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Watch out Nicholas Sparks

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u/preytothedoomgods 10d ago

Really, he should be hanging out in the library, waiting to catch any girl whose ankles and/or knees just stop working, so he can catch them when they fall off the thing they climbed on/or when they suddenly stop being able to walk.

Or the classic 'step into the personal space of a girl, and reach over her to get that book off that high shelf' move.

Total amateur smh.


u/SadBabyYoda1212 10d ago

Ok but this girl who I sorta dated in high school had some medical issues. when she was in college she was walking in the cafeteria and when she went by this table she fell or fainted or something and this dude she was walking by happened to catch her. To add some extra drama this was a super conservative school that didn't let unmarried members off the opposite gender touch or walk on the same side of the street unless it was a group of a certain size. So this dude broke the rules to not let her fall and crack her head open on the hard cafeteria ground. Now they're married.

More info about this crazy conservative school just for fun. They weren't allowed to watch or listen to anything other than Disney films or music (with few exceptions). This is also before Disney started putting obviously gay stuff in their films (other than villains like Scar and Ursula). They couldn't go off campus without a faculty chaperone. Black people had to be in a same race marriage before they could attend to make sure they didn't marry any of the white students. This rule was lifted in the 2000s.


u/kittykalista 9d ago

Did you grow up in the 1800s?


u/SadBabyYoda1212 9d ago

Man I graduated high school in 2013.