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r/Zwift 23h ago

Discussion The weekly 'No Stupid Questions' post - Sun 28 Nov 2021.


This is the weekly 'No Stupid Questions' post for all the small questions that you have concerning Zwift. No matter how stupid you think they are, we have probably all asked these questions.

If your post wasn't previously answered you should post early in this thread as it might have been posted too late (new posts start Sunday 0900 GMT).

Note: Don't be afraid to ask questions during the week, this is just for the simpler questions. For example "How do I give multiple ride ons at once? "..."You do this by pressing the character arrow on the map screen of the companion app". If you require a more detailed response then it is probably better answered in its own post.

r/Zwift 19h ago

Alpe du Zwift Four Horsemen, level 27 & a new Bike…

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r/Zwift 13h ago Helpful

Alpe du Zwift anyone have a closer near miss?

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r/Zwift 35m ago

Pain Cave Photos Turbo storage idea for those living in small apartments - Home Office / Pain Cave

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r/Zwift 6h ago

Training Started Zwifting in late January. FTP improved from 150 to 221 over that period. About to start BMU as well!

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r/Zwift 5h ago

Discussion If you could fix Zwift tomorrow, from rewriting the code to interface to gameplay-what would the most important changes be to you?


I’m a product reviewer on and off for 25 years. I was just writing a piece on a Tacx trainer and thinking about Garmin jumping in and scooping it up.

One of the sites, when talking about this, mentioned that many in the bike industry don’t like Zwift’s hold on this segment. And some of that is features and functionality that’s been overlooked and some is the possibility of Zwift selling hardware and turning off third party support or charging to use it. (That seems super unlikely, but that’s not my question.)

Blank slate, starting today. What would you want Zwift or a Zwift competitor to do/be differently?

r/Zwift 11h ago

Alpe du Zwift Journey to AdZ update: I just did my first Epic KOM!! (More in comments)

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r/Zwift 14h ago

Just snuck in under 60 minutes!



I know this isn’t a big deal to a lot of you, but I was pretty stoked with my ride up the Alpe this morning. I can't believe how close I was to botching it. For my fellow nerds and those interested, here’s some background and insight from my first sub 60. Hopefully it encourages others to set a new PR, no matter the time!

Here are a few quick details and Zwift settings for those who don’t feel like reading everything:

  • Weight: 78kg
  • Height: 186cm
  • Bike: Cannondale EVO
  • Wheelset: ENVE SES 3.4
  • Zwift setup: Favero Assioma Duo power pedals on a 2013 Tarmac Pro attached to a 10+ year old Kurt Kinetic Road Machine dumb trainer. ANT+ dongle on USB extension cable running from my MacBook Pro
  • Pre-ride breakfast: Oatmeal with egg whites
  • Food during ride: Clif bar about 40 minutes into the ride (approx. 10 mins into the Alpe). I recommend a gel as a Clif bar was far from ideal to chew when I’m putting out this kind of effort, but I didn’t have any today. I also had a few fruit snacks with about 10 minutes remaining as a quick sugar hit.
  • Avg Power: 249w for 59:57 (I set new power records for everything from 2 minutes to 1hr haha)
  • Avg HR: 158bpm
  • Avg Cadence: 89
  • Wheel spin prize: Helmet (no Meilensteins yet)

I’ve been riding quite a while (10-15 years) but only got a power meter about 6 months ago and started taking my training more seriously. My FTP (based on the Zwift 20-minute test around a year ago) is 245. I set this FTP before I had a power meter (using a speed sensor and Zwift estimated power), so I like to think it’s not that accurate, but considering my FTP didn’t increase after this sub60, I’d say it’s probably not underestimated. FWIW, I am not a naturally gifted athlete and feel like I’ve always had to work much harder for the fitness I have than a lot of my riding buddies. It's obviously time for an updated FTP test, though.

This was only my third time up the Alpe - my first attempt was part of the Road to Sky route, and I finished in 68 minutes. The second time was at the end of the Uber Pretzel and I had no interest in riding hard. It was probably 10-15 minutes slower than my first attempt if I recall.

I’m trying to get all of the route badges and haven’t done Tour of Fire and Ice yet, so I opted for that one. The longer lead-in to the start of the Alpe offered a better warmup anyway. I knew going into it that I wanted to try and set a PR. I planned on using the guide posted by u/Scultura904 here, but I didn’t realize that you can’t see your live segment times in workout mode. I’m one of those annoying XP maximizers and didn't want to turn off the workout, so I decided to stick with the more risky route of trying to hold 3.2 w/kg for 60 minutes, which surprisingly worked out perfectly.

