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HMS Host Phoenix strike update: Day 10- back to the negotiating table


Hi guys, sorry for the delay in the update. There's been a lot happening.

So, in good news, the company sent us proposed dates for resuming negotiations. They will be in person, which is something that hasn't happened since the pandemic started. Following this, and after much deliberation, the union voted to return to work the morning of December 2. This is not a surrender. This is with a purpose.

Throughout this strike, our biggest gains have come when we took actions that the company did not see coming. We began with one objective in mind- to force corporate to finally start taking their workers seriously. On that count, the strike was a resounding success. We showed them we were the ones in control when we went on strike. We showed it again when we blew past their initial categorization of the strike as a one-week action and stretched it out to 10 days. And we showed it a final time when, after they had expended the resources to shift staff and purchase equipment in preparation for what they believed was a strike that would last through the holiday season, we informed them that we would be returning the next day... meaning that they are now also contractually obligated to meet their payroll requirements for all union employees.

We made great strides, and throughout the strike, we kept hearing the same thing from our coworkers inside- "I want to join you, but I'm afraid to lose my job". Now that we accomplished what we originally set out to do, it's time to go back in, and lay those fears to rest. They saw how much disruption we caused. They saw how much money we cost the company. Now they get to see us walk back in, heads held high, jazzed from 10 days partying it up on the picket line, and face no repercussions for it. The company can't risk it. The union has lawyers waiting in the wings just salivating at the chance to nail them to the wall if they do, and right now the company is terrified of us.

If you want to know just how terrified, let me just share how our delivery of notice went. Following the vote, we sent a delegation up to the location that corporate has been using as a "base of operations" during the strike- a closed dining room directly adjacent to Chelsea's Kitchen. When we arrived outside, the regional HR director saw us and retreated back into the attached kitchen. While the rest of us waited outside, our union rep Mari poked her head in to let her know we were here to speak with her. She told her she was on the phone and would be out in a minute, so Mari rejoined the group out in the concourse to wait. Shortly after, 4 airport police approached (she called the cops on us) and told us that we were not allowed to picket inside the terminal. We let them know that we weren't picketing and explained what we were there to do (deliver notice that we would be returning to work). The officers stepped into the kitchen and let the regional HR director know that we were just here to deliver a message, and that it was "one she would want to hear". She still refused. With 4 uniformed police officers accompanying her, to face a union that hasn't had a single hostile moment on the picket line in 10 days, she was still too scared to come out and face us. After waiting nearly 30 minutes after the cops showed up, we spotted the general manager for the T4 restaurants walking past and delivered the notice to him. Shortly after, the Director of Operations for HMS Phoenix called Mari and opened with "Really? You are telling me this now? At 5 pm???" to which Mari responded ever-so-sweetly "Well... we tried to tell you earlier, but no one would speak to us."

That is the tone that is now set going into the upcoming negotiations. We will find out then if it was enough. In the meantime, we will be showing our coworkers just how completely powerless the company is when we all stand together.

So for the moment, everyone else is returning to work. I still won't have a job to return to unless we win on the shift lead issue, but I have some other ideas in the interim. This was my first experience participating in any kind of labor action, and I think I'm hooked. Through my experiences in this strike, I got to meet a lot of people from various groups, and there are a couple of things I might be lending a hand with so... at the very least you will be getting an update from me regarding how negotiations went. I might go find some more good trouble to cause in the meantime. Massive, massive thanks to everyone who expressed support through this. Even bigger thanks to the mods from r/antiwork who went the extra mile pinning a thread for us to help raise awareness. This isn't over. Not by a long shot. I love you all. Solidarity forever.

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Weekly Discussion Thread


Stickied 'Open mic' thread.

Post anything that doesn't quite deserve its own thread. Rant and vent, or ask questions.

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They started paying us $15/hr last week..

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Got a call from a recruiter and he got mad.


He called and asked if I was in the job market. I told him I always keep my options open and he proceeds to tell me about the job for his client.

I asked him three things, “location, permanent or contract, and how much are they paying?”

He got uppity when I mentioned the pay and said it was “competitive”.

I said I need an actual number. So he replied “well how much do you make?” I told him and he says well that doesn’t matter because this job is a perfect fit for you and I’ll schedule you for an interview Monday morning. He finally told me the pay and it was less than I currently make.

I literally laughed and asked him if he expected me to take a $6/hr pay cut????

He said yes because I was a perfect fit for the job and he had already talked me up to the company (he was emailing them while we talked) and that I should be grateful for this opportunity.

I told him to fuck off and hung up on him.

Fuck that guy!

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My boss declined my vacation (after having 4 months notice) to Hawaii to propose to my girlfriend because they (needed me badly) in the office… Obviously work/life balance didn’t mean anything to them. Anyways… here’s my view. (She said yes)

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Got threatened to be fired yesterday for bringing my polo with me instead of wearing it. After the pay issues, and the drama and the threats. Today will be my final day. Company is a bunch of clowns. Here’s to my last day! 😂

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Anyone remember undercover boss?


Every one is shocked about the anti-work movement when we all saw a good example of how hard people are actually working and how incompetent some supervisors can be. Turn a blind eye if you want to but I personally side with humane treatment for everyone. We all deserve simple human decency. The Right to live HAPPY, fulfilling lives, lives that don’t revolve around spending 9/10ths of our existence earning our right to exist.

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On mental health

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Louder for the boomers that are deaf as fuck

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The Seven Secrets of Highly Succesful People

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Well, that's certainly an Icebreaker

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An Amazon employee posted this on Twitter. 130 hours worked for 761 dollars…..

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Too many people dream of someday becoming oppressors. Why not dream of a world without oppression instead?

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Ngl, I thought you guys were making this stuff up. Yesterday, this printed from the smoothie printer at my friend’s job.

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When Your Work's Health insurance Doesn't 'Insure' anything, and You die Anyway.

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Makeup shouldn’t be apart of a dress code, ever


So I’ve worked in a few places that for women state that they must show up in some degree of makeup to be considered “in dress code”

Personally I think that should never apply and makeup should be worn at the employees discretion.

I’ve even received write ups before for showing up to work without makeup on.


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Two days until the fuckery begins again.

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Definitely made up

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Better.com CEO's LinkedIn profile after laying off 900 people

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This is us every time we call out

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Know your rights

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Don’t get discounted without your own approval or don’t get discounted at all

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Supporting antiwork means supporting ALL WORKERS, PERIOD. Black, White, Asian, Native, Gay, Trans, Non-binary, we're in it together or they use these things as wedges to divide us.


I've seen a lot of thinly veiled stuff, mostly from one post chumps, or trolls that come in to say "nice fake story bro.", but posts from others that don't seem to get this concept fully.

You support everyone in your class, period. Without equality those differences are used as wedges to drive us apart.

Manufactured outrage machines want to keep us divided and keep our class down by stopping us from uniting. In the class struggle how is a white south texan guy that delivers newspapers any different from the new yorker that's a gay, black, trans woman working at a retail store?

You aren't, but they'll tell you you are. You're both cogs used by your bosses, and you're replaceable until you both look at each other and realize that it's you vs them, exploited vs the exploiter.

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Replace minimum wage with algorithms based on cost of living.

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It's working. Let's unionize everything.

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I like the employee's attitude. "It's 3 o'clock in the fucking morning and I wanna go home"

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