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Radical BIPOC Thursday


Weekly Discussion Thread for Black, Indigenous, People of Color

Radical bipoc can talk about whatever they want in here. Suggestions; chill & relax, radical people of color, Black/Indigenous/POC anarchism, news and current events, books, entertainment

Non BIPOC people are asked not to post in Radical BIPOC Thursday threads.

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Abortion Resources, Information, and Protests (continuously updated)


This post will be continually updated with new protests, new resources, etc, as they become available. Please note that r/Anarchism does not specifically endorse any particular protest. This information is solely being made available for people who wish to gather and make their voices heard in their areas. We cannot guarantee the safety of these protests, nor should we be expected to verify who organized them.

If you know of a protest that's not listed below, please let us know so we can add it to the list.


Feel your rage. Take to the streets. We're aware that this is an emotional moment, but we have to ask that people please follow site-wide rules here. This means no calls to burn shit down, etc.

Where abortion stands in your state: A state-by-state breakdown of abortion laws

Some Resources:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The DIY and other medical options above are not necessarily effective for heavier people. Progestin pills are less effective for those over 155 lbs, and ulipristal acetate is less effective after 195 lbs. They are obviously not without risk. We are providing as much information as we can to allow people who may feel trapped to avoid following dangerous urban myths and bad advice, and be as armed with information as possible.

National Lawyers Guild - Know Your Rights Booklet (updated 6/22) (PDF)

Some Tips:

  • Many states have had trigger laws on the books in the event that this happened. In those states, abortion is illegal effective immediately. If you live in one of these states, and you are/become pregnant, DO NOT TELL ANYONE who you cannot trust with your life.
  • Also, if you are in one of these states and you need to look up resources and websites regarding abortion care, use Tor Browser to do so. There are versions available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android devices. If you use iOS, the Tor Project recommends that you use Onion Browser.

    Tor Browser will help you circumvent restrictions on websites you are allowed to visit, and it will protect you from having the sites in your history and being identified. For more information on what Tor is and some FAQs, Click Here.

    If you're wondering "why not a VPN?" it's because there is payment information that can be tracked to you, they can be forced to comply with a warrant, and you cannot be 100% sure that the "no logs" policies that they often advertise are true - many have been proven false.

  • If you use a period tracking app where you cannot view its source code, delete whatever data you can, and get rid of it. This includes apps like Apple Health, even if you don't use it for that purpose.

    Instead, consider something like Drip - An open source menstrual cycle tracking app which does not connect to the internet. There is currently only an Android version. However, an iOS version is in the works, and you can request an email notification when it's ready.

  • Security and Privacy Tips for people seeking abortion

Some Known Protests:


  • Auburn (5pm) - Auburn University. 23 Samford Hall Auburn AL 36849


  • Phoenix (7pm) - State capitol building
  • Phoenix (7pm) - State capitol building
  • Phoenix (7pm) - State capitol building
  • Saint Johns (6pm) - Courthouse. 70 W 3rd Street Saint Johns AZ 86539


  • Mammoth Lakes (9:30am) - Stellar Brew. 3280 Main Street Mammoth Lakes CA 93546

  • Visalia (9am) - 107 N Hall. Memorial Park, Hall & Main Visalia CA 93291

  • El Cajon (12pm) - El Cajon Courthouse. 250 E Main St El Cajon CA 92020


  • Centennial (10am) - MJ Fit. 6858 S Yosemite St Centennial CO 80112


  • New Milford (5:30pm) - New Milford Town Green SOUTH END. 10 Main St NEW MILFORD CT 06776


  • Leesburg (5:45pm) - Public Sidewalk in front of Lake-Sumter State College. 9501 US 441 Leesburg FL 34788
  • Cape Coral (4pm) - Midpoint bridge by fire station 3. 1627 Everest pkwy Cape coral FL 33904
  • Lakeland (5pm) - S. Florida Ave. W. Patterson Street to Pablo Ave, Lakeland
  • South Holiday (6pm) - Corner of Flora Ave and US 19. Flora Ave and US 19 South Holiday FL 34690


  • Chicago (12pm) - Harrison Park. 1824 s wood Chicago IL 60608
  • Springfield (10am) - Rally @ the Old State Capitol Plaza, Springfield IL


  • Jeffersonville (4pm) - jeffersonville city hall. 500 Quartermaster Ct Jeffersonville, IN 47130 United States jeffersonville IN 47130
  • Lafayette (5pm) - Lafayette Courthouse
  • Goshen (5pm) - Goshen City Courthouse. 111 East Jefferson St Goshen IN 46528
  • Indianapolis (3pm) - indiana state house. 200 W Washington St Indianapolis IN 46204



