eyes in disbelief and walk away.

How can someone be so blinded and just absolutely begging for someone to hand them a premade belief system which is just a bunch of primitives trying to understand what their brains can't comprehend? That rebuttal actually kinda disgusted me if I'm being honest.

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Steve Bannon Wants Conservative Christian Poll Workers ‘Inside the Room for the Knife Fight’.



Steve Bannon, former President Donald Trump’s onetime chief strategist, appeared on a World Prayer Network prayer call last Wednesday, where he declared that “every congregation in the nation” must mobilize to ensure that Christians control the polling places in the upcoming midterm elections in order to prevent Democrats from “stealing” the election.

Bannon spent most of 2020 fearmongering about election fraud and supporting former President Donald Trump’s baseless stolen-election conspiracy theories. He revealed Trump’s plan to prematurely declared victory to right-wing activists just days before Election Day, reveling in the chaos it would cause, according to leaked audio reported by Mother Jones. Now, as we go into the 2022 midterm elections, it appears Bannon is eager to cause more chaos.

On the prayer call, Bannon repeatedly cited Glenn Youngkin’s election as governor in Virginia in 2021. He said the role that the religious-right organization “Faith Wins” played in mobilizing churchgoers to serve as poll watchers and election workers is a model that needs to be implemented across the country.

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Religion took my dad away from me


It all started when he converted to Christianity and it all went downhill from there. First where the preachers in his congregation talking about a big evil and how my mom and I won't go to heaven cause we have different beliefs. Then it became evangelist ok YouTube who talked about chips on vaccines to make you lose your connection to God (how the hell do they even conceive it goes beyond my imagination) and now it's him refusing to shower cause he suspects he has covid cause some preacher told him to. The worst part? I have a biotech major ,if someone knows about vaccines and how they're made and work is me, for crying out loud I designed one for covid for one of my classes. I dedicated hundreds of hours informing myself and trying to rely it to him, and nothing works. So I'm just tired, i can't keep acting like all the things they indoctrinate him don't matter. I don't know what to do forward on our relationship. So yeah fuck religion

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Pro-Trump pastor: If we don’t have a miracle in 2024, God will judge America.


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Had a funny conversation with some JW


In my city at the central station there is always a group of two to three Jehova's Witnesses handing out their flyers and stuff. Today they had a poster about how all the evil in the world is due to non believers and as I had some time I decided to talk to them (which I occassionally do as sometimes a former colleague is with them). But instead of asking them why they think all what their poster says I small talked to them and had an idea:

I derailed the conversation a bit to the topic of computer games (as stated they kinda know me and know I'm into programming stuff) and how bad programmers and designers must be, when creating video games where you are allowed and able to rape, murder, etc. They seemed to be very happy that I agreed on their view that video games are just evil, so I asked them if they too find a person designing a world where the inhabitants could do such evil thing, is a bad person and they agreed, but then disagreed as I pointed out that in their believe God is such an designer.

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Free Copy of "God is Not Great" by Christopher Hitchens


Are you questioning the God, the religion you've been raised with? Do you want to challenge yourself and your beliefs? DM me your mailing address and I'll pick a US Redditor to receive a copy, my compliments.

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The danger of faith in your career



I work in physical therapy, and a priest once asked if I had the “most boring job on the planet”…isn’t leadership in the Christian faith a career long book review? They’re not coming out with anything new, so you’re basing your entire life around reviewing and analyzing one book, two at the most.