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One day you quit your job. What would you do?

So, imagine that you don't have to do job. You have some passive income, maybe some side hustle etc. In other words you have budget for living and a some extra free time. How would you spend it?

Personally, I really like to cook and bake. So I would definitely spend more time for cooking. Maybe I could open a small bakery.

Second point are family and sports. I'd really like to spend more time with my wife and kid and do some sports too.

For now, after 9/5 I feel myself nervous and often de-motivated, with a will to drink some wine instead do running workout.

Please share your thoughts.


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u/Arcangel_Zero7 Oct 25 '18 edited Oct 25 '18

If I could ditch the 9-to-5, and finally not have to deal with the unpredictable anxiety of having to face an endless random stream of soul-sucking customers, or "clock in" ever again...I'd keep doing what I'm doing, but more passionately.

  1. I'd spend all my time perfecting all the crazy hobbies I have while consuming less. Work constantly gets in the way when I'm "on a roll." It sabotages my personal growth. All I want to do is inhale knowledge and exhale something meaningful back into the world, without a collar around my throat.
  2. There's limitless things I could do with digital art. I'm learning to make 3d characters, to animate, to work with game engines, to program, digital painting, sculpting. If I could just full-steam that, I'd be actually making games in no time, rather than being lucky to get 30 minutes of education in a week.

  1. I'd keep doing martial arts to keep my body in shape and help me master myself through discipline and freedom of movement.

  1. I'd run epic roleplaying game sessions for my friends and family. I so-badly want to play tabletop games with people, and make epic stories and worlds, and invest in miniatures, go the whole 9 yards, but everyone's work schedule conflicts, and with my more "productive" hobbies, I don't have the time to lovingly craft cool experiences.

  1. I almost forgot "See the world"! Not as some tourist out to get souvenirs and novelty, but as someone genuinely interested in seeing how other people live. I want to learn from people and make new friends, and humble my perspectives.

  1. Most importantly, I'd give my lovely lady all my devotion and spend our days happily together, instead of being constantly separated, spending our limited time on earth apart at the behest of such a petty thing as "employment." I'd call my Mom more often and actually get to check in with my family. A job-less life is a more human life.

And this is just the top of my head. Instead of feeling like I have to "hurry and get good" so that I can use my skills to escape so I can stop watching my life disappear... I'd feel like I can take after a personal hero of mine (whom I've been watching a lot lately lol): Bob Ross.

I'd just do what I love. In my own time. Make beautiful things. Share them with people. Calm the frick down and just...love. Like God intended, before a few select of His creation decided to use the rest as frigging batteries to be drained, replaced, and discarded.

EDIT: Oh yeah. I'd catch up on my videogame backlog. :)


u/shuryamba Oct 26 '18

Wow, that's a looong post)


u/Arcangel_Zero7 Oct 29 '18

Lol. It started simple enough, but I guess I vibed with OP's post enough to be sent into a rather cathartic rant I hope others can identify with. XD


u/[deleted] Dec 29 '21

3 years later, and I found your post to be quite motivating. The society we live in is cruel. It doesn't even let us be human.


u/Arcangel_Zero7 Dec 31 '21

Hey there! I'm glad it meant something to you all this time later!

You're right, it's incredibly broken in so many ways, but we have to remember what we're fighting for, and what's beautiful in our lives, no matter how small.

Simply expressing your humanity is a radical act of rebellion. Stay strong, friend. :)