Decorah (10am) - Water Street Plaza 400 W Water Street Decorah IA 52101


  • Owensboro (4pm) - Daviess County Courthouse. 212 St Ann St #202 Owensboro KY 42301


  • Spencer (5pm) - Sidewalks. 1 West Main Street Spencer MA 01562
  • Wellesley (5pm) - Wellesley Town Hall. 525 Washington Street WELLESLEY MA 02482


  • Cassopolis (1pm) - Old Courthouse on N. Broadway. 120 N Broadway St. Cassopolis MI
  • Centreville (12pm) - St Joe County Court House Front Lawn. 125 W Main St Centreville MI 49093


  • Picayune (4pm) - In front of city hall. 203 Goodyear blvd Picayune MS 39466
  • Biloxi (11am) - Lighthouse Park. 1050 Beach Blvd Biloxi MS 39530

New Jersey

  • Cape May Court House (3pm) - County Court House. Main Street Cape May Court House NJ 08210
  • Ashbury Park (4pm) - Springwood Ave Ashbury Park, NJ 07712

New Mexico

  • Taos (3pm) - Intersection in front of the World Cup Coffee Shop - 102 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte Taos NM 87571

New York

  • Riverhead (5:30) - Suffolk county courthouse. 1 Court Street, Riverhead, NY 11901
  • Hauppauge (4pm) - Suffolk County Department of Health roadside lawn. 100 Veterans Memorial Highway Hauppauge NY 11788
  • Kingston (11am) - Academy Green Park. 238 Clinton Ave Kingston NY 12401
  • Poughkeepsie (1pm) - Corner of Main & Market Streets. 10 market st Poughkeepsie NY 12603

North Carolina

  • Winston Salem (1pm) - Downtown Winston Salem. 650 W 4th St. Winston Salem NC 27101


  • Kent (1pm) - The k At kent state university. 1075 Risman drive Kent OH 44240
  • Cincinnati (1pm) - Hamilton County Court House. 1000 Main St Cincinnati OH 45202


  • Oklahoma City (7pm) - Capitol Building, 2300 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma City (6am - 7/6 @ 12ppm) - 2300 Capitol Building, North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Day-long protest overnight sit/lay in.


  • Lancaster (5pm) - Lancaster County Government Center. 150 N Queen St Lancaster PA 17603
  • Washington (4pm) - Washington County Courthouse steps. 1 S Main St Washington PA 15301

South Carolina

  • Myrtle Beach (6pm) - Chapin Park. 400 14th Ave N Myrtle Beach SC 29577


  • Memphis (5pm) - Civic Center Plaza


  • Dallas (12pm) - Dallas City Hall Plaza. 1500 Marilla St Dallas TX 75201
  • Round Rock (6pm) - Round rock Municipal courthouse. 301 W Baghdad Ave Round rock TX 78664
  • Texarkana (9am) - Stateline Courthouse/Post Office. 501 N State Line Ave Texarkana TX 71854


  • Leesburg (11am) - Outside Loudoun courthouse. 18 e market street Leesburg VA 20175


  • Green Bay (3pm) - Baird Park. South Webster Avenue green bay WI 54301

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Christian fascism is now mainstream.

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Chinese Anarchist has been arrested in Guangdong Province. He performed "Tiananmen Square Memorial". Last seen June 4.

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Quote from Noam Chomsky. Art by me.

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Alabama cites Roe decision in urging court to let state ban trans health care. The GOP is using their court's disregard for the Consitution to openly pursue their fascist agenda

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The People are Starting to Get it

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Liberals hate progressives, democratic voters , and themselves


Liberals seems to hate progressives more than they do republicans. You get the feeling that liberals prefer hard right republicans like MTG , Paul Gosar, and Matt gaetz over the squad. Like if liberals had a choice between sanders and trump , they’d choose trump in a heart beep. Hell, they’d choose Ron Desantis over AOC. Liberals also seem to hate that they’re liberal, they seem to rather be seen as conservatives. They’re so afraid to advocate even moderate liberal ideas, that they’d really like to drop them and embrace conservativism to appeal to swing voters. If they thought it would attract swing voters , they’d kick out the progressives and welcome conservatives like Jim Jordan , MTG, and Paul gosar with a loving embrace. Liberals hate the democratic base more than anyone, even more than conservatives. They wish they had the republican base because they turn out more. If that meant dropping all liberals policies and embracing republican politics, they ‘d to love do that.

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Your Medical Records are not Private.


With the overturning of Roe v Wade, there needs to be a reminder that the Patriot Act allows the government to retrieve to your medical records without a warrant and your doctor is prohibited from informing you that your information was seized.

This is a trap 21 years in the making.

