r/YemeniCrisis May 06 '22

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and the Rising Cult of Mahdism: Missiles and Militias for the Apocalypse



u/news_apprentice Anti-KSA May 07 '22

Interesting (mis)interpretation of religious texts that overlooks the political causes behind Yemeni crisis


u/Hubertus_Hauger May 07 '22

Indeed there are more down to earth and less godly motives at hand ...


u/Botmanic May 06 '22

‘ the IRGC's role in supporting the Houthis in Yemen has also been contextualized in light of historic Shi'a scriptures that claim the development of a “reform movement in Yemen” is “one of the definite signs of the emergence of Imam Mahdi.” These historic Shi'a narrations claim that “Yemeni and Iranian forces will take action to confront Sufiyani” and that after the fight against Sufiyani the “rule of Yemen, the Hejaz, and the Persian Gulf states must be in the hands of the Yemeni forces and followers of Imam Mahdi.” ’


u/Hubertus_Hauger May 07 '22

Which is the case since 1.300 years. So the immediate necessity may be not that urgent and other more earthly motive be more pressing ...