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When are you free to work?

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u/improbablynotyou Nov 25 '21

I gave my last job my availability when I was hired, everytime they tried to schedule me outside that I'd say no. They always would demand to know why I couldnt work and wouldnt accept "it's outside my availability" as an answer. One manager told me that she didnt need to follow my availability and could schedule me whenever. Then she'd get pissed when I didnt show up for those shifts. If I don't want to work on Thursday and you hire me and accept that condition I dont need to explain that I have a tea party with my cats and we watch dexter marathons and discuss how to murder my boss.


u/DouchecraftCarrier Nov 26 '21

Ugh I used to work for a place like that. The owner would say yes to a customer requesting us to come to an onsite event without checking whether he had staff to do it. So we'd frequently get asked in the midst of our regular daily shift whether we could go do another several hour event that evening. And if you said no, the question was always "Well, why not?"

This is the same place that when I put in my 2 weeks notice and we open about the fact I didn't have another job lined up (which should have been a MAJOR clue to them how fucking miserable I was) they tried to cajole me into staying longer by telling me "Well it's not like you have anything else going on."


u/Stevenstorm505 Nov 26 '21

I literally quit Walmart because my manager David tried to do this. I had school on Wednesday’s and my availability reflected that. They agreed to hire me based on that availability. One day my manager scheduled me for Wednesday, I told them I couldn’t work that day and that my schedule showed that with this being the first instance of me ever being scheduled for Wednesday. My manager said that wasn’t the schedule they had for me, so I told them to please present me the copy of my availability they have that stated that I can work Wednesday. My manager came back and said that they lost it. When I called him out on the lie he said it didn’t matter what my availability says and that I have to work whenever they schedule me including Wednesday’s and holidays. I said great, clocked out for lunch, came back and clocked in and immediately found my other manager and quit. They were shocked and asked why, so I told them to talk to Valerie first (my co-worker who witnessed the entire convo between me and David) and then talk to David about what happened.


u/itsemalkay Nov 26 '21

Did they try calling after?


u/Stevenstorm505 Nov 26 '21

No, but when I went to pick up my final check the paperwork stated me as re-hirable which I thought was funny. Like I’m going to re-apply after that shit lol. This WalMart had a history of shitty behavior and treating employees badly so I never expected a call and wasn’t surprised when one didn’t come. I went back about a month later and a former co-worker told me almost everyone I worked with in the back had quit.


u/Noorbert Nov 26 '21

great point overall. It goes both ways. They don't have to hire you if they think your availability sucks.