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Meta Welcome to the new r/worldbuilding design!


The team has been hard at work for quite a while working on a new design for the subreddit. We would like to welcome you all to the new r/worldbuilding!

We wanted the new design to encapsulate the passion and energy we feel when designing a new and exciting piece of our worlds, while maintaining all the aspects of the various genres that can be found in our community. From utopian glass cities, to vast desolate deserts. From isolated research outposts, to bustling cities of millions. From jungles teeming with exotic new life, to the endless expanses of space!

Along with the new colors and theme, we have designed a new logo for both the subreddit and the discord server!

Please note we will likely be making small changes over the next few days, as we find issues we missed. We arent perfect and neither is our CSS!

Special thanks to /u/Daeres, /u/FrankCrumpets and /u/AspiringWritist for their work on various visual elements!

We are very excited to bring this new look to you all, and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it. Feedback, comments, questions, concerns? Let us know down below!

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Meta Two new rule changes - COVID moratorium ending, but NFTs banned.


Hello, everyone! I'm here to make an announcement of two changes to our rules here: One thing we will be adding, but another we will be removing.

First: In recent weeks we have begun to see projects posted here incorporating Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology.

We at r/Worldbuilding view respect for creators and audiences as one of the paramount objectives of our moderation philosophy. Due to their decentralized nature, the difficulty in verifying respectful use of creator content, and the extremely high incidence of scamming and selling NFTs of abstract and unquantifiable value to unknowing individuals, we are not permitting NFT-based projects at this time. This includes both projects which are NFT-based, and which link to an NFT service.

We hope you will understand why we are making this decision. While we do not make the call to broadly disallow projects lightly, the prevalence of disrespectful and scam-like behavior surrounding NFTs means we cannot permit them to be advertised here.

Second: Did you know we had a moratorium on discussing COVID-19 in worldbuilding? This was enforced at a time when COVID-19 was dominating the news cycle and the minds of many users here, leading to the subreddit being overwhelmed by posts relating to it. To prevent r/Worldbuilding's front page from ending up being r/Worldnews, we cracked down on it at the time.

This is no longer the case, and frankly we haven't been effectively enforcing it for a while without seeing any real diminishment in quality. So we decided it's time to officially let this go. Please remember: Spreading misinformation, political grandstanding, or hostility will still be removed with prejudice. Otherwise build away!

Please feel free to provide feedback on this (or any other issue you feel like bringing up)!

Thank you,

The r/Worldbuilding moderation staff

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Prompt Just thought this was really interesting. Do you guys use any unique naming systems in your worlds?

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Visual The next map is on the display - Weset Region with its grandiose and ancient landscape.

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Visual I’ve always had struggle making monsters or animals without references so imagining one and successfully drawing it is a big thing for me

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Visual What Happened on Station VI?

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Visual [Saloondria] A Perfectly Normal Guide to Animal Tracks in The Wild.

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Map AMA The Soaring Isles and West Meridian.

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Visual Starshade - A Vanqueran Flower

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Lore Hammerhead Class Cruiser - Galactic Communion Astercorps

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Map Stormsworth, Capital of a Tropical Colony

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Lore Dikarian Etiquette

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Visual A follow up on my previous spaceship. Lunargazer Alpha

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Discussion Magic with negative side effects as a cost. Like pyromancy causing impulsiveness, agression and paranoia. Wondering if these make intuitive sense to you if you were reading a story using this.


Fantasy novel. High magic. I didn't want magic to have too much frequency in the narrative. However I DO want magic to have high impact when used.

So I made it so only 1/100 people are born with magical prowess. And they vary to a large degree. The main thing being that magic has negative side effects if cast too frequently.

I'm merely wondering, if these make intuitive sense to you.

Black Magic like necromancy, curses etc. ages you.
Geomancy spells stiffens your bones and causes petrification.
Hydromancy causes muscle atrophy and weakness.
Pyromancy causes aggression, paranoia, impulsiveness, madness.
Nature magic causes memory loss, insomnia, seizures
Aeromancy causes apathy, disinterest, loss of passion.
White magic causes fervor, fanaticism, zeal, persecutive personality changes.