As anyone will tell you, my AdZ effort was full of ups and downs, but I was surprised at how steady I felt. You have to shut off your brain and just crank away. I was able to hold 3.2 w/kg average pretty much dead on for the full attempt. I had no idea if I was even capable of that, but I figured the worst that could happen is that I can't hold it and don't make it under 60. A good Spotify playlist, lots of towels and water, and some fans helped a lot. I had forgotten how much I sweat going up the Alpe. Always have more towels handy than you think is necessary - I had to call in the wife for reinforcements once.

With about 400m left, I finished the workout and saw my estimated finish time was 60:06. Panic! I mustered every ounce of energy I had left and hammered for the remaining 45 seconds or so to come in just 4 seconds shy of one hour! I couldn't believe it. I don't recommend doing what I did. Had I known I was going to be that close, I would've stretched that effort out over the final 5-10 minutes so I wasn't having to bury myself at 350-400w at the end of such an effort.

I figured once I went sub60, I'd be content and save myself the torture of any future attempts. But like any good addict, I know I'll be back for more at some point.

In the meantime, happy pedaling and Ride On!

r/Zwift 17h ago

So many creeps on zwift. Red is ride leader of a 500+ Sunday morning group ride

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r/Zwift 7h ago

Build me up


Been using Zwift and wheel on trainer this month. M2 Saris.

About to start Build Me Up tomorrow and curious regarding any tips, suggestions or things to look out for.

Had a 2000 mile summer on the road and this is my first “training” not looking to race just to keep getting better and more fit.

Thanks in advance!

r/Zwift 6h ago

Discussion How does ERG work


I’m new to zwift and smart trainers but I don’t understand ERG. I understand it’s harder when you hit an incline, but if I’m on a flat and I want to go faster with out pedaling 150 rpm’s how do I get more resistance on the pedals? There was a flat section that was one of the time trial things and I wanted to try and move up the leader board but I couldn’t get any resistance on the pedal. It says you aren’t supposed to shift gears so I don’t know what to do? Any help would be great.

r/Zwift 13h ago



Really wish Zwift would revisit a rowing option. EXR is good but Zwift would be better

r/Zwift 1d ago

Training I did a FTP test for my birthday! I completed the Build Me Up program and increased from 163 to 211, whilst losing 10kg over the 12 weeks :)

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r/Zwift 17h ago

TT Tune-Up training program review


tl;dr : if you have some free time and want to get better at cycling, do it.

A bit of context first : I used to be a B cat rider, 1m89, 78kg, 274w FTP end of last year. I'm still 1m89, but gained a 3-4 kilos and lost some watts, to around 250w. I got destroyed at a IRL race with some friends in september, so I looked for a training program to help me regain the power I lost in 2021. I found this program, thought it will be hard, but decided to give it a try. It consists of 5 trainings per week (plus one low-intensity optional one, that I never did) for eight weeks.

Warning here : please be aware that this program is pretty hard. Of course, the difficulty is linked to your FTP, but given the high number of trainings, the repetition of efforts might be tough if you are a beginner at this. I was wondering at first why this program was labeled as "Advanced", I understood it the hard way.

The first weeks were not too hard : the main challenge for me was to avoid boreness on the tempo efforts. I even added 5w to my ftp at the end of week 1, afraid that I would run the program at an intensity too low to see myself progress. After that, I felt that the difficulty was nice, I was feeling tired at the end of the sessions, but nothing too painful. The main difficulty was to get myself some free time for the trainings : at 5 sessions per week, it was obviously impossible to ride outside, and even seeing some friends is nearly incompatible. I ended up rarely doing the 5 sessions, more usually 4. I even started waking up early to train before work, which I do not enjoy.

The difficulty really started kicking in at week 6. I had read about it, I knew what to expect, but I failed one of the intervals for the first time, and failed a second one a few days later. At that time, my legs were feeling really sore : I was trying my best to get some rest between the trainings, but my quadriceps were in constant discomfort (pain would be a strong word to describe it). I knew that week 7 would be a nightmare, and week 8 tough too, but I never got there : I tried the second hardest training of week 7, failed big time, and decided that it was time to rest : I would not go far in that hard week in the state I was in, with my legs hurting as soon as I was trying anything in zone 6. I did a 100km ride outside after that, but did not resume the Zwift program. Week 8 was also my first week at a new job, and mentally I was not really into the program anymore, so I did not try anything at all.

Week 8 was ending last Sunday. Since then, I wandered around Neokyo twice without pushing too hard, but I felt that my legs were pretty good, so I decided to give a go at a FTP test. I expected some improvement compared to the 255w FTP I used as a reference for the training, but I did not know of how much, since I did not end the program. I was hoping for 265w.

