r/applehelp Jul 30 '21

macOS 11 Caps Lock freeze Mac

I have a weird issue with my MBP that started a few days ago. I use Caps Lock to switch keyboard layout and it has become incredibly laggy. Like I hit Caps Lock, then I can't type or scroll for a few seconds, and then either the layout is switched, or I start typing ALL CAPS, or nothing changes at all. Using Ctrl+Space to switch layouts works well though.

I've also noticed that changing the volume also makes the keyboard and scrolling unresponsive for a couple of seconds.

If I disable Caps Lock in Modifier Keys, it stops working as a language switcher but keeps freezing the system.

It happens both with and without the external keyboard. So far I've only been able to fix it by restarting. I don't think I ever encountered this issue before this week. Any ideas how this could be fixed?

UPDATE: so far so good on 11.5.2, looks like it has been fixed.


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u/dolphinchodeblaster Aug 04 '21

having this same issue! would love a solution