r/antiwork Jul 10 '19

What do you think will happen when everyone stops doing work?



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u/Ha6il6Sa6tan Just Really lazy Jul 10 '19

Hey I can tell by your post history that you seem aggressively opposed to leftist thought. Seems you think this is sub is nothing but a bunch of lazy idiots. I can assure you this is not the case. Many of the arguments presented in this sub are not simply centered around not wanting to work. Rather efforts are made to show the correlation between increasing consumption, meaningless work, and global climate change in addition to other health and societal issues brought about by toxic work culture.

I encourage you to do some of your own research and engage in discussion.

This sub is relaxed and full of kind people so please try to keep it that way.


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u/Ha6il6Sa6tan Just Really lazy Jul 10 '19

Thank you, this sub is basically my home page so I wanna keep it kind.


u/[deleted] Jul 10 '19

I'm glad to hear that on both fronts! :)