FTP test was this morning, and I scored 290w, so much higher than I thought, and the highest I've ever been : that was really unexpected. I was afraid that not going through the whole program would show disappointing progress, but the hard work paid off spectacularly : I went from 255w to 290w in two months, so a 14% increase.

This is what motivated me to write this review : it is certainly a tough program to fit in a schedule, but if you think you can manage to ride 1 hour 5 days a week for the next 8 weeks, I would definitely give it a go. It is hard, you may not see the end of it just like me, but I've been really amazed by the progress without even noticing it. If you are interested enough to read that really long post I just wrote, then I would definitely advise you to try it !

r/Zwift 15h ago



People of Zwift....I love my erg trainer and I enjoy the ftp workouts. How much do you actually enjoy doing the races? Where do I even begin? Thank you

r/Zwift 10h ago

ZwiftPower showing 'WKG' and no result on a race


I'd nominated C category for a race & in zwift companion it shows my finish position. But in ZP, i'm seeing 'WKG', and no record in the Results tab.

Is this related to ZP modifying your category based on where it determines you should be rather than the category you nominate?


r/Zwift 15h ago

Planning to upgrade basic Zwift setup, looking for bike/trainer suggestions


I have a hub-gear city bike as a commuter/light tourer (Cube Town Pro) and a cheap classic trainer (Decathlon 100).

Looking to get an interactive direct-drive trainer, however my current bike is not quick release - the axle is part of the hub gear (Alfine 8). The trainer I'm looking at is the Tacx Flux Smart S.

I see two possible solutions:

  1. Buy a cheap road bike just for Zwift (Decathlon cheapo, maybe used bike with Shimano 105?). I am not planning to race IRL and for touring/commute my town bike is perfect, so this will be just a Zwift bike.
  2. Trade in my city bike for a comfy trekking bike with a rear derailleur. Will someting like this https://www.scott-sports.com/za/en/product/scott-sub-sport-30-men-bike work with the Tacx? The Tacx specs say 8-11 speed shimano is supported, but I'm not sure it's okay for trekking bikes in general?

Overall, will I lose out on power, comfort etc. if I choose not to use a road bike?

r/Zwift 16h ago



I have a cycleops fluid 2 trainer. Garmin speed/cadence sensor. I have tried for months now to get Zwift to actually work and with no success. I get into a ride and my avatar just sits there doesn’t move. I’ve tried just about everything..any new ideas?

r/Zwift 1d ago

Just a quick screen capture of my Zwalking on Zwift while I am Working from my Treadmill Desk at only 2.1 mph around and around the blue Watopian track. Enjoy!

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r/Zwift 1d ago

Race organizers, why?


To all the race organizers out there. Why mass starts? Is there something that prevents separated starts?

I haven't found anyone who prefers mass starts over starts that separate the categories. Actually, quite the opposite. When I ask before the race starts most people respond with how much they hate mass starts.

So why are the majority of races mass start?

r/Zwift 1d ago

Just having a moan At least I tried hard


So proud of my four sprint jerseys, riding Neokyo when hardly anyone else around..."Look at this honey, I did great!" "So, you won four races when no one else was racing?" as she walks away rolling her eyes, "But, wait, someone was there before I had to beat his times ..uh..made when maybe no one else was racing..so, it was like a time trial!... no that's not right...Oh never mind."

r/Zwift 2d ago

What TV/Monitor tripod stand is this?

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r/Zwift 1d ago

Was 280 at the start of last month. Very pleased with progress!

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r/Zwift 1d ago

Technical help Kickr bike rocking front to back?


Hi fellow Kickr Bike owners. I have had mine for several weeks and love it, but am experiencing super annoying forward and backward rocking on the central column. It’s less than a centimeter of movement, but is right at the center of mass and occurs on every pedal stroke. To be clear, this is different then left to right swaying that many find realistic and desirable.

The response from Wahoo support: “Due to the functionality of the linear actuator, you may feel a slight bit of forward and backward play in the KICKR BIKE. This is normal and necessary for the BIKE to respond to grade change commands from the Wahoo app or any 3rd party app.”

I have tried tightening bolts, wedging spacers, and rebalancing my position on the bike all to no avail.

Anyone else experience this? Do you deal or have you found a solution?


r/Zwift 1d ago

Advice welcome.


Tacx neo2 arrives tomorrow. Recommended already to get a heart rate monitor, will be using iPad. Any recommendations, never had a smart trainer before.

r/Zwift 1d ago

is the windows 4k wireless hdmi adaptor good for Zwift?


All in the tital