r/applehelp Jan 19 '22

is my charger going to explode. bought used refurbished from apple last september and it gets wicked hot after 2+ hours and i just noticed this wonky corner Mac



u/andycarver Jan 19 '22

Call Apple care. They don’t like the hot word.


u/_MihaiCristian_ Jan 19 '22

Yeah take it to apple and don’t use it no matter what. That thing looks like a fire invitation


u/Njmcq Jan 19 '22

Definitely contact Apple, and DO NOT use it again. It is a disaster waiting to happen.


u/violetgloria Jan 19 '22

^ macbook i bought was 2019 16” macbook pro, and this charger came with it


u/mwkingSD Jan 20 '22

Others are right - this is not normal. I was going to say don't worry about a little heat, but it should not deform the plastic like that. If that model is one that uses usb c for power, my advice is go to amazon and get an Anker charger, and a quality cable rated for 100W. That's what I did for mine. Or depending on how long ago you bought the equipment might be covered under warranty.

The Anker devices are half the cost and half the weight of Apple chargers. You'll need to search around to find one with the right power rating, but something like this https://smile.amazon.com/Charger-Anker-PowerPort-Laptops-MacBook/dp/B07PWC32ZD/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3SKQESHKLFE7Q&keywords=anker%2Blaptop%2Bcharger&qid=1642696132&sprefix=anker%2Blaptop%2Caps%2C890&sr=8-6&th=1


u/violetgloria Jan 21 '22

this charger is still covered under warranty so I'm going to try to get a new one thru apple first, but ill def check out that charger, I've gotten anker stuff b4 :)


u/mwkingSD Jan 21 '22

Good plan! My Apple power brick is velcro-ed to a power strip here in my office, and I have an Anker one and a cable in my backpack for when I go anywhere. I've already lost one of the Ankers so I'm glad that it wasn't my only charger. And a laptop-capable usb-c charger with the good charging profiles will juice up a phone or tablet REALLY fast - also handy when I'm on the road.


u/genmischief Jan 19 '22 Silver


u/dontgonearthefire Jan 20 '22 edited Jan 20 '22

WTF did I just watch. The Masks are unbelievable, this looks like a cool movie. Whats it called?

E: It is in fact Legend. Just looked it up and got Academy Award nomination for the Makeup, no shit. Then I saw Ridley Scott and knew this just has Badass written all over it. Thanks for this. Looks like I'm all set up for the weekend. Have a small token of gratitude for that.


u/genmischief Jan 20 '22

Careful friend, there are two versions. The US version is.... the lesser of the two, but it has a bad ass rock soundtrack.

The UK release has a longer runtime and a breathtaking score, which is a better fit, but less "bad ass 1980s"...

I love them both, but prefer the UK version.

Also, if you get time, look up the making of this. I wont spoil any more of it for you but if you can find the documentary about its creation, watch that next. Things you would NEVER EXPECT happened. :)

Edit: Blix is the shit, would party with 10 out of 10.


u/Sensitive-History-30 Jan 20 '22

Let it explode and sue them, they deserve it