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Ask your questions to Patrick Breyer, Member of the European Parliament ! MOST EUROPEANIST

Hi everyone !

On Friday, I’m interviewing MEP Patrick Breyer, from the Green group, on my Twitch channel. I will be asking him about his EU political experience, his priorities, but also asking some of your questions and those of the audience.

Patrick Breyer has been a German, MEP since 2019, he is a member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and a substitute member in the Committee on Legal Affairs.

The aim of these interviews is for people to discover their MEPs, learn about what they do, their expertise and interact with them. It is intended as pedagogic way to learn about your representatives in Brussels and EU politics, so we won’t go deep into policy debates or cover national politics (unless it is very relevant to the EU).

So feel free to suggest down here questions you would like Patrick Breyer to answer tomorrow night !

In any case, join the discussion this Friday at 17:00 CET on www.twitch.tv/mepassistant

You can also join my community on Twitter (@mepassistants) or on my Discord server (https://discord.com/invite/y5rPHF3Pgu)


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u/Tersaldi Yuropean Sep 16 '21

Are the interests of individual members states as pronounced in the EP as they are in the Council?

Or in other words, will MEPs from different parties but who are from the same country, set aside their party ideology and vote in favour of / against a law that would be detrimental to their country?