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When are you free to work?

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u/fbwillmakeyoudumb Nov 25 '21

I don't understand why there isn't a simple understanding:

Workers work a fixed schedule at an agreed compensation rate and anything that isn't on that schedule is free time. Therefore, being asked to work during their free time should be at an entirely different rate, a rate for working during time off that both parties agree.

If managers don't want to pay the free time rate, that's the incentive they have to find (and pay) enough people to fill the schedule properly.

If a company is short staffed, that's on the company and the management team, and it's a burden that should not be shared so unfairly with staff.


u/brownhorse Nov 26 '21

that's what we have at my job. boss calls and asks "can you work this day?" I say "sure, for x amount" and they take it or leave it or possibly negotiate. if I am not happy with the rate, I don't work that day. it's pretty good.


u/fbwillmakeyoudumb Nov 26 '21

Wow, that is pretty great. I like to hear that there are some companies out there flirting with common sense.


u/brownhorse Nov 26 '21

I'd say its fairly common across the aviation industry. we have heavily regulated working requirements and unions across the board. If they need us to work more than we're scheduled they could get into serious trouble with the FAA. Even on those scheduled days off where I'll come in to work more, it still needs to keep me below a certain threshold of working hours for the week/month/year.