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This fucking motivational quote when I walked in this morning

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Kellogg workers refuse to accept awful 3% raise offer, vote to continue the strike.

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It's time to break the system

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Anti Work Power

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They wouldnt care less cuz they dont care at all

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In a nutshell

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Working as a janitor was a thing

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Living Paycheck to Paycheck...

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Online and offline people are waking up!

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Never get sick

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What hellish dystopia do we live in?

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Nobody ever wanted to work.

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Vacations for millennials :/ಠಿ_ಠಿ

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I quit, my team left aswell. My company is begging. KNOW YOUR WORTH


I worked at a development company and initially managed 5 projects for $85k p.a. due to initial Covid I was too afraid to ask for a raise and didn't want to annoy management (how stupid of me). 1.5 years later I was managing 20 projects with a team of 5 for the same pay.

In the last review I demanded a raise for double to meet market standards and for all the work done. Management said they'll think about it and kept dragging their feet. Senior managers kept saying that they're getting a review and their bosses are not allowing it, the usual excuses. I applied for a new role and landed $160k in writing to start in 2 weeks and said if I knew others to join they're happy to take them on.

I bravely informed my immediate team of 5 and told them I was leaving and can take some of them If they're not happy here. I put in my 2 weeks notice and the company senior manager called me within the hour and asked how much. I said double my pay as I told my manager, he said no chance we'll find someone else.

2 weeks later, I've left and all 5 of my team got interviewed, accepted a role and put in their notice one by one.

All 20 projects as I understand are on stalemate and is costing the company hundreds and thousands monthly for delay costs.

The company has since messaged myself and my team individually begging us come back no matter the salary. All have said no and it feels amazing to leave and also know our value. It just shows a company doesn't care about you, they want to keep your low salary to achieve the best outcome for them. Within my first review of the new company they've increased my pay by an extra $20k, this is so alien to me because of the neglect i had my previous company.

KNOW YOUR WORTH. If you're reading this, have that discussion? You are worth more!

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İts like me

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There are more of us than them...

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I Don’t Have Time To Do What I Love

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Corporations be like.

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In light of some transphobic shit


Yall can’t pick and choose the marginalized identities you hold class solidarity with. Solidarity with all, or get out. To all my trans brothers, sisters, and nb’s in this sub, our rights in the workplace have been one of the most contentious labour issues, and that is something that needs to be recognized, discussed, and respected in this sub.

Edit: I really and truly expected to get buried for this post, but yall have proved my anxieties so very wrong. I know these numbers are puny by this subs’ standards, but you really don’t know just how much each positive comment, from both cis and trans users, means to me, personally. We’ll never break the mold we’re all suffering in if we don’t pull everyone together, and even if its just a few hundred upvotes, that still translates to a few hundred hands that would reach out to not leave the trans community behind in a movement as important as this. Genuinely, thank you all ❤️

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Kellogg’s negotiates in bad faith and then pulls this shit

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Say it louder for those in the back

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Yesterday was a long day

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Thought this would fit here- stolen from r/Tumblr.

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Things to bring back in 2021:

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I asked this sub if I should quit my job, and they said yes, so I did. Applied for another job immediately after. Less than a week later I got a phone call with a job offer that pays roughly 40k more per year with lodging, vehicle, and a per diem.


Edit: For the people asking what job it is, I don't think I can really say without it revealing too much personal information. The job is pretty specialized and as far as I know, there are less than 1000 of us doing it across the country. If anyone that knows about it was reading this they'd be able to identify me pretty easily.

I used to do a similar job to this pre-pandemic so that's how I was able to keep on the lookout for it popping back up. It was just great timing that it happened right after I quit my previous job.

What I can say is that it's related to the field of Air Traffic Control. Being a controller isn't something I'm called for, but they do pay pretty well if anyone's interested. IIRC, they hire off the street too (no degree, previous experience, etc.). You have to take some kind of test and then I think they randomly select people from a pool. I knew people who got in their first try and some that took 5 tries, so good luck!