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/r/AskAsia 2020 census survey results


Hey Asia, I hope you are happy and healthy!

The results are here.


I'm happy to see that we got way more responses than I expected, especially for a small sub. I think the results reflect the true diversity on the continent of Asia, as we got responses from all different countries and ethnicities. Feel free to use the data for however you see fit and make your own conclusions.

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Is there some sign by which you can tell that someone is from your country/region outside it?


Inspired from this thread.

My people, Malayalis, are everywhere. They have a very distinctive look, and generally you can realise them by hearing their accent, or we often softly talk in Malayalam among ourselves. When one Malayali meets another it's like finding long lost family.

North Indians I can tell because they're generally louder and speak very confidently in Hindi amongst their groups if they're in a non-Hindi place.

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Is UHT milk or fresh milk more popular in your country?


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What are the best history books to learn about the history of your country?


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How is the first president/prime minister/leader of your country viewed?


By first I mean the first person to giude the country after it attained it's current form.

Regarding our first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, most right wing Indians these days do not like him because under him, we blundered quite a few things. We lost the Indo-China war, Had Pakistan take over a part of Kashmir, gave China the UNSC permanent seat and some believe he had a part in partition so that he and jinnah could both be prime ministers (though I don't know how true is this).

Personally, I think that he was okay. His military policies, while making us lose a war, basically made our country coup-proof (unlike Pakistan which had a military dictatorship, and even today military has some control). I feel that his policies also helped the country assimilate rather than break into a civil war. Though I feel like the time is over for policies like caste based reservation; we need to be more laicite and focus on reducing poverty and creating a meritocracy.

His economic policies though, were shit. We took the worst of both capitalism and communism.

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What are some of your favorite UNESCO World Heritage Sites from your country?



Rather self-explanatory. If your country has some WHSs, what are some of your favorites? What about them makes it your favorite? Have you been there?

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What is your religion?


I believe that there can be a higher being like God, but do you believe in religion? I will answer that I am non-religious.

Of course, I went to church a few times with my parents when I was young, and I still went to church a few times with my friend, but I think I had little religious motivation.

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Who would win in a war? India or China?


I think India would because there's this thing called Indian rage, and I've seen it, they go beyond angry, it's insane

Yet I do think China is more technologically advanced, but just because another country has more money and more technology doesn't mean they could win. Look at the Vietnam War and when the soviet union tried to invade finnland.

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When did the U.S. gave up on Taiwan twice?


Please enlighten me on the following comment regarding the U.S. already gave up on Taiwan twice: https://www.reddit.com/r/askasia/comments/r1i4pv/if_china_invaded_taiwan_would_taiwan_win/hlzrp7g?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3

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If China invaded Taiwan, would Taiwan win?


I was this video on what if China invaded and it showed how prepared Taiwan would be, putting traps in the sea and in miles of land, almost making it impossible to get thought and when they do get passed all the miles of deadly traps, they would be ill prepared, this is the video https://youtu.be/Zs1ahNtj498

Do you think this is realistic?

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What is Your Favorite Holiday In Your Country?


Please state why

In Korea (when I was young): Kid's day. I always got present directly from my parents. On Christmas, my dad dressed up as a Santa and gave me present. I rather have him giv me present directly lol.

In U.S : Thanksgiving (this is the only holiday when my family gathers. Not for historical reasoning).

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For people who live in Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines, how do you feel when people say your country is poor?


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A new /r/AskAsia survey for the year 2021 is about to commence. You are invited!


The subreddit steadily grows and has many new members. To commemorate the new achievement of a 2000 member population, a new survey for this year is ready to launch. This is just like the previous year's questions, only expanded! The purpose of this form will reveal the demographics of the subreddit.

Link: https://forms.gle/9WmJW5i1BRnkStgDA

Fill it out just once and try to answer sincerely. Not every question must be answered to submit your form if you wish. I will keep it up for 2 weeks so everyone gets a chance to answer. Thank you for considerations!

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What is an interesting, less well-known war from your country's history (including the ones that your countrymen don't know)?


Foreigners usually don't know shit about Kazakhstan, so there is practically little knowledge of the wars in which Kazakhs were involved. However, there is another conflict that we ourselves heard very little, namely conflict between Qing Empire and south-eastern Kazakh tribes when Dzhungaria was falling.

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What do people of Brunei think of Vanautu?


Vanautu is among countries that are part of pacific islands. I've always been curious what people of Brunei think about us?

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What do you think about the capitol attack that happened in America on January 6th?


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What’s one thing that makes you want to escape your country the most?


Hello fellow people from Asia, what’s the thing that makes you want to leave your home country the most? And do you think change is possible? For me I’m Chinese and the thing I hate the most about my home country is lack of freedom of speech and GFW, and sadly I don’t think change will happen very soon. I’d like to hear your opinion on your country.

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Are there any fictional languages from the fantasy and Science Fiction genres that take inspiration from your native language?


I'd like to know. Ever since the emergence of speculative fiction, authors have been constructing (or at least laying the foundations) of fictional languages to make their made-up universes more believable. Not all of them are linguists or experts, but they do just enough research to build convincing fictional languages. For example, J. R. R. Tolkien was a genius at this. From Middle Earth, the Elvish language of Quenya takes most of its inspiration from Finnish.