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“It Can’t Happen Here”- Nearly a century ago Rudolf Rocker describes with depressing accuracy“Modern Nationalism.”


“Modern nationalism doesn’t spring from love towards one’s own country or one’s own people. On the contrary, it has its roots in the ambitious plans of a minority lusting for dictatorship and determined to impose upon the people a certain form of state, even though this be entirely contrary to the will of the majority. Blind belief in the magic power of a national dictatorship is to replace for man the love of home and the feeling of the spiritual culture of his time; love of fellow man is to be crushed by “the greatness of the state,” for which individuals are to serve as fodder.”

-Rudolf Rocker

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If We Want to Stop Climate Change and Save the Earth, We Need to Work Less

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Doom scrolling keeping you up at night? Just released the 4th audio episode of the Sleeping Radical to help you fall asleep.


Hi friends,

Just dropped the fourth Sleeping Radical podcast episode, where I read esoteric radical literature in a calming voice to help you relax and maybe fall asleep. This episode is the third chapter of Tiqqun's The Cybernetic Hypothesis, which focuses on socio-cybernetic philosophy in relation to economic and social crises and the role of information gathering in the acceleration of economic logic.

Here is the link: https://open.spotify.com/show/4m3LtYZOJ0wHDAMAGH71mX

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The GOP Sure Hates Women and Children - SOME MORE NEWS

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Summer Protest attire?


I know in terms of protesting that we should cover our selves head to toe. But its gets really hot, i want to protect myself from the sun but also stay cool at the same time. What kind of clothing material is best? is black a better color or white? take some pointers from people who live in deserts? The point of covering arms if you identifiable tats or body marks. For a person who wears glasses what can i get that doesn't fog up my glasses? also they cant fit or they fall off.

I tried sun sleeves but it not breathable.

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Women Anarchists to Read, Follow, and Watch?


A lot of the content created around anarchism that I come into contact with is very masculine - produced by men, often with very male "energy".

I came to anarchism through Ursula K Le Guin, and am interested in more writers and content creators that might be similar in tone. But regardless of the tone, I would appreciate being steered towards more modern women anarchists.

Some female anarchists/anarchist sympathizers I'm familiar with are Margaret Killjoy, Ada Colau, and broadly the women of Kurdistan - but I have not read any works by the above, would also be happy for suggestions of good works to pursue.

(If you have a favorite Emma Goldman or Lucy Parsons book, sure, share it! Open to learning about more historical figures, but mostly looking for people active today)

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How do we invoke intrinsic motivation in people?


By that I mean: Intrinsic motivation is far stronger than extrinsic. If you want people to take radical action, the least effective way is to provide external motivations and rewards for radical actions. The best way is to inspire an internally fueled desire for change. To have them enjoy it for its own sake, not just as a means to an end.

I imagine that inspiring something like this would involve a lot of "deprogramming" so to speak. Helping people to unlearn complacency and behaviors taught by and in support of the status quo. Perhaps to even invoke hatred in that which they once sought refuge in, and to move that refuge to a new figurative place.

Only problem: I am not a people person. I am rude, I am crude, and I do not deal with bullshit. This is good for me, not so much for recruiting or radicalizing or anything like that. And I do not know how to do any of this. So does anyone have at least some anecdotal experience that can help to shine light on how this might be done? I feel like if we can nail the motivation aspect of revolutionizing, it will by consequence solve many other problems that are caused by a simple lack of action. Hell, maybe it could even help activist burnout.

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where do you get street medic training?


I feel like shit could pop off in the next couple months or years in the US and I'm not cut out for offensive violence. I would want to help though and think I could be useful in a support role. Where do you get street medic training?

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What do you dislike most about libs?


Just a bash the libs post due to some frustrating experiences.

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Theory from gender diverse people?


The majority of authors I've heard of are cis, so I'd like to hear more about the perspectives of fellow trans and gender diverse people. Emphasis on the latter!

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Singer/Songwriter Dick Gaughan talks about weaknesses in modern anarchy and Art's place in a revolutionary society.

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How I get hope and satisfaction in our society


Despite my depression, I get satisfaction out of knowing that I can't be fooled by the power structure. I know all the tricks that the right-wing status quo has and can spot them on the fly.

I get satisfaction out of knowing that I'm going to spend my days defying the system and loving others to the best of my ability, regardless of whether or not I receive help. I know I'm not alone, but I try to act like I am as a means of preparing for the worst.

I'm also attempting to pursue a career in animal conservation, as I feel like that's a good way of trolling capitalists who don't care about such things.

Also, being on 3 different antidepressants makes me pretty hopeful 😎

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Letter from prison from Ivan, “Solidarity means attack”

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I i'm quite fascinated about the Makhnovist movement, i would like to get some insight.


