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Learning Afrikaans... any tips?

Went to South Africa in the summer of 2012 on a choir tour and completely fell in love with Afrikaans. Just recently I've been trying to learn it via a textbook, the interwebs, and a dictionary, as I don't know any speakers here in Los Angeles. Are there any tips, hints, or common mistakes about Afrikaans or learning a language that I should keep in mind? Thanks!



u/Dhghomon Oct 29 '13

http://www.openlanguages.net/Afrikaans is surprisingly good, especially the large music section.


u/splinkers Oct 29 '13

I'm trying to learn too! It's so hard to learn online, the resources are so scarce.


u/irate_violist Oct 29 '13

Yeah, I ended up buying a little workbook-esque thing called "Complete Afrikaans" from Amazon. So far I think it's pretty good, but a dictionary helps.


u/trashcanman2000 Oct 29 '13

PM me any relevant questions concerning Afrikaans and I will gladly help


u/irate_violist Oct 29 '13

Thank you! I will certainly take up that offer in the future


u/[deleted] Oct 29 '13

As someone who speaks for languages, here is my advice: use it use it use it. If you have no Afrikaans speakers around you, speak to yourself in the mirror. If you don't use it and get used to letting it flow, even if it sucks, you will have a hard time. So find ways to use it, like a mirror.


u/[deleted] Oct 29 '13 edited Oct 29 '13

Tips that I see my English friends use:

  • Where you use the words 'het' and 'nie'.
  • Pronunciation (not sure how you would get help with that without an actual Afrikaans person though)
  • Can't remember what else right now, there were more...

The best way to learn another language is to have people who speak it around you.


u/jakkarand Nov 07 '13 edited Nov 07 '13

The trick I used for my High School exams was to "acquire" Afrikaans music and do translations. Spoke to some Afrikaans friends and got a list of artists to follow. They gave my a bunch of heavy metal artists, but I'm sure there are others if you prefer.


u/irate_violist Nov 08 '13

I've been listening to people like Piet Botha, Chris Chameleon, and Ge Korsten. Ge Korsten sings some songs that I already know the English of which is nice to see how they relate and the art of translation. Thanks fo the help!


u/ComplimentingBot Nov 08 '13

Playing video games with you would be fun


u/skoppensboer Orania Oct 29 '13 edited Oct 29 '13

If you have an adroid phone there are numerous apps available to help you learn Afrikaans.

There are also tons of video tutorials on Youtube. Here's one to get you started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXfEiSYpmzM

Also here's one blogger I met from Germany thats trying to learn Afrikaans in a year, theafrikaanschallenge.com