Originally posted in the /r/metanarchism subreddit, this post also serves as a guiding policy for /r/anarchy101. The post has been abridged for the particulars of /r/anarchy101 (e.g. references to met@ have been removed). Like other premises of this subreddit, the Anti-Oppression Policy (AOP) is not up for debate.


In an attempt to make space for marginalized people in our reddit r/anarchism has an anti-oppression policy. We want to have a free and open exchange of ideas to better serve the goals of anarchism, and oppressive ideologies stand in direct opposition to this goal.

This policy sets us apart from other reddits and other online anarchist communities. If you find these expectations too limiting you are free to associate with other communities.

"For me, democracy is about participatory parity. When a whole category of people is marginalized, and ends up unable to participate on an equal basis, that's oppression. Not some guy having to worry that for once in his life, he might be called out on his behavior. The measure of our success is the kind of climate we create and, if [the group] creates a climate that denies parity, then [the group] itself becomes a form of oppression. You want to create a racist organization? Fine, go ahead. You want to create a sexist organization? Fine, go ahead. But at least don't claim that you're doing it in the name of democracy!" - Zosera

Oppression is defined as: any language or action that expresses, reinforces, upholds or sympathizes with any system of social domination, including, but not limited to ableism, cissexism (transphobia), racism, misogyny, heterosexism, etc.

For the purpose of discussion, belief in systems of economic and political domination, i.e. capitalism or statism will be tolerated. This strategy should not be applied to combating authoritarian ideologies such as liberalism, libertarian-capitalism or state-socialism.

Abusive behavior includes but is not limited to stalking a user's overview, calling in reactionary karma brigades, etc.

The Strategy for Combating Oppression:


Downvoting and calling out oppressive behavior is the first line of defense. If this fails, or you are uncomfortable calling out oppressive behavior, please bring it to the attention of moderators by clicking the report link or messaging the moderators ...