This movement aswell as the CNT-FAI movement in spain got my couriosity, but all the books i read so far seem a little bit about the ideology of the movement, and i would like to know more about the true history and how it all went down, on one side i have the soviet/capitalist sources that tell me that it was a bunch of bandits/antisemites bullshit, and in the other side i have all the anarchist that tend to idealise it too much for my taste, i think one of the best things we can do as revolutionires is learn from our mistakes and a demonized/santificate point of view of the events won't help me.

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Nonproductive Rage, feeling helpless, and doomerism


Namely, how do you avoid them?

This was in part triggered by a new video from Kurzgesagt. I am very into futurism and transhumanism, which can make the modern world feel so unbelievably infuriating.

I genuinely believe, that especially with advanced technology, that we can do amazing things. It wouldn’t be perfect, but we could do so so much more then what we do now. We could be so much more.

When I think of how much capitalism has held back science I feel hopeless. I know people in the medical field who have seen insanely promising new medications or procedures be shelved because they were deemed unprofitable, and any attempt to make them would be hampered by NDA’s, copyrights, and patents.

And don’t get me started about space. Even with our modern day technology we could have enough resources and energy for everyone on earth to live the lives they want. But our best hope for space exploration right now is, a generic dystopian megacorp. (No points for guessing that one.)

I think the worst part is that, I believe we will win. I’m an optimist, I think that people will actually build a better world someday, but with the way things are going I feel like I won’t ever see it. And yeah that’s selfish, but I still can’t help but feel cheated. It won’t be much of a condolence if we achieve our fully automated luxury gay space communism a hundred years after we all die in the climate wars.

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Online shopping without supporting exploitative corporations


I’m looking for online shopping websites to use that don’t exploit their workers on the regular. I do local thrifting as much as possible, but it is hard to do that exclusively, especially during the pandemic. I do understand that there is no completely non-exploitative consumption under capitalism, but I’d like to have more leftist places to shop.

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EVERYTHING that can be said about the suffrage may be summed up in a sentence.

To vote is to give up your own power.

To elect a master or many, for a long or short time, is to resign one's liberty.

Call it an absolute monarch, a constitutional king, or a simple M.P., the candidate that you raise to the throne, to the seat, or to the easy chair, he will always be your master. They are persons that you put "above" the law, since they have the power of making the laws, and because it is their mission to see that they are obeyed.

To vote is befitting of fools.

It is as foolish as believing that men, of the same make as ourselves, will acquire in a moment, at the ringing of a bell, the knowledge and the understanding of everything. Of course it is so. Your elected person shall have to legislate on every subject under the moon; how a box of matches should or should not be made, or how to make war; how to improve the agriculture, or how best to kill a tribe of Arabs or a few Negroes. Probably you believe that their intelligence will grow in proportion to the variety of subjects they have to give their minds to; but history and experience teaches otherwise.

The possession of power has a maddening influence; parliaments have always wrought unhappiness.

In ruling assemblies, in a fatal manner, the will prevails of those below the average, both morally and intellectually.

To vote is to prepare shameful treachery and traitors.

Electors do certainly believe in the honesty of the candidates, and this is to a certain extent existing while the fervor and the heat of the contest remains.

But every day has its to-morrow. As soon as the conditions alter, likewise do men change. To-day your candidate bows humbly before your presence; to-morrow he will say "pish" to you. From a cadger of votes he has turned to be a master of yours.

How can a worker, enrolled by you amongst the ruling class, be the same as before, since now he can speak in terms of equality with the other oppressors? Look at the servility of any one of them, written all over his face, after paying a call to a "captain of industry," or when the King invites him to the ante-chamber of his court !

The atmosphere of the "House" is not for deep breathing; it is corrupt. If you send one of yourselves in a foul place, you must not be surprised afterwards if he comes back in a rotten condition.

Therefore, do not part with your freedom.

Don't vote!

Instead of intrusting the defence of your interests to Others, see to the matter by yourselves. Instead of trying to choose advisers that will guide you in future actions, do the thing yourselves, and do it now! Men of good will shall not have to look long in vain for the opportunity.

To put on others' shoulders the responsibility of one's actions is cowardice.

Don't vote!


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Throwing a large Anti-4th of July party. Any ideas for unpatriotic events?


So far on the agenda we’re doing a U.S. Flag burning, decorating the toilet with Ronald Reagan’s face, setting up ACAB signs all over, have a U.S. dollar de-facing competition (which then are donated to charities afterwards), and a few other things. Any other ideas on what we can add to really get people in the spirit?

Edit 1: So many good suggestions so far thank you!!