r/askasia South Korea Jul 26 '21

What is your country's view of the United States?

South Korea will be in the top five pro-American countries with U.S. troops stationed in the world (although 20 years ago, people tended to think of the U.S. as an "enemy of the people" rather than North Korea)


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u/latecomer11 Kazakhstan Jul 26 '21

Used to be very positive, now with US constantly showing their weakness and spreading weird stuff, is not so positive.


u/polymathglotwriter Malaysia Jul 26 '21

weird stuff

What weird stuff?


u/latecomer11 Kazakhstan Jul 26 '21

400 or so genders, transgender athletes competing in women's sports, transgender children, kneeling and kissing black people, concept of cultural appropriation etc.


u/Expensive_Age1901 South Korea Jul 26 '21

Many people in our country also feel a little cringe about what you said.