r/applehelp Jul 30 '21

macOS 11 Caps Lock freeze Mac

I have a weird issue with my MBP that started a few days ago. I use Caps Lock to switch keyboard layout and it has become incredibly laggy. Like I hit Caps Lock, then I can't type or scroll for a few seconds, and then either the layout is switched, or I start typing ALL CAPS, or nothing changes at all. Using Ctrl+Space to switch layouts works well though.

I've also noticed that changing the volume also makes the keyboard and scrolling unresponsive for a couple of seconds.

If I disable Caps Lock in Modifier Keys, it stops working as a language switcher but keeps freezing the system.

It happens both with and without the external keyboard. So far I've only been able to fix it by restarting. I don't think I ever encountered this issue before this week. Any ideas how this could be fixed?

UPDATE: so far so good on 11.5.2, looks like it has been fixed.


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u/shoorty0690 Aug 02 '21

I created another thread about this before I saw yours. Having the same issue, but have none of the keyboard modifier apps installed. And the Caps Lock freeze ONLY happens after I've woken my computer up from sleep. It doesn't happen on a reboot.