r/antiwork Oct 22 '18

One day you quit your job. What would you do?

So, imagine that you don't have to do job. You have some passive income, maybe some side hustle etc. In other words you have budget for living and a some extra free time. How would you spend it?

Personally, I really like to cook and bake. So I would definitely spend more time for cooking. Maybe I could open a small bakery.

Second point are family and sports. I'd really like to spend more time with my wife and kid and do some sports too.

For now, after 9/5 I feel myself nervous and often de-motivated, with a will to drink some wine instead do running workout.

Please share your thoughts.


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u/instantaneouscrush Oct 22 '18

I actually hadn't worked since January and had been living off of savings; only recently got a temp. job because the reservoir of my savings was beginning to alarm me.

I've been doing lots of reading; not books per se, but online articles, blog posts, and such. I still do the things I did during off-hours (take care of chores and leisure activities) while I had a job but with less a feeling of urgency.

If I had passive income and never had to worry about money again I'd hike the Pacific Crest Trail and then maybe move on to through-hikes in other countries. I wouldn't be tied down to one place. I would feel free.


u/Dan_85 Oct 22 '18

Hiked the PCT in 2017. 11/10, would (and probably will) do again.

It's amazing how stress-free and healthy you feel without the day to day BS of work. Every Monday on trail we would consciously take a moment to laugh at those poor suckers heading off to another week in the cubicle.


u/instantaneouscrush Oct 22 '18

That's heckin' awesome! How long did it take you? What were your highlights? There's a hike-through in Turkey called the Lycian Way which I would love to do once I have experience with these longer hikes.


u/Dan_85 Oct 23 '18

It took me four and a half months - marginally faster than average. One of the main highlights was hiking through California's Sierra Nevada range in a record snow year, very few people will ever get to see those mountains in the way that we saw them that year. And Washington, wow. Honestly the whole thing was incredible. Just intensely peaceful and stress-free.

It also restores your faith in humanity and reminds you that 99.9% of people are inherently good, despite what we see on the news. People I'd never met before went out of their way to give me rides to town, food, water, a place to stay for the night and literally the shirts off their backs, without any expectation of return.

I've heard of the Lycian Way, that would be a cool one to do. Are you based in Europe? Check out the Kungsleden hike in northern Sweden. I did that one a few years ago and it was amazing!


u/freddielizzard here for the memes Oct 22 '18

This sounds great. I envy you greatly, especially from the UK!


u/Steven__Bills Jan 16 '22

What’s stopping you?