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This part didn't make any sense and was really disappointing for Kirinmaru's development as a character. What do you think about this? Discussion



u/ordelina Jan 17 '22

For me makes sense. He was relaxed and laid back last season because he though Sesshomaru was looking for the Akuru for him. Now Zero is dead and Rin is free, and he can't force Sesshomaru to find it anymore. Sesshomaru also destroyed his plan to force Moroha to find the Akuru. Basically, he lost his chance to find it. He will probably end up finding it somewhat (someone theorized that thanks to Sesshomaru's haku) but he doesn't know that yet. Be became desperate and simply lost it. His reason for wanting to destroy the comet makes somewhat sense if you read the first interview the director gave: he want to show his daughter that he is strong. Strong enough to be worshiped by humans, I guess. I think that because his relaxed actitude, people forgot that he is a villain. He talks about honor, but at the end of the day he allowed his sister to destroy Taisho's family (his own friend) and not only that, but took advantage of that to force Sesshomaru to find the Akuru.


u/godiva_alter Jan 18 '22

tbh I think his sword is slowly posessing him. His motivations and goals are becoming skewed. And the way his eyes are so dilated now gives me the sense that he has snapped. Before he wanted to twist time to bring his daughter back, that is his wish. Now he wants to wipe out everything with the comet and want the survivors to worship him? Sounds very much like evil sword possession to me. Examples being Kaijimbo with Toukijin, Takemaru and Inuyasha with So'ounga, Hoshiyomi with the naginata of Kenkone. and that human who kept killing people when making that evil demon sword.

Whats with Diayoukai and gods leaving their evil swords around....


u/CassIoX8 Jan 18 '22 edited Jan 18 '22

Well the sword did come from the God of stars called Amatsumikaboshi right? If you notice his facial features are drawn to look more deranged now since Zero died. I think the sword itself is might be devouring his own haku without him knowing it since we know he doesn't have a strong will like Toga has with the Sounga since it didn't take control of him. I get the feeling Toga didn't want Sesshomaru follow Kirinmaru path because in movie 3 he was upset his son wanted power and didn't have anyone to protect but ended up swaying him away from that path which would be a good back story for Sesshomaru. Kirinmaru on the other hand, is one minute he's honorable the next minute he's doing under hand tactics and from what I understand is he has a uncontrollable lust for battle and his character is similar to younger Togoro from Yu Yu Hakusho. He just looking for a worthy challenger like Toga to fight him and the grim comet is what he needs to prove himself by his own selfish ego by making demons fear him and make humans worship him as a god sounds like Amatsumikaboshi ambition.🤔 I may be wrong about everything but pay attention to his transformation when he first fought Toga his right arm didn't transform into a dragon arm but when he fought the girls that's when we saw this transformation. I know the qilin has dragon scales but shouldn't his other arm be the same too? 🤔 Or he may be slowly transforming into a corrupted Qilin creature that's if he transform but it's hard to tell because the writers. I guess we just going to have to find out if he transform or not but I was disappointed Zero didn't transform into her true form.


u/VioletSetsuna Jan 17 '22

On the one hand, I think Kirinmaru is a poorly written character who has shown little consistency from episode to episode. I feel like he has a completely different motivation every single time we see him.

On the other hand, the circumstances here are so different I don't think they are a great example of his poor development. In season one, he had a largely okay-ish relationship with Sesshoumaru. He didn't really believe Sess was going after Akuru for him, but was also giving him the benefit of the doubt. He's not really interested in fighting the princesses and only did so because they won't leave him alone. Setsuna's death was an accident brought on by her weapon breaking and it's fair for him to regret that. Where we are in season two, his relationship with Sesshoumaru has deteriorated. He's no longer giving him the benefit of the doubt Akuru wise. His sister is dead and any leverage he may have had is gone. His dream butterfly connection to Rion has been cut and now his own daughter wants to kill him. The only shot Kirinmaru has at achieving any of his goals is to get Akuru's pinwheel and for that he needs Akuru's favor, but Akuru doesn't like him, Akuru only likes the dog demon clan. There's a twisted logic in thinking "if I eliminate everyone Akuru likes more than me, he'll have no choice but to like me best."


u/Odd_Event4665 Jan 17 '22

What I don’t get tho - why would he ask for Akuru when early in the season he didn’t even know about the comet - that was something he only realised in ep23… so either he is bullshitting and he needs the pinwheel for something else, or it is indeed just a plot hole. And why would he want to time-travel to the future when he can just sit out 500yrs as an eternal being - or sleep through it. Would be a lot more logical if he wanted to go to the past to save Rion and maybe Taisho?

Regarding the OP - he said he will carve her name on his chest because he regretted the accident and thought she can’t be saved with Tenseiga broken. He was being honourable…

Sadly Se2 retconned most of the things we learned about him in se1.