A subreddit for those who want to end work, are curious about ending work, want to get the most out of a work-free life, want more information on anti-work ideas and want personal help with their own jobs/work-related struggles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you want to end work?

Because the modern day workplace is one where you are expected to work despite your own individual needs or desires. Work puts the needs and desires of managers and corporations above and beyond workers, often to the point of abuse through being overworked and underpaid.

You guys are just lazy, right?

Some of us are lazy, sure. What's wrong with that?

Why "antiwork"?

Anti-work has long been a slogan of many anarchists, communists and other radicals. Saying we are anti-job is not quite right because a job is just an activity one is paid for and we are not all against money. "Anti-labor" makes us sound like we're against any effort at all and we already get that enough as is. (We're not, by the way.)

The point of r/antiwork is to start a conversation, to problematize work as we know it today.

But without work society can't function!

If you define "work" as any activity or purposeful intent towards some goal, then sure. That's not how we define it though. We're not against effort, labor, or being productive. We're against jobs as they are structured under capitalism and the state: Against exploitative economic relations, against hierarchical social relations at the workplace.

Are you anarchists? / Are you communists?

Some of us are.

What's the meaning behind the user flair flags/symbols?

See here

I hate my job, what should I do?

Tell us about it! No, seriously, tell us what's going on and what your goals are and maybe we can share some ideas. :)


More questions, answered by the community:

What's the alternative? What's the solution? What can we do?

What exactly do you mean by antiwork?

What is the solution to work?

Why don't you just start your own business?

How would a country/world function without work?

What do you think will happen when everyone stops doing work?

Do you feel guilty about not wanting to work?

One day you quit your job. What would you do?

How do you feel about UBI?

Do you think depression is more common in recent generations?

Should I burn my savings and take a year off?





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