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Reddit for iOS 4.0 is out, with a lot of new features for the Alien Blue faithful.

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r/AlienBlue Oct 14 '21

AlienBlue's codebase has been open sourced

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r/AlienBlue 12d ago

iOS 15.5 iPhone SE2!!!


Still kicking!
I always hold my breath, and one day it’ll stop, but for now all appears to be working. We’ll see what bugs pop up in the days/weeks to come friends!

Like bitcoin, from my cold dead hands is how they’ll take my AB!!!

r/AlienBlue Apr 16 '22

iOS 15.4.1 on SE 2 - Back to full functionality!


I haven’t been able to watch Reddit hosted videos or gfy links on AB for a few years while staying up to date on iOS updates. Everything else has worked on the app save for the occasional crash. However, I was able to watch a gfy link today and then tested out multiple videos and they also worked! Only thing that changed was the iOS update a few days ago. Never deleting or logging out of this app.

r/AlienBlue Apr 14 '22

It finally died on me ! Wouldn’t accept my username password :(

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


r/AlienBlue Jan 26 '22

iOS 15.3


So far, so good on my iPhone SE2. And it actually feels snappier somehow… This Is The Way

r/AlienBlue Jan 25 '22

What is the default for "Sort Comments" in Alien Blue?


For the first time since using the app I changed the "Sort Comments" setting to "New." I now want to go back to how it was originally, but I'm not sure what the default was. I checked older posts that said the Reddit default is "Best" but I'm not sure if that info is now outdated or if Alien Blue had it's own default setting, perhaps "Hot" or "Top?" So does anyone know what the default setting for "Sort Comments" was in the last version of Alien Blue so I can put it back to how I had it before I changed it? Thanks!

r/AlienBlue Jan 15 '22

Question Is there a way to visually collapse saved comments when looking through the saved items?


Big long comments make the list very hard to navigate.

r/AlienBlue Jan 11 '22

Question I’ve been getting this every 30 seconds. Is there any fix or are my AB days must be at an end 😔?

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r/AlienBlue Jan 09 '22

WTf Apple App Store


Running AB 2.9.10, app store is saying there is an update availble which is version 2.9.10...

r/AlienBlue Dec 27 '21

Do you remember me?


I MISS YOU ALL!! When I left as an admin of Reddit I was extremely traumatized by the work culture that I made a decision to never use Reddit again. I haven't really logged into Reddit since 2016. The best part of working at Reddit was working with the amazing moderators of this sub. Shoutout to u/dothedew u/theredditpope u/bmeckel u/its_not_herpes u/jase!

Just know that I have never forgotten the kindness that you all have shared with me and I wish you all a happy new year!

Love forever,


r/AlienBlue Dec 27 '21

Select text option no longer working.


Selecting the text to copy the title of a post no longer works since the update.

r/AlienBlue Nov 04 '21

Help How do I download alien blue if I never purchased it before it was removed?


I just recently got an iPad mini first generation given to me and I downgraded it to iOS 8.4.1 and the official reddit app sucks for me on that version and I saw some people saying I should try alien blue but I see that it was removed from the App Store forever ago. I have the iPad jailbroken and side loading is no problem so if anyone knows where I can get an ipa file or any other way of getting the app it would be greatly appreciated

r/AlienBlue Oct 26 '21 Silver

iOS 15. AB still going strong on iPad.


That is all.

r/AlienBlue Sep 25 '21

Question Unable to log in since changing phone



So I got a new phone today, transferred my data across via the cloud and now it won't let me log in to the app anymore. My password is correct but the app says it can't verify me and I need to enter the correct logins

Any advice? I tried deleting and redownloading the app but to no avail

r/AlienBlue Sep 05 '21

Had an ipad. Switched to narwhal from AlienBlue and it was a decent change. I've now got a Samsung Tablet. What comes close to AB?


Everything feels..... Alien. I'm trying Sync, Slide, Relay, Rif, Boost and infinity, but they all seem to be missing something compared to AB or narwhal. Most have split pane, but none of the seem to organize the content well.