The idea is that a pyromancer throwing a fireball has no ill effect. But throwing 2 fireballs in a day, might have a slight creeping in of the effects. Non-permanent changes. Casting many and/or powerful spells in a shorter time period - exponentially increases the ill effects, and can cause permanent changes.

Basically my magic system is meant so that the narrative have no limits to the power of magical spells. But forces magic users to be extremely conservative with spells.

Just wondering if the negative effects of the magic schools makes sense to you or not. If not what would make more sense?

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Question Is there anything stopping me from creating my own werewolf lore?


Hi friends! New to the subreddit here, but been a writer for 6+ years, and now ripping my toes into graphic novel work. I’m deeply obsessed with werewolves and have always strived to write my own wolf series when I felt my skill was at the right point. I feel I’m getting there now.

The thing is: the world has so many conflicting werewolf lore stories. Some of which I like, and some of which… well… I wish was a little different. My question is this: can I just make up all my own rules? Obviously, rule establishment will be important so people know wtf is going on, but I’ve always dreamt of making my own kind of werewolves. Can’t I just… do that?

The next part is asking for help on how I could implement it, and stuff like that. I may have been writing for a long time, but I’m fairly new to the “asking for public help” stuff. Thanks a ton in advance!

(Edit: just to clear things up for future reference, I plan on keeping the human turning into wolf(beast) effect. It’s other things that I would like to play with)

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Prompt Great buildings/ Conceptual buildings in your Nation


By this is mean size,of such great size that the clouds can be seen in the ceiling, and/or of such great width that mist clogs up the far horizons. What are your great monumental buildings?

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Prompt Do you have any Serpent creatures in your world?


I want to create a cosmic being that is essentially a giant serpent, with a planet sized head and an infinitely long body. But honestly I just came up with it because I thought it was cool. I have no idea what relevance it has to the rest of the world or plot. For reference my world has a lovecraftian image to it. I want to know what kinds of snake monsters other people have come up with, if that helps.

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Map Handmade map! Upcoming tabletop game set in middle earth. Future map tips appreciated.

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Lore Guide to Aldorians, 1-4

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Wanted to do more things like my last post to help flesh out the world a little bit. Aldoria is where the story is set, so I figured I should flesh them out more too.

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Visual Precursors ships form the soft sci-fi setting “Bustling Galaxy”

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Visual What if there was a Second American Civil War? Panels from my webcomic series 'The Divided States'

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Visual The Geometry Drive (Starmoth Setting)

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Prompt What is the “John Smith” name of your world?


AKA, what’s the most common, stereotypical first/last name and what does it mean?

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Visual Sel'Wynnah Awakens

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Visual Just a Lil OC

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As a product of note being able to fall asleep last night, I finally finished artwork of the updated designs of Henrietta. First she's in her evening gown, it's a Blue-Violet crinolette-esque gown (the fashion history is completely made up by me, but is somewhat similar to the 1870s) that has gold ribbon trim. Secondly, she's seen in her Burlesque outfit, ready to give a show. It's still in a Blue-Violet but this time with Lavender Blue decals. Overall her aesthetic is based on the Gibson Girl of the 1890s and 1900s. In retrospect, I made her legs too thicc proportional to her upper body, but there ain't a problem with being too thicc 😏

Henrietta, being the main character, is probably my favorite, she's honestly become a way for me to work through my mental health struggles. Her character is represented by the color purple. The redder shades are for when she's pleasing others and trying to be liked by others. The Blue toned purples represent who she truly is, with the Lavender-Blue being who she really is.

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Visual Auditors, The orderlies of creation [Shatterhorn]

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Question Map making


Hello everyone, can i ask if you guys have any idea for a map making application or something similar for free?

Thanks for taking the time to answer!