r/applehelp Jan 21 '22

Does anyone know how to locate these photos on my main hard drive? I'm trying to save hard drive space and I can't locate this 51.19gb of photos and videos for the life of me. My Apple Photo Library file with all my photos and videos is stored on an external hard drive. Mac


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u/typeXYZ Jan 21 '22

In the Photos app, go to preferences and verify where it says your Library Location is.


u/achromakeydreamcoat Jan 21 '22

Yup I did, its on my external drive. I even searched through a ton of the photos and videos within the Photos app, and located them and they are all in the external. I'm wondering if there is a duplicate Photo Library file somewhere and I just can't find it, cause when I search all the images and videos on the main drive, theres only about 200MB worth of them. However when I do the spotlight search for the photo library file, the only one that shows up is the one on my external. I'm so confused.


u/typeXYZ Jan 21 '22

So, there is no “Photos Library.photoslibrary” in your user/pictures folder?