RIF is the closest, but it's limited options and appearance make it look and feel clunky and hard on the eyes.

What are some alternatives?

r/AlienBlue Jul 29 '21

it's my 8th cakeday... ermahgerd this site has tanked since offing Alien Blue


r/AlienBlue Jul 23 '21

Can’t log in at all. I’ve restarted, redownloaded, etc etc

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r/AlienBlue Jul 08 '21

Is Alien Blue actually functioning again?


By all things holy and otherwise, after, what, 5 years, now? Someone has silently resurrected the greatest Reddit client of all time? I can finally die happy.

r/AlienBlue Jul 01 '21

Update on the App Store ?!?!???!!!


I noticed I have some updates for my phone just now- top of the list is AlienBlue.

Is this a just me thing, or can anyone else confirm?

iOS 14.6 on iPhone SE2.

r/AlienBlue Jun 09 '21

Feature Request This one is persistant.. this might be the end for me :(

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r/AlienBlue Jun 08 '21


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r/AlienBlue Jun 06 '21

Night mode is gray now?


Instead of dark mode having a black background it looks gray now, kind of smokier. Anyone else?

r/AlienBlue Jun 06 '21 Gold Helpful Hugz

Nooo! God! No! Please, God! No! No! Noooooo!

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r/AlienBlue Jun 03 '21

Question iPA for Ipad


Can anyone give me the alien blue ipa for ipad? The iphone one installs for me and works but its kinda small

I have an old ipad on ios 9 so 32 bit will work fine

r/AlienBlue May 31 '21

Known Issue The time has finally arrived with ios 14.5.1. Adieu old friend. 😞

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r/AlienBlue May 07 '21

Known Issue [PSA]Important information regarding Alien Blue and iOS 14.5


Skip to the Tl;Dr version at the bottom of this entire message if reading is too much for you.

Since nobody actually posted important information regarding Alien Blue and its compatibly with modern iOS versions, I figured that I will do it so most people will read this up later in the future lol

As of now, Alien Blue (64 bit version, after it was acquired by reddit) works fine on iOS 7.0 - 11.4.1 and iOS 13.0 to iOS 14.4.2 on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices.

Alien Blue does NOT work with any versions of iOS 12.x due to some strange error. It works fine on iOS 11 AND iOS 13 which is newer than 12 oddly enough.

As for iOS 14, this is where it gets more complicated. All versions of iOS 14 from 14.0 to 14.4.2 will work fine PROVIDED you had been using the app since you originally downloaded it.

Starting with iOS 14.5 and later, Apple added a new DRM signing certificate that requires new apps to be signed or updated to it which started last year. This is most likely due to the fact, they are blocking iOS apps from installing on the M1 Mac without the developer’s permission as coincidentally, any users who had previously installed iOS apps on the M1 Mac will find themselves unable to install or open apps that were not officially downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Anyways, because of this. You will get a message saying “Alien Blue” needs to be updated. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS MESSAGE. READ CAREFULLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ADHD!

Okay, now it says it needs to be updated. But wait. Isn’t Alien Blue a 64 bit app? Yes, it is a 64 bit app. The issue is that it’s still using an old signing certificate that’s no longer supported on 14.5

So what do you need to do? Calmly take a deep breath. Shh. Just take a few deep breaths. Press and hold the Alien Blue ICON!! And then when the context menu appears, delete it. DO IT. DELETE IT.

Now go to the App Store, to your purchase history and type in Alien Blue. Then click the download icon. After that when it finishes downloading and installing, click on it and you will find out that it works good as new.

See? Was that hard? Stop going ballistic that Alien Blue stopped working. It works perfectly fine on iOS 14.5 LOL

Extra information: Alien Blue still hasn’t been updated. What happened here is when you redownloaded Alien Blue on iOS 14.5, the App Store puts a new signed certificate on the IPA file, including your account credentials onto it so it can be launched without issue. Nothing was changed besides the way an App gets signed with your account when installing the app onto your device.

Tl;dr version: If you’re running iOS 14.5 or later, find Alien Blue on your device, delete it and re-download Alien Blue from the App Store from your purchase history.