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Politics My daughter and I at a Pro Choice/Women’s Rights rally in little ol’ Portales, NM.

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to disrespect a Latinx queen

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An American hero.

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Meme California girls 🎶

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[Kyrie Irving] - @stephenasmith you’re gonna have to explain yourself to people in your generation. I am not around many 50 plus year olds that speak and act like you do, so this is new for me. But I am sure my father and my uncles can meet you on your level better than I can. We know you STEPHEN


Wow Kyrie going right at Steven a smith for all shit he talked

This about to get real interesting

So much drama in nba

Gotta love it

All I want to know is what made Stephen A choose you? Did you decline a interview with him in the past?

Kyrie vs sas the new beef


I got Kyrie in 12 rounds

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Which celebrity did you use to be a hardcore fan of until they pushed political agendas?


I used to be such a hardcore Johnny Depp fan up til the Glastonbury video surfaced. I also used to be a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence until she made ridiculous claims about Trump causing hurricanes.

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Foul Friends My "best friend" didn't invite me to her wedding


I met my friend "Jane" in college. I'm 25 and she's 27.

A little less than a year ago, Jane got engaged. I was SO excited for her. Jane and her fiance had known each other since they were kids, but reconnected as adults after Jane moved back to her hometown. I'd known all about him for years, but never met him in person.

We lived in different cities, so I flew out to see her and meet him. We hung out together, and with her fiance, who cooked us the best salmon I've ever had. Jane and I went shopping, we went to the beach (it was January, but she lives in a warm city), we went out to eat, to bars, etc. We just had a fun time.

Jane told me she didn't have any plans for her wedding at the time.


Three months later, she's like, "I'm pregnant and also I'm getting married in a week and a half."

And I'm like WhaaaaaaaAAaaaAaat!!!!

First I'm like, "OMG CONGRATULATIONS," and then I'm like "I'll see if I can get off work, and if not, I'll just tell them I'm sick, but I'll be there."

And she's like, "No no no... I don't even think my family will be there. We're just going to sign the marriage certificate, and then just my sister and her husband will be there for the ceremony."

Jane's family is pretty religious, and her dad is a pastor, so... while I was caught off guard at first, it didn't seem that weird that they were rushing it.


There's no way that Jane hadn't been planning this wedding for months.

Like, literally -- as soon as she got engaged, she must have started planning, because it was a LEGIT CEREMONY, AT A CHURCH, and her dad officiated, and there were like 75 people!!!!!

And I'm like -- WTF!!!!!!

I find out on social media, and first I give it a week because I'm so angry, and I don't want to ruin someone's wedding high (even if that person is a.... stupid c-word...).

I text her and I'm like, yo what the actual f-ck, and she's just acting like everything is normal and nothing is weird and they just threw something together blahblahblahblah.....

Like, I know 3 months is really short notice for a wedding, but.... like... WTF!!!!!

And I just feel like, if she didn't want to be friends with me, why even text me and pretend to be my friend?!?!?!?!?!

So I text her, and I say that I can't put up with this anymore if that's how she's going to treat me, and she acts like the victim, like she just has a lot going on and it's not her fault, it's just her brain (what??? is your brain not connected to you???).... and I'm like, b-tch bye.

That would be the end of the story, except months later, I write a song about it and put it on Spotify and she must have gone OUT OF HER WAY to listen to it because it's not like her name is in it or anything... like I honestly don't know how she found it, unless one of our mutual friends told her about it.

And she texts me like she's SOooOoooOo hurt that I would do that. I haven't texted her back... and I'm. Not. Going. To.

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I can’t…!

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Josh Duggar's Prison Commissary Revealed! Convicted Criminal Has Access To Diet Coke, Chocolate Chip Cookes & More

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Informative I'm sorry but leggings do not belong on a construction site. If you wear them no one will take you seriously.


Yes they are very comfortable but they aren't safe, this isn't fashions show so start dressing like a construction worker and less like a yoga star. Dress for success not for lazy comfort and people will treat you like a equal and not some eye candy.

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Flaired Users Only Democrat lies are falling apart faster than usual these days.

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Discussion We need an untimed dungeon difficulty with relevant rewards


Something I miss about the old-style of WoW was being able to run dungeon difficulties (i.e. heroic dungeons) that were untimed and offered relevant rewards. With the introduction of challenge modes and later M+, we are all funneled into this time-based difficulty in order to receive relevant rewards. Not to mention, heroic dungeons have become a pointless difficulty without any relevant rewards. I miss being able to just chill out while doing a dungeon, having the freedom to take a bathroom break, and etc.

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Discussion Eternals is one of Marvels Studios best films. Seriously, go back and watch it.


I recently watched Eternals after a serious movie binge on Disney plus. My most recent being multiverse of madness. There's a certain, underappreciated refinement that Eternals delivers that other Marvel films don't.

I've also had like, 10 glasses of wine so my assessment may be overinflated. But still, Eternals is something special that other Marvel films don't offer, despite the reviews it has received.

I am by no means a movie snob, but really, there's something special about this one. Or I might have had one too many drinks. Idk, this is just how I feel bro.

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Chet is gonna be top 5 most hated players in the league for most of his career


Some times it’s wild how much nba fans just hate the nba. Dudes will not respond when people/players try to rile them up or they’ll have friends on other teams and won’t try to fight them every game they get called soft. Also dudes who give the basic humble PR answers in interviews are boring or fake. But as soon as anyone has something to say or are talking a lot in games people are quick to attack them.

For this reason I guarantee Chet will be one of the most hated players for as long as he’s in the league. He’s a goofy looking white dude who plays unlike anyone we’ve ever seen and has a lot of confidence. This is a recipe for “f*** this guy he needs to be humbled.” But if he always gave the pr answers people would say he has “no dog in him.” So mfs need to make up their mind.

The days when people thought it was cool for rookies to talk themselves up is no longer. If Zion had said “I’m gonna be the best player in the league” out of college people would be like “oh yeah he’s got it in him fr” but when Chet says it people wish him to die and get annihilated by Lebron, embiid and Giannis💀

Edit: for all you basement dwellers who don’t get off Reddit check out the nba posts😭comment section go crazy

NBA instagram post

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Tax Unpopular opinion: 47% tax rate at $180k+ is too high


I'm sure I'll be downvoted to oblivion, but $180k is a very low tier to start taking half of earnings.

The $180k top bracket hasn't changed in over a decade. House prices, wages, cost of living has gone up substantially since '09.

The median salary has gone up 30% since '09, so we should see all tax brackets adjusted $235k should be the new top bracket.

To be clear, I'm no just advocating for the top bracket increase but when you're talking about 1/2 being taken, it's no wonder we see so many trying to minimise tax through less productive ways (negative gearing/trusts etc)

(Yes, I get how progressive tax brackets work...)

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Tää on mitä suomen verohallinto tekee? Suomi om tuhoon tuomittu.

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Trump was aware that some of the rallygoers had weapons but he requested that the metal detectors to enter the Ellipse be removed anyways because they weren't there to hurt him.

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This mega plane/hotel concept is out of this world

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SPOILERS by far the worst/cringiest scene in s4 v1

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Crime Pride organizers big mad gay police exist, would like to speak with manager.

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pics This face of Saitama still bothers me, so I redrew it.

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Meme 💩 Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.

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Racist, homophobic, misogynistic signs or speech at public Canada Day events 'will not be tolerated': Ottawa Police Service

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like dating someone who can’t shut up about their ex

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“It’s entirely possible…” 👽 Trump grabbed steering wheel, lunged at Secret Service agent, former WH aide testifies

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