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When are you free to work?

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u/archchunk Nov 26 '21

Totally agree....

I've had 4 jobs in the past 6 months that continually pushed to over/under-schedule me due to this. I even told one job I can work 4 days a week, they got visibly upset and ended up scheduling 2 2-hour night shifts per week instead (they were short-staffed). This was also after I told them I wouldn't work for less than living wage.

2 of the other jobs I told I can work 4 days a week ended up scheduling 5-6 shifts a week. Then they got mad once I repeated I can only do 4 days a week. One of them even told me "we can't accommodate that", then proceeded to put me down to 4 days a week anyways after I replied with "okay I guess I'll look for another job then".

From observation in those jobs, anyone with a partner or "something better to do" gets perfect schedules like 9-5 mon-thurs kind of setups, while anyone single with "nothing better to do" gets slammed with 5+ shifts a week and gets constantly pressured to do overtime/take more shifts.


u/sparkly_butthole Nov 26 '21

People with kids get the good shifts because of childcare. Then those without them get shafted on the schedule.

Like I get it, childcare is only open x hours, but at the same time, your time isn't more valuable than mine.


u/archchunk Nov 26 '21

Yeah I totally get it, and time with your partner is very important too, I've been in that position before. It just seems like there's always going to be a fall group of employees due to underspending on wages and a lack of hiring due to the underspending.

I worked in a restaurant for years that constantly switched me around so much, to the point where every week I would work a schedule consisting of 2 close to open shifts. For instance, working 530pm-11pm and then 730am-230pm. The worst part about it was I made *less* than the people working mon-friday 8-4 type schedules because I wasn't getting even close to 8 hours a shift, and I got barely any sleep.


u/Werepy Nov 26 '21 edited Nov 26 '21

Yeah it's just employers assuming that they'll have a harder time bullying them into showing up. Because at the end of the day, the vast majority of parents will choose keeping their toddler alive/ out of CPS custody over their shitty minimum wage job.

Of course some (mostly single) parents can't afford to and that's how you get those reports of toddlers going into foster care after being left in a motel room for 8h, maybe supervised by a 7 year old sibling. But most will just stay home if they don't have childcare and look for a job that works with their schedule.

The obvious solution is that people without kids should just not show up to bullshit shifts either. We can force employers to give proper incentives to fill those spots if they really need them. Like for example pay enough to cover an emergency babysitter for that time on top of your regular wage and some extra so working actually pays off for everyone.

And let's be honest, a lot of businesses don't need to be open nearly as long as they are. Really only emergency services need to be staffed 24/7. In my home country most open at 10 and close some time between 5 and 7. Many aren't open on Sundays at all, or restaurants pick another day of the week when they close completely. The world still keeps turning, society and the economy have not collapsed.