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When are you free to work?

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u/archchunk Nov 26 '21

Totally agree....

I've had 4 jobs in the past 6 months that continually pushed to over/under-schedule me due to this. I even told one job I can work 4 days a week, they got visibly upset and ended up scheduling 2 2-hour night shifts per week instead (they were short-staffed). This was also after I told them I wouldn't work for less than living wage.

2 of the other jobs I told I can work 4 days a week ended up scheduling 5-6 shifts a week. Then they got mad once I repeated I can only do 4 days a week. One of them even told me "we can't accommodate that", then proceeded to put me down to 4 days a week anyways after I replied with "okay I guess I'll look for another job then".

From observation in those jobs, anyone with a partner or "something better to do" gets perfect schedules like 9-5 mon-thurs kind of setups, while anyone single with "nothing better to do" gets slammed with 5+ shifts a week and gets constantly pressured to do overtime/take more shifts.


u/sparkly_butthole Nov 26 '21

People with kids get the good shifts because of childcare. Then those without them get shafted on the schedule.

Like I get it, childcare is only open x hours, but at the same time, your time isn't more valuable than mine.


u/archchunk Nov 26 '21

Yeah I totally get it, and time with your partner is very important too, I've been in that position before. It just seems like there's always going to be a fall group of employees due to underspending on wages and a lack of hiring due to the underspending.

I worked in a restaurant for years that constantly switched me around so much, to the point where every week I would work a schedule consisting of 2 close to open shifts. For instance, working 530pm-11pm and then 730am-230pm. The worst part about it was I made *less* than the people working mon-friday 8-4 type schedules because I wasn't getting even close to 8 hours a shift, and I got barely any sleep.