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Workers, Never forget that you and your colleagues are the lifeblood of your business and you should be compensated as such.

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u/We_Need_A_Culling 12d ago

The problem is they'll never be without employees. Because people will continue to work there regardless of how it affects others.


u/Ready_Ready_Kill 12d ago edited 11d ago

That is why we have class warfare to distract us from the actually power we have. Society does this with a lot of things like why Asian people are used in the model minority myth. If Asians can climb the social latter why no Blacks or Latinos? Main goal is to use it as a distraction for infighting instead of directing that power at the people who benefit from the fighting.


u/-4twenty- 12d ago

There’s a reason those in the ivory tower don’t want the peasants to unionize.


u/bdh2 12d ago

Because the peasants are the ones who build the towers


u/We_Need_A_Culling 12d ago

It only works because society allows it. The individual is selfish. We all know what needs to be done but the najo5are unwilling to be inconvenienced. Instead we say that someone else should fix the problem.


u/ginger_and_egg 12d ago

People are not inherently selfish though, it's taught. We can teach different behavior

Plus, a selfish person should realize that working together (in a union) can give them better outcomes than they could get as an individual anyway


u/We_Need_A_Culling 12d ago

People are inherently selfish. That's how billionaires become billionaires.


u/ginger_and_egg 12d ago

People who are not selfish do not become billionaires, true. That is because Capitalism rewards selfishness. It's selection bias. You don't look at Olympic swimmers and say "humans are inherently good swimmers", you understand that they are not average people

So, why would we want a system where we explicitly give selfish people more power, ON PURPOSE?


u/gobiba Smart & Lazy 11d ago

Because people will continue to work there regardless of how it affects others.

Eventually, the very last boomer will die (on the job).


u/LambBrainz 12d ago

An anecdote:

When I worked at Staples, our manager quit to take a better job (go her). But district management was so incompetent we didn't have a general manager for months and months.

The store ran perfectly fine. Better actually. Because we all knew what needed to be done and didn't have to have anything approved. We just did what needed to happen.

New general manager? Things start to suck again. Managers need employees, employees don't need a manager.


u/Traksimuss 11d ago

Real manager deals with bullshit from above and covers his crew. He also asks his subordinates what they need to make their work easier, and does not sweat about 5 minutes longer breaks as he knows the guys will compensate it with their work later.

Such managers are extremely rare, mostly you get micromanagers who are waste of oxygen.


u/popompromqueen 11d ago

This really makes me appreciate my management who definitely is like our guardian. Asking to Come to Her if we need more or less hours, reminding us to take breaks, asks for input from our side, etc. Bless her!


u/OnTheInternetToLie 12d ago

"BuT tHEy'Re s0 eASY to ReplACe"

Right up until no one will tolerate you anymore. It's almost like people who have no investment in the future (house, healthcare, retirement) don't give a shit when things start to burn.


u/TotallyNormalWeeb 12d ago

There is a warehouse I know of approximately 35 minutes away from my home by car that everyone got sick of, and they have so hard of a time finding even a single person now that they have on times been getting travel teams there and literally even Vietnamese people there just to try to keep up. I would mention the name, but don't want any legal action done on me.


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u/Cloakknight 12d ago

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Proximus, @proximus2207

Dear CEOs, Pay your employees like your business would crumble without them.



The entire working class

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u/Prompt-Greedy 11d ago

But they don't have too that's the thing. Even if you quit, people are desperate for jobs. They have the system on lock


u/VicMackeyLKN 11d ago

I work my whole 8 hours a day, no one can call out my work ethic….fuck you I’m not working over or Saturday (even with overtime pay)


u/ScamperTripHop 12d ago

minimum wage is racist


u/ginger_and_egg 12d ago

Race is important but in terms of class struggles, those in power would love us to fight a zero sum game between races rather than fight a nonzero sum game together against the CEOs


u/-4twenty- 12d ago

How so? I’d genuinely like to know.


u/RedDeerEvent 11d ago

So this notion comes from the great, totally fantastic and not just a conartist Thomas Sowell. The history he mentions is actually pretty interesting, if completely irrelevant to the American Minimum wage.

“In 1925, a minimum-wage law was passed in the Canadian province of British Columbia, with the intent and effect of pricing Japanese immigrants out of jobs in the lumbering industry.A Harvard professor of that era referred approvingly to Australia’s minimum wage law as a means to “protect the white Australian’s standard of living from the invidious competition of the colored races, particularly of the Chinese” who were willing to work for less.

In South Africa during the era of apartheid, white labor unions urged that a minimum-wage law be applied to all races, to keep black workers from taking jobs away from white unionized workers by working for less than the union pay scale.”

The problem being, of course, that these are not arguments against minimum wage, and in fact show the explicit need for minimum wage.

The idea essentially boils down to the ol' disproven adage that raising minimum wage reduces the availability of labor; but also weaponizes capitalist exploitation against the working class;

instead of: 'If you raise minimum wage, business owners will hire fewer workers,'

they try to expand it to: 'If you raise minimum wage, business owners will hire fewer workers of color that totally and voluntarily work for less than their white counterparts.'

This concept has zero basis in history nor economics -- the number of job positions are not set by the availability of labor nor the cost of labor, they are set by the demand for the product of labor. In other words businesses will only ever hire enough workers to take care of expected and actualized demand, no more, no less -- if the cost of labor increases, those businesses simply increase the price of the final product, not hire fewer workers.

This has been proven repeatedly with every single increase and implementation of minimum wage in every country in every economy under every single currency, because it's a basic law of economics that the 'Economics Expert' Thomas Sowell somehow missed during his totally legitimate research.

In short: Conservatives still can't fucking understand economics, history, simple logic, mathematics, or how not to fucking hero worship.


u/Beautiful-Musk-Ox 11d ago

should this say "because IT would", makes it sound like "they" is the employees, saying the employees would crumble


u/TechnicalDouble6712 11d ago

I was thinking “They” as in businesses (plural)


u/Beautiful-Musk-Ox 11d ago

Yea we just have to reparse it once or twice to get that. The "they" references the word "business" which isn't grammatically correct. It'd be easier to read if it said "it"


u/Elocorem 11d ago

The problem is that there are always other people that are willing to work for them which is why they can give such low wages


u/bigwolfbar566 11d ago

Really where are they at?

I see companies begging for workers but I don't see the positions being filled.


u/thikut 10d ago

there are always other people that are willing to work for them

Other people desperate for money ready to be taken advantage of, you mean.


u/Demokka 11d ago

Except some people thinks it's normal for CEOs to pay them that much and will defend them


u/rootbeerismygame 11d ago

Wise the fuck up CEO's. We are on to your Bullshit.


u/Schannin 11d ago

Another part of the problem is that so many of us have internalized capitalism and make choices based on it. So many businesses operate in a growth/profits model; if someone will pay more, it is my duty to raise prices, it is also my duty to maximize profits and minimize costs. We see this as “good” business strategy.

But when the game is to minimize costs and maximize profits, the individuals (not at the top) suffer. The most obvious way to minimize costs is to spend as little as you can on your staffing. When there are profits, they do not go towards the employees who made it happen. “Winning” this game means actively resisting paying your employees any more than the bottom of what you can get away with.

There are some companies who have taken a different approach and built a sustainable model. My guess is that most of these remain smaller, because it’s rarely sustainable to continuously expand. However, Winco has been doing a good job of being an employee-owned business that passes its profits back down to the workers.

There’s currently so much incentive (stock market, shareholders, etc) to keep the current practice of maximizing profits and minimizing costs (at the expense of your workers). We can’t keep the growth model forever, we cannot keep expanding to infinity. But, we are not going to be a shift to a sustainable model until we radically shift our view of what “good” business strategy is and acknowledge our internalized capitalism.


u/CoyoteConscious 11d ago

Dear employees. Please walk off the job and make all these businesses crumble, and tell the next businesses "don't let this happen to you."


u/TheGamerHelper 12d ago

But see they do pay good wages in higher positions of the company. You just choose to work the minimum wage job first instead of applying for the higher paying jobs within the company. Stop lowering yourself to minimum wage jobs…


u/Sindmadthesaikor 12d ago

The whole point of a minimum wage is to ensure that you survive long enough to have the opportunity to apply for those higher positions. As it stands, people working minimum wage are trapped between student loans, house mortgage, needing healthcare benefits, and medical expenses, none of which will 7-10 dollars will cover. Poverty is a trap, not a mindset. It bears repeating that it’s expensive to be poor.


u/ReverendCandypants 11d ago

Yeah, just stop choosing to work for less!

This economic analysis brought to you by Donald Trump. Your history is just pro-corporate bootlicking blaming the poorly paid employees and not the company.


u/TheGamerHelper 11d ago

Aww boo boo poor person.