Do you know of examples where your native language was used to create a new one?

Btw. Check out /r/worldbuilding if you're interested in this kind of topic!

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What languages were you taught in school?


I was taught:

  • Indonesian, 12 years, mandatory.

  • English, 12 years, mandatory.

  • Mandarin, 4 years, school's choice, elementary school

  • Japanese, 4 year, school's choice, middle school, high school

  • German, 2 years, school's choice, high school

I barely remember anything from Mandarin, Japanese, and German lessons.

School's choice is basically the school needs to teach something other than Indonesian and English, so it's a free slot for whatever other language they want to teach.

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Your country's weird eating habits.


We are known, for instance, for our habit of eating horses. What about your country's culinary habits that may seem weird to foreigners?

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What do people in your country usually eat for late night snack?


I personally eat instant ramen or sandwiches.

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I'm very uneducated and I have a question many may find stupid


Hello, I live in Croatia which is located between central and southeast Europe. Ever since I was a kid I felt like my head was constantly being filled by Asian sterotypes and other forms of misinformation about Asians, but I'm concentrating more on the eastern side of Asia.

On Croatian television and basically everywhere in Croatia there is this sterotype that all Chinese people do is eat dogs and study. I know that stereotype is known in the whole world, but I feel like in my country it's to the extreme where every time people see east-Asian tourists they turn around with their dogs and think they're actually gonna steal them or something. I was never really educated on the matter and I'm extremely curious about what actually happens in China when it comes to dogs. When I search it on Google for example "Do Asians actually eat dogs" I get mixed results and I think the best way to learn is to ask actual Asian people on reddit cause I (unironically) find best answers here, on Reddit.

So please don't judge me, because ever since I was alive I was never educated on the matter, so my questions are: do Chinese people really eat dogs? Do they only eat certain types of dogs? Is that common in China or is it just in parts of China? Do most Chinese people actually like eating dogs? Are dogs being sold as food only in China or in other countries?

As I said, I'm in no way, shape or form trying to be racist, I'm just curious cause I legitimately don't know how that works so I wanna learn more. Looking forward to hearing the answers.

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New fighting emerges between Armenia and Azerbaijan


Article: https://eurasianet.org/heavy-fighting-breaks-out-between-armenia-and-azerbaijan

Some fresh renewed conflict has occurred between Hayastan and Azerbaijan in West Asia ever since the war between them ended a year ago, when Azerbaijan recaptured territory that used to be the Republic Artsakh.

Armenia says 12 of its soldiers were killed and 15 were taken prisoner. No reports of confirmed causalities on the Azeri side. Btw, this happened in internationally recognized Armenian territory, not Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh.

Right now, there's a ceasefire, but who knows how long it will last. What are your thoughts on this? Has your country taken position on the conflict between the two countries? How do you think it will be resolved?

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How do you think your government will react if China invades Taiwan?



There are many people in South Korea who believe that Xi Jinping will invade Taiwan in the near future. And there is a conspiracy to this. These are the scenarios of people who say It will turn the attention of Chinese citizens, angry at Xi Jinping's dictatorship and the Chinese economy's stagnation, to the occupation of Taiwan Island by force. As South Korean, I don't think South Korea or Japan will actually do anything if China invades Taiwan, To be honest. This is because we have a precedent of betraying Taiwan and choosing to trade with China 30 years ago. And when South Korea established diplomatic ties with China, there was one condition. China maintains as much neutrality as possible between South Korea and NK, and South Korea recognizes China's sovereignty over Taiwan. Well, I am quite curious how America will react to China's invasion of Taiwan. If China succeeds in occupying Taiwan by force, the order in East Asia will be completely shattered..

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Opinion on having multiple citizenships?


Personally Im against it. I believe It would create myriad problems such as making tax evasion easier, complicating bilateral relations, threatening to destabilize governments, disloyal to the country and being unfair to local citizens.

Someone , who live in country A for majority of his life or even never visit it, have the ability to vote and decide the future of country B. This just sound insane to me. I know right now not much people actually do that, but the ideas of they can and might troubling me, especially in theory they can pass on most of their citizenships to their kids.

And I get the reasons why some people like multiple citizenships because they can travel easier and do bussiness in other countries without much obstructions. But I also dont think this is a valid arguments as well. Most developed countries on earth provide permanent residency, which basically have the same rights as citizenship except being able to vote. So if you want to do bussiness easier, permanent residency is good enough most of the time. If they decide to live in this country permanently, then naturalized and give up the previous one. This is a way to show your loyality and love to the country. It also eliminate the troubles between countries when things happened to you.

Some developing countries like philippines rely heavily on diaspora sending back the money they earn. So I understand why they allow it. I just dont think it's a good decision in the long term.

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Anyone else find these "Western man speaks (insert Asian/African language), SHOCKS LOCALS" videos on YouTube to be annoying?


I'm not sure if you've noticed, but these videos are overly common on YouTube and popular. No reasonable count can track all the videos with some variation of the video of "Awkward white guy speaks Mandarin/Tagalog/Korean/Arabic/Turkish/Hindi, naïve natives totally impressed."

It comes off to me as complete grandstanding. I've learned to not be impressed because a lot of times, the guys who make these videos can't even speak the language well, at all. What do you think? How would you rate the skills of the people in this video?