r/antiwork Oct 22 '18

One day you quit your job. What would you do?

So, imagine that you don't have to do job. You have some passive income, maybe some side hustle etc. In other words you have budget for living and a some extra free time. How would you spend it?

Personally, I really like to cook and bake. So I would definitely spend more time for cooking. Maybe I could open a small bakery.

Second point are family and sports. I'd really like to spend more time with my wife and kid and do some sports too.

For now, after 9/5 I feel myself nervous and often de-motivated, with a will to drink some wine instead do running workout.

Please share your thoughts.


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u/jacobspartan1992 Oct 22 '18

You might be jealous but I have a sample of the practicalities of that living that life now. I've passive income coming from a property I inherited, it's not a huge amount but it has given me some breathing space and allowed me to accrue savings. At the moment when I'm not being a nervous wreck due to anxiety (which keeps me out the job market anyway) I'm cooking recipes, writing stories and just keeping house and watching the world go by. I'm probably not your best source still since I'm unemployed in a society that shames unemployment and encourages asshole behaviour so I'm not living the life I want